Saturday 3rd September 2022


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01:00hrs: Started making the template and graphics to make this blog with. galore were made over the next two hours.
was in full Incapacitating-Mode! Using her mighty Memory-Muddling skills.
were guaranteed by the danged , in turn, brought on by Pete. Some bad mistakes and damage were made, needing a lot of putting right, by just two most ill-timed attacks from . How I managed to clear the fault caused in Word (Being used for the Ode) and get it working again was nothing short of a miracle. For I had no idea what I was doing. Phew!

Around 05:00hrs, I went to put the kettle on to brew my first mug of Glengettie tea. Then decided to get them sorted out.
Another pleasant set of return figures this Saturday.
SYS 138, DIA 68. The Pulse, I could not read, with these eyes, 70-something I think it was.
Whereinsoever, the resulting graph showed me well down into the Amber, yet again. I’m doing well on these lately, am I not?
Just in case I misread some of the numbers on the terrible smudgy photo I took of the still working Sphygmomanometer, manufactured by ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) in Guangdong, China
Put the kettle on, and I needed to go off to the wet room again.
Another tough one to get moving, keep moving, then tough to stop moving – though to stop; because the came in. The smell in the wet room was crude and chronic; well, it would be. Everything was so freshly delivered, Hahaha!
I got finished, bleeding again from the rear end. Three times in a row now. I sprayed some freshener around the room so it didn’t filter into where Carer Sam was. She got the medications sorted and given. a mini-natter gave her chocolate from the fridge as a thank you, and she took the waste bag with her to the chute for me. Thanks, Sam.

On with the blogging again.WordPress is not letting me into the comments drop-down list. So I had to get at in a roundabout way through the My Site link. That’s not working either. So, had to go on the comments side link. Not ideal with my eyesight; so easy to misread them or get the wrong one… !

But Mr Fatigue visited, so I had to stop and try to catch up with some Sweet Morpheus time. But guess what convinced me to do so?

: for an hour or so. Then I got back onto the computer and swiftly nodded off again.
Not a snooze this time, but fully-blown snoring and waking myself up with a jerk repeatedly session. how the hell I stayed on the little swivel chair? Especially with the rampant being the cause of so many jump-awake episodes!
I feared I might have missed the Amazon delivery. (Only some socks). So thought I’d better check on the intercom – it was showing 8 missed calls! Which convinced me I must have missed him.
I went to look out of the door in case he might have left them there, but no.

I made an early meal and, at last, created a decent tasting one. I cooked some vegetables in the oven and made some gravy with them. Put them in a plastic tray. And made up[ some instant potatoes, Inchcock style: Liquid salt, mock-bacon bits, and cheese all bashed up together. Put the tray in the microwave oven for 20 seconds. Added some of my favourite smoked BBQ sauce, and I tucked into it. Made a little too much mash but still ate it all slowly! Flavour Rating: 7.8/10! Washed what few things needed it, had a wee-wee, belched and savoured the flavour that came up with the wind. Hehehe!

NokiaI got back to the computer, amazingly still tired, and got a call on my Nokia 9 Pureview Mobile, with its Android (Pie) updatability, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Octa-Core Gold CPU, 4K@30fps, 1080p@30fps, HDR video, USB Type-C 3.1, %x12 MP. 28mm Camera, Bluetooth, A-GPS, Fingerprint (under display, optical), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, Li-Po 3320 mAh, non-removable, fast charging 18W, Quick Charge 3.0, USB Power Delivery. Fast wireless charging 10W – Qi Battery.

It was Jenny calling to tell me she had left some tomatoes for me outside the door. She was suffering from back pain again. So I said thank you for the tomatoes, and I will drop some painkillers off for her. I hastened down with some good pain-relief tablets and handed them to her. A lovely pair, Jenny and Frank. I do hope they can ease her suffering a little. ♥

Back down and put the Jenny donated tomatoes in a cool cupboard. By gum, they look good.

Back onto the computer. Straight away, I was visited by none other than .
Despite her best attentions, I fell asleep again! Another hour lost. Waking up with the usual jump and in need of a wee-wee, I found the bucket rather full.
So, I took the bucket to be emptied and sanitised. And to use the Porcelain for passing the wee-wee.
I must have been within 3-ft of the intercom when it flashed.
It was the Amazon man with the socks. He was in and up in no time, a smile on his face, too!
So I offered him a choice of treats in thanks; from the radiator top.
He opted for the Tango orange drink.

Sarah arrived. In a good mood tonight. As she came in, she noticed my Tork hanging on the pegs in the hallway. She whipped out her mobile and took a selfie while wearing the hat. Hahaha! Got the tablets sorted, still didn’t remind me of I needed any Peptac or Pain Gelling. Then again, only Carer Richard asks that. Nice gal, Sam (If I’ve got the right name?) She took the waste bags with her as she left. ♥

Finally, I got back on the computer. WordPress had not forwarded the answers to the comments that I made yesterday. More time lost.
I went to see if any sunsetting photos could be seen from the kitchenette window. I hadn’t realised how time had passed; it was dark and dank out there.

Photographicalisation No. 1:
Not one that would normally get posted here on the Inchcock Today blog. Wasn’t it awful!
Photographicalisation No. 1: Ah, yes, that’s a bit betterer. There were no , or shakes as far I could tell, that could be blamed for the first disaster of a picture? Not that the second one is a very good mind.

I visited the WordPress Reader section next: it let me get into it this time.
Got this blog finished and posted off.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 3rd September 2022

    • Cheers Tim.
      A success on the plate at last. Tried to take a photo of a cat from the indoe this morning, to my eyes it looked lke Glenda or Gwendalyn… but all the shots came out horribly blurred. I could spit! Hehe”

  1. Unfortunately, food prepared by others always seems tastier. I suppose it is because one’s own efforts get self-judged critically for small flaws in presentation, preparation, whatever.

    I recall the words of a Chilean Fullbright foreign exchange teacher friend of mine at the University of Nebraska in 1966 – whew! – who told me, “Everything your mother puts on the dinner table is good to eat”, both true and a warning not to whine when it falls short. LOL!
    His mother was a cousin of the Spanish poet, Federico Garcia-Lorca.

    • That was put well, Doug! I reckon your spot-on about the food.
      The Little Mute Boy
      Federico García Lorca – 1898-1936

      The little boy was looking for his voice.
      (The king of the crickets had it.)
      In a drop of water
      the little boy was looking for his voice.

      I do not want it for speaking with;
      I will make a ring of it
      so that he may wear my silence
      on his little finger

      Wise advice, not that my mother was around much, spent a lot of time om the run form the police. Dad and me left, guess who did the cleaning and cooking? Hehehe!

      Ah, Federico Garcia-Lorca, his ‘Little Mute Boy’ is my favourite:
      The litle boy was looking for his voice.
      (The King of the crickets had it.)
      In a drop of water
      the little boy was looking for his voice.
      I do not want it for speaking with;
      I will make a ring of it
      so that he may wear my silence
      on his little finger.
      In a drop of water
      the little boy was looking for his voice.
      (The captive voice, far away.
      Put on a cricket’ clothes.)

  2. I’m thinking that Liz, the presumptive “winner” has contracted a whopping case of Doreen, just judging from her own words, mind. My vote would go with our hero, the one actually looking at the Inflation giant. Liz and the Loser look distracted, the looks of politicians who are in over their heads. But who is asking me?
    A whoppingly full plate with much more gravy than grave IMO. A good number for the SYS and a great rating number for the gravy-laden taters of mash.
    You’ve given Sweet Morpheus a respectable fight for sleep, bruised him up a bit methinks.
    Carers Sarah and Sam are best thinketh I.
    It does look dark and dank out there. I believe the houses moved, hence the blur. Haha!!
    Sleepeth Sound, mate.

    • What a most suitable commentski there, Billum: ‘The looks of politicians who are in over their heads.’ The so called leaders of nations, should be asking Billum! I believe, if they listen properly, they can gain sommon sense from your views… What am I saying? Hehehe!
      Wait until you see today’s (Monday) HC results, Billum – I’ll not spoil it… yes I will – the lowest ever!!!!
      Kind of you to see the houses moving, mate. This morning’s kitchen window shots (3), actuall I took eight, but five were terrible. Hehe!

      • I fank you muchly for this kind reply, honest Sir. Politicians must relinquish all traces of respect and integrity before taking an oath to abide with truth, or adhering to *any*, rules. Hold that thought…all political offices would be vacant. No positions for the likes of us then. Haha!!!
        “The lowest ever!!!!” — incomprehensible…well…OK. I believe it. Harhar!!
        I fank you for the three (3) shots that were not terrible. I was trying to err on the side of optimism? Hoho!

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