INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 17th January 2023

Billum Won!

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Oh, what a beautiful morning…! The struggle to get the detached caused the to kick off. However, notwithstanding, besides, furthermore, and anyway, the stabbing pains were far less often than they had been for weeks. Fingers Crossed!
Also, as well as, in spite of everything, howbeit, for all that, in spite of everything, the contents of the

were more than it had been for a few days. I must not get too hopeful, knowing my luck. Hehehe!
I shall not desist from drinking the water and keep at it. I do think things might be improving Urine infection-wise, at long last. I must not be a though!
But, my EQ indicates that new worries may arise today. He’s rarely wrong, Humph!
By gum, a crystal clear early morning view was on offer when I went to check on the taps and cooker. All turned off.
And got the started. During the hour and a half, it took to get them done, I had to visit the three times! No   this morning, due to my near location to the WC Throne. After these three calls to the , there were only three more up to writing this blog at this point. (17:25hrs). Things were going well!

Finished off the task at hand. 
Feeling better than for ages. The far less frequent compared to the previous week!

The recently emptied day catheter pouch was filling up already, and I’d not had anything to drink yet.

Carer Richard Arrived. He got the medications sorted out. And told me I’d have to phone the Easy-Link and Doctors myself in future. Fair enough, Warden Deana told me that she could no longer call them for me ages ago. They are all under pressure; bless them.

Then got a phone call from the Doctor’s surgery. Hard to hear what he was saying; I think I was booked in for the Medications Consultation. The man said It would really help if you could bring a carer along with you, as they are dealing with the medications and can answer questions. I mentioned this to a carer, but don’t know if anything can be arranged or what it will cost. But not to fret; I can go on my own; after getting a list of medications from Carer Richard, I think he has a list in the Meridian folder. I just hope I heard things right about times, dates, etc. But I feel I did okay.

I’m going to rush now, or the Carer will come while I’m eating again. Throughout the morning, I tried to get through to Easy-Link, but no chance.

Herbert gave me a few mechanical concertos.
A Carer kindly gave me a few minutes to help with trying to sort out the new bank card, and I got through to Easy link. Arranged a lift for next Thursday, pick-up 08:30hrs, appointment at 90:00hrs.

Tried to get my head around the banking problem, but all the writing on the paperwork and on the card itself was far too small. Try reading with the spyglass, and by the time I got halfway across the page, I’d lost myself. Which sounds a smidge appealing at this moment. Haha!

I grafted away at getting the graphics done on CorelDraw.
Such a slow going.
The time passed like lightning.
Yet when all is said and done, somehow, I was still more content than I had been in a while, now.
Getting through to Easy-Link for once was an achievement. I just hope  I heard everything properly.
I should be feeling sorry for myself now – Cataract making seeing even worse than last week, the waxed-up ear-holes, and the (although they are far less frequent today) should have ensured me nearing a depression But no! Why? I don’t know! But I like it!

I’ll finish of so far quickly, then get summat to eat.
That’ll do me!

Missed photographs

The Fog!


A photo I took in 3-d mode on the Lumix.
I shan’t bother trying again.

Teatime view (I think it was)

I seemed to have a spurt of success in passing
water this afternoon. Yee-Haa!

Afternoon car park.

At about 20:00hrs, the day bag was filled again.
Spotted it in time to avoid an .

Carer Richard Arrived, we got the medications sorted, and he got the to the contraption on my right leg for me. This new Day pouch is a little smaller than the earlier ones.
Had a little chinwag. I explained about the appointment at the doctor with the Medications Monitor man at Sherrington Park Medical Practice appointment for Thursday, 2nd February at 09:00hrs; I hope I heard everything he said clearly. He was patient with me when I kept asking him to clarify things for me. And I actually got through to Easy-Link, eventually, and booked a lift there and back!
Carer Richard Checked the taps and stove as he departed. He took the waste bag with him. Thanking him as he went. He’s a grand chap.

For once, getting to sleep was a problem, whereas usually, it is staying asleep that bothers me. The were no bother at all. That is until I woke up in the morning – They were bad!

Guess what went out of date? My Marmite!
Can’t read the dates, cataracts, bad eyesight,

I seem to see better in the dark than in daylight?
I’m waffling; I’m a right blatherskite!

Good Night!

13 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 17th January 2023

  1. Gad! Reading about your vicissitudes with the catheter pouches makes me almost happy I have end term kidney failure and have kidneys that barely produce occasional urine! My circumstances are much easier to deal with and much less messy.

    • Haha! Glad it cheered you a smidge, Doug, mate.
      Pouches, tubing, changing the night bag night and morning, clips, openers, closers, leaks, broken clasps, straps that cause lesions… it’s worse then even I expected, Doug. Hehehe!
      Still, on the bright side… erm… many are worse off than me.
      It’s the Mystery Kidney area pains that bother me now. They seem to be coming on in the morning, stabbing away when I move, bend, lift anything, even a bottle of milk, press on the walking stick, or stretch. They usually (I hope) lessen in frequency mid-morning, then kick-off again at night?
      Anyone in the UK will struggle to see their Doctors or get medical help, the nurses strike is making it worse, but I so support them. I’ve got an appointment face to face booked – for the 2nd February. Hah!
      Extra painkillers being taken to cope until then, but I don’t like taking extra medications, but needs must.
      I think the effects of them are affecting Dementia Doreen, cause I’m making errors and forgetting things much more this passed week.
      Carer Richard set up me air-fryer today for me. He showed me how to use it, but I wrote itall down to be on the safe side. This was about an hour ago… but can I find the notepad I wrote it on? No!
      Cheers, Sir, from you worried cyber-mate on the little island.

  2. Not only do yo need a carer full-time, you need a caller. Hard to call yourself when you can’t hear the buggers on the other end of the line. Great pics decent looking meal.

    • It smszed… or even, amazes me, that people don’t ralise the problems with my hearing and vision Cataract and glaucoma.
      The odd care will read my letters to me, bless them, but they’ve been told not to make phone calls for me. That’s my responsibility. Fingers crossed I’ve got the details right about the doctors appointment and the lift arranged, right.
      ♫ Fings ain’t wot they used to be ♫ Haha!

    • It smszed… or even, amazes me, that people don’t ralise the problems with my hearing and vision, Cataract and glaucoma.
      The odd care will read my letters to me, bless them, but they’ve been told not to make phone calls for me. That’s my responsibility. Fingers crossed I’ve got the details right about the doctors appointment and the lift arranged, right.
      ♫ Fings ain’t wot they used to be ♫ Haha!

  3. Wowsers, I won the Iron Man Competition. That’s good because I already need Iron supplements. This can only make me healthier, I might need to add a few calories into my diet…and exercise more for the next competition.
    Your blood-pressure readings continue to improve, me thinks it’s from your improved dietary choices. Yes, I do. Grrrreat stuff, Sir!
    That catheter is certainly doing a great job in collecting fluids. But I think you’ll be glad to say good-bye to having it hanging along your leg.
    Lisa and I were out and about two days in a row now. A visit from Sweet Morpheus is certainly in order.
    Just heard from my nephew, Wes, in Berlin. Both he and his wife Sara have contracted Covid and are finding it difficult to even “try” to get some sleep. Alan keeps us supplied with good quality masks. Wes and Sara are now over the worst of it, but they remind us of just how SERIOUS that virus is. I wear an N95 when out and about. And we are both current with the most-recent vaccines. Gad.
    By the way, you are looking much better, photomagraphically.

    • Hi, Billum.
      Love the iron suppliments link. Haha!
      Right on the catheter as well Sir. Night bag attaching, taking off in the morning, disposing of, day bag, clipsbreaking, tubing and clasps, itching, lesions from the grippers… yes, I hope it isn’t going to be a permanent arrangement, mate.
      Sweet Morpheus is much in demand lately.
      Covid id increasing again over here, but the proletariats are more concerned with the cost of living increases and not being able to see their doctors. It’s all going to pot in this little island, and yet thousands of immigrants legal and not, are flooding in every week… just shows you how things must be in Poland, Lituania, Bugaria etc.
      New strains of Covid have been found.
      I’m glad to hear that Wes and Sara are now over the worst.
      I was thinking of applying for a modelling job for Senior Citizens… Hehehe!
      Herbert is clattering away again as I type. Swine! Asozial-Penner!
      Gawd he’s giving it some!
      This calls for a brew of of Glengettie.
      TTFNski, and Sontar-Ha!

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