Inchcock Today: Rescued Photos

Due to Trotsky Terence causing me hassle and pain,
The Porcelain Throne visits happened again & again…
Dementia Doreen made my concentration transmundane,
I couldn’t find the camera, my language became profane,
After hours, the location was successfully ascertained…

Some form of hope, I started to regain…
However, they soon went on the wane…
The camera’s SD card had disappeared again!
I searched for hours… no hopes remain…
Doreen Dementia… a permanent bane!.

On and off for a day, I was frantically searching…
Up and down, my emotions ever lurching…
From never-mind to self-hating…
At times, mentally self-fustigating,
My psychological state… was beyond interpreting!

Leaving no stone unturned, I again started SD card seeking,
No luck, so I sorted out the laundry tub to do the washing…
Found the card in my pyjama top’s pocket; amazing!
So turned my attention to sorting the grazing…

I rather enjoyed this vegetarian noshing,
I found myself doing an awful lot of belching?
Fell asleep, to wake up and extrapolating,
Sorting the world out… hypothesising,
Starting with how to stop the MP’s hornswoggling,
But soon found this was too mind-boggling!

Checked on the plates and pins state…
They looked a lot better today, mate!
Nice, when I find summat to appreciate!
One day, I hope to see a little less weight…
A dream, more than a thing to anticipate!.

Better tend to my mornings ablutioning,
Cleaned the teeth, then on to shaving,
Had an excellent slow, steady session of showering,
Then on to the uncomfortable medicationalisationing…

I dried off, oiled and rinsed each earhole first,
Little Inchies fungal lesion done, with a blood-thirst,
Harold’s Haemorrhoids… painfully the worst!
Eye drops, mainly missing, Tsk! A curse!

Accifaupas dressing, an accidental photographing…
Dropped the camera, no damage, so not too vexing,
So, I took another of me posing…
This one came out to my liking,
Smug-Mode developing!

Found a shot of Ice-cream that’s Vegan…

I added some sprinkles, to it…
It gave the bad tooth some jip!
Amongst the contents are turnip?
I’m not bothered, I loved it!

The Blood pressure was well high…
The Body temperature is nigh on perfect!

Morning Car Park Piccies!

This morning’s waking view,
The Porcelain Throne needed going to…
I hit my shoulder as I was going through…
On the doorframe, I think I said thank you,
To Shaking Shoulder Shirley, too!

The evening dawns, is that the right word?
Not that anyone will be bothered…,
Cause later on,
I took these that outshone…
Nicer coloured, better favoured!
Then this beauty, later on


And used it to make this super meal

The highlight was the vegan burgers, each eaten
twixt two slices of Milk Roll bread. The fresh
garden peas, tomatoes, and baby new
potatoes tasted excellent!
A pot of jelly & custard, and delightful
lemon mousse, to round it off!
GORGEOUS! Flavour Rating: 8.5/10

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My mentality is being steamrollered,
My aims and intentions are steered,
I lose control, it’s time that I surrendered,
Unless I can get help… my brain mended…
My dreams are black & white, yet multi-coloured.
Ideas, plans destroyed or embroidered…
At their conception, logic was avoided,
Minimal new memories are remembered
Dark thoughts are often harboured…
But shortly, into the ether, they are melted,
Intentions and aims cannot be deciphered…
And I made them, I’m just dumbfounded…
Over nothing, I can get easily flustered,
When aims and fears amass and get clustered…
Which reminds me, I must get some mustard!

Inchcock’s Make Them Laugh in Ode Series

16 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Rescued Photos

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I hope you get some rain the reaches the ground soon, Tim. 72°f at this moment, here. Now rumours of a water shortage are gong around the flats. Prices fo food are going up bonkers. too!
      Still, we’ll see. Hehehe! Take care.

  1. You have the love of nature alive and well in you. You enjoy cooking and caring for your body’s needs. I think the care where you live should provide enrichment activities, and also counsel for tools to manage and cope with mental and physical changes. Here, I could seek counseling over the phone or as computer link up! I am under-motivated now putting all my energy into fighting with my new assigned pain mgt who more than tripled his practice when our previous guy closed. So this guy thinks its okay to allow patients on medication pain mgt to go without, and who cares about the endurance of pain without intervention AND early withdrawal symptoms as just nothing. I am finding it hard to think of much else. You inspire me my darling andI will try harder to take betterer care of myself! Love you dear!

    • Ah, my Petal-Lisa…
      Who I contact through the ether…
      She also inspires & cares for me, bless-her,
      Understands things pain-wise, my carer…
      A lovely gal, been through torture ♥,
      An achiever, believer, and a survivor,
      No other tellurian is so precious, either…
      Not for her to hassle and mither…
      No wonder I do so love her!
      It hurts hearing how you have, and are still being mistreated, my Petal. The medical service here in the UK has gone to pot since Covid.
      I’ll make an effort to send healing and peace through the ether.
      You caring is boundless. ♥

      • Taling of spirits, Sir, I had a heck of a dream last night, about spirits & ghosts in the flat. I found hard to read scibblings on the notepad, no memories as such. I hope to dycipher enough ti out it in the blog later. If I remember, of course.
        Keep them coming, Paul!

      • Dreams are fabulous, Jung was insightful about the whole process, deep meanings from sketchy cameos. I hope you find the core of it.

      • Cheers, my friend. I’m putting a grapic, not a very good oneo n the blog, with an ode about it… if ever I can stop the bleeding from knocking off the burn scab on my hand, Tsk! Got a photo of that as well to go on. I’ve been someting of a bleeder today from more than one area. Hahaha! Keep safe, and well!

      • Now there’s a man with hope! Hahaha! Having the first of the cataract ops on Friday, Paul. Back again Monday, checks on the Friday, then they tell me if all goes well, I should be able to go to my opticians and new spectacles sorted. Of course, when they do the left eye as well… it all starts again. That optician is going to make a fortune out of me! Har-Har! The Dentist can’t sort my teggies until the cataracts, Glaucoma and Saccades is eradicated. But I shall make an effort not to have any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas while I can’t see owt, mate. I wonder what the odds are? I don’t think I can see to do the blogs for a while after the procedure, but I’ve made a couple up to send… if I can remember where I filed them. I thought about sending Boris one or two to cheer him up. Keep safe!

      • Good grief! Chicken or egg situations, frustrating to say the least. Well, hoping it all comes good. Boris – I’d send him a stainless steel pineapple (if you get my drift).

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