INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 2nd February 2023

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Due to circumstances beyond my Dementia, physical capabilities destruction, frustrating lack of control of my body and brain… Well, it sounded good to me. It’s true! Hehe! And the visit to the Doctor, which is just a blank in my mind now.
Thanks to Dementia Doreen, I have never been so confused in my entire life about what going on around me as I do this morning (Friday); Time forced me to limit this Inchie Today diary. That old killer, ‘Time’, forces me to do this, Hope to be back to the old format later. Broken sleep dominated the day – as was being demanded from my body and brain!

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Today, mostly stolen from memory, distorted and warped by the avaricious, covetous, cruel Doreen Dementia, and hassles and complications from the

I’m only putting in what I think I know happened today.
Up and in the wet room to tackle getting the ablutions done in readiness for the visit to the Doctor. Lift arranged with the Easy-Lift charity, volunteer drivers and a reasonable charge.

This session went fantastically well. Well, apart, that is, from the controlled evacuation. Not so much a torpedo, more like a nuclear submarine! Hahaha! But no bleeding with it.
It felt so good to get a shave, shower etc., after so many days of inability to do so. But, this and the medicationalisationings, then dressing was timed. It took me 2hrs-25minutes! The longest ever! But at least I’m still doing it on my own. The main reasons were the catheter, extra time shaving, my not having had a shave for days, and the struggle.

I’m dreading it hewn Doreen gets worse, and I have to pay for some carer to clean me. When it comes to this stage, I don’t think I could cope with the, and perhaps , maybe even still having a catheter fitted as well, frightening! As the ever-present oink  ruling the roost, I would not want to cope. Of course, it’s going to come. Not that I expect to be aware of it. So I decided to try and make the best of things until then.

Lost the plot there… off subject again. Sorry.

Emptied the brilliant-looking urine, not a sign of any blood!

Made a brew, and I took this morning’s view, too!

Carer Richard Arrived. A little vague on this visit for some reason. Maybe we talked of things that worried or concerned me, and I went into denial mode and filed memories away from my own grasp? But this happened later in the day at the Doctors and is a new trait that conceivably I can expect in the future?

Got the outer clothing on and readied to go to catch the lift. I checked the taps, heating, stove etc., and then I rechecked them.
Down to the lobby. The Easy-Link minibus arrived two minutes later. And ~I was on my way to Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Practice. The fiver dropped me at the entrance; I thanked him and went into the surgery with my EQ telling me this would not go well. Naturally, no details, He sometimes gives a type of upset, jealousy, fear, greed or something of that nature as a guide for me. He was right!

Worryingly, a ‘Haze’ Came over me when the man spoke to me when I got into the room with him. EQ was talking gibberish to me in the background throughout the meeting? As I said, this was worrying!
No idea why or what caused this, but I spent the rest of the day in this state. Utter confusion, what the hell was going on? Was all I recall thinking?

Bits and pieces of the session remain, but others are vague and mixed up in the ether of my brain. I may not have these memories in order, but they are all I came out of the hour-long meeting with, and I’m the least confident about actually having happened.

❶ I’ve got to stop taking Ibuprofen.
❷ Something about letting me have some Haemorrhoid cream.
The Doctor consulted, and she said I didn’t need it?
❸ He wants me to take the BP twice a day & record it for him.
❹ I’m sure they issued a prescription electronically for some anti powders. I mentioned that I could not fetch them today as I had an Easy-Link picking me up. ‘Why can’t you?’ He asked. ‘Because they cannot digress from the arranged route, or they are not covered by their insurance, you see.’ I replied. Your Carers should fetch it then.
❺ The only other bit I recall is telling him about the problems with the catheter, but he stopped me, ‘You must talk to Urology about that. Phone them; the number is in the book and on the web!’

I departed, and got an Easy-Link lift home at a reasonable price, thinking clarity would return once I got home. It didn’t!

I took this photo when I made a brew of Glengettie.
I’ve no idea why, but it may come back to me.

My body was demanding sleep all of a sudden. I agreed and got the clothes off and the dressing gown on, and with drooping eyelids, I got into the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, and was in a deep sleep very quickly.

The carer came to give me Peptac and Paracetamol.
I was soon back asleep. Zzzz!

The Night Carer, Sarah, I think it was, came to put the on to the day pouch.

But; Houston, we have a problem…

The rubber attachment on the end of the , was longer on the end of the day pouch? So the gal could not possibly even try to have . Without her fitting a new day pouch. Which is not on her remit. The gal was a little concerned about what to do. I settled her nerves and told her to leave it. Hopefully, a nurse is calling tomorrow to check the new catheter; and may change it for us.

I nodded off again. Up around 01:30hrs to make a meal.
Food balancing on my belly,
Wobbling on my knee,
I turned on the telly,
Contented gastronomically,.
Again, I felt sleepy…
There was no stopping me…

I woke at 041:00 hours, still feeling tired.
Had to empty the pouch and use the .
So I stayed up.

GC why

Fat, fatigued, frazzled, fearful and fed-up!

4 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 2nd February 2023

  1. Yellow is not my favorite color, but your yellow bag made me happy. Ibuprofen can cause all kinds of problems, but it’s good a killing pain. Great looking meal.

    • Doing well with the catheter after the two nurses came to change the bag and reinsrt the tube. Argh!
      They gave me something to ease the pain, squirted down Little Inchie, and it was not as bad this time, painwise. The tohers didin’t give me any on the previous 38 occasions of insertion? Maybe I got it for going 4 nonths with one in? Got to stay in for another four weeks minimum. Oh, goodie I thought Hehehe!
      I’ve just looked up the affects on Iboprufen – and amongst the ‘Those who should take it: Anyone who has had a stroke, stomach ulcer or Heart operation of any sort. Well, if you know of anyone who woild like five boxes of Iboprufen… I’ve got some going spare. Har-Har!
      No carer called this morning, and when the second one arrived 5 hours later, she had no idea that I’d been missed off.
      Luckily I weas with i9t a bit more and realised that the Antiseptic tablets must be taken at 23 hourly periods. Oh, I mean Antibiotic tablets.
      Silly me.
      Cheers mate, keep safe.

  2. Hey there, mon ami! Crowell Manor is now trying to turn into a 48/7 operation. Stuffs is happening fast here. Just saying.
    Thanks for the tremendous coverage on all the things going on in the Kingdom United. Keeps us Inchcock Today subscribers up to date. Worra world, innit?
    You’ve got the stiffest upper lip ever, mate!
    Sontar Ha!

    • Billum, so glad to hear from my Professor of Santar-Ha and Tardis replicationing in underground Lab 28… managed I think by a young relative?
      I understandeth perfectly on the no time to think or get anything done scenario that blights you so, Sir.
      Two nurses today extracted and replaced the Catheter for me. I mererly winched a little at the pain. (Inchie Fib Suspected)
      They did a good job, almost comfortable to wear at this moment, but the straps keep lowring as the puch fills and pulls on the tube.
      They have stiooed me using the Iboprufen pain killer, anyone who has had a stroke, heart operation of any kind or duodenal ulcer it said, ‘Should never use Ipobrufen… no, Iboprofen… or Ibuprofen, the last is right I had to look it up. Hehe!
      Ich sollte nicht rausgelassen werden, nur um mich bei den Leuten für das letzte Mal zu entschuldigen, dass ich rausgegangen bin.
      I had the check the spelling, but I only made eleven (11) mistakes. Well, uintilo I added a bit, then the total was fourteen (14) errors.
      I really wish someone had given me the chance to be educated properly. Nobody in the family were bothered or ever once asked me what did you learn at schoolo today – then again, Dad was tired out from working, and Mother spent most of her time on the run from the police. Hahaha!
      I got some vegan frankurters, but the printing on the packet is the smallest I’ve ever not seen! Don’t know the sell by date, how to cook them, or anything. Tsk! They look just like the pork franks to me, amd I really facied having swome tonight. Humpg & sulk! Must remember toi ask Richard… but he didn’t call last night, and with the carers not calling this morning, I fear he may be off poorly again. I worry about him, he’s a grand lad, well, man.
      I worry about you too mate, I wosh I could help you. No good my just unmferstanding what you have to cope with.
      Do oyu thinbk ~I should start doing the Euro lottery? A few million quid would be nice, hten I could ‘pop over the pond, settle all your debts, pay for the medicationalisationings needed by all the clan and furries, and relax with the people I really would like to, too!
      I’ll not need too much, I’d settle for £20million, then we could have ten each. That shopuold dee us out nicely, and in comfort.
      Comfort? That’s a word I’ve not used for years.
      We could laze in the comfort of tjhe front room, spreadeagles on you comfy chairs, and natter away, laughing and joking… A dream; but we all have one, that’s mine.
      Thanks for beinjg you, Billum, and the same for HRH of course, and a thank you to Alan, and bit of fuss for the furries. XXX

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