INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 1st February 2023

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Total mayhem-problems with the .
I’ll try to explain what they were chronologically. But with so much and farcical situations arising, I did little else all day. Trying to sort out getting the flow to the bag again… and even worse problems. As I hope you will read about; I need some good luck through the ether to me, so I can cope with them a little easier and not get frustrated so much. Not many memory notes on the pad. It all happened so persistently.

I woke feeling myself for the first time in months, peeing away merrily… I thought I was dreaming at first, but no!

The blood and urine mix was all over my clothes, body, and the £300 second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner.

The flow was so vicious, that the Protection Pants were soaked, and legs, socks, feet and slippers were covered in blood.
I got the night catheter off first; no point in cleaning up and making more mess straight away… Huh!

Aha! I’ve found some scribbled notes – hard to read, but I can use them for updating here and there. Seems I got up at 03:00hrs. And took off the night pouch and visited the , the first of several in the morning. The first three were practically normal evacuations; the next three were sticky, phooey and messy!

Sorted out the mess of the pouches and got new Protection Pants on.
I just had a smashing phone call from the Lovely Lisa-Petal ♥ and Billum 👍 in the US of A!
I fear I was a little not up to much when the call came in, and I had great difficulty in hearing everything that the Sweetheart said.
Damn it, we lost the signal. But it was fantastic to get the call.
Lisa & Billum are my Cyber-friends and are much loved.

The needed attention all the time.

Rising, things looked okay

Removing the night bag

One of the emptying sessions

Carer Richard arrived. The bag problems were all I had to show interest in. I was a smidge depressed – but got to the stage of Dracula Depression later. The constant changes in the bag’s performance riled me.
Richard got the medications done and checked in the right leg bag.

Carer Sarah was the next visitor. Got the medications sorted.
Then the great cock-up with the Catheter Bag!

I emptied the blood again…

But the flow from the catheter was not getting through to the bag

The blood still flowed from little Inchie.
But, nowhere near as bad.
Unfortunately, my trying to get the tube further into the Little Inchie, it irritated the Fungal Lesion. Added to my having to bend and stretched so much to clean things up, the Mystery Stabbing Pain in the Ribs returned.

A damned good job. I’ve got a good supply of Depends in stock.


The Catheter pouch suddenly filled up in fifth gear time!

Boy, it was full!

Emptying the bag was difficult, with all the blood clots.

Carer Kara arrived. I told her of my problems.
She wanted to know if I wanted the night bag fitting or not.
I farted about and dithered on whether to.
As I saw it, with little blood and urine going into the day bag again,
it should be okay; with my doing the blog until the early hours, it won’t matter about missing sleep. I’ve missed that much already. (Sarcasm Detected)

Going to get this posted off and get some sleep if I can.


4 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 1st February 2023

  1. OH my heavens. Your carers saw all this and the fact that blood clots are clogging your catheter bag and nobody called an ambulance? I don’t understand. I can’t believe if a doctor saw this you would be expected to carry on in the same way. I know I don’t live there but by God this is neglect to a criminal level! Dear when I called you today, I hadn’t seen any of this. You were telling me about it and I was appalled at the stress on your mind and body that would send a lesser person into despair. I would say this – I have no idea how you finance your life but do what you must to get the help you need even if you have to pay outrageous amounts. If I had an income higher than the one I allow, I would lose so much healthcare and access to programs based on income. Is there anything like that for you? I’m calling out any friends of Inchie who live at least in the UK and know how it works to help him figure out the best way to access and have his care up to snuff! Love to you Dear and any other readers who will dig down into their pool of knowledge, contacts with volunteer orgs who assist elderly in obtaining medical care and even some assist on the computer issues! How sharp and creative a man you are my darling – it hurts me to see you left in this condition while carers witness the horror I’m seeing. I remember the council sent you “movers” to help declutter the place and they took all your stuff and charge you three hundred pounds for the favor! ha! Bill and I prayed hand in hand for your help our friend.

    • Thanks Lisa-Petal.
      ♫ Things Ain’t wot they used to be ♫ Hehehe!

      Oh, how I remember those uncouth bully-boys… how they got on the Council listing I don’t know. The Swine!

      After the doctors trip, finally, the body forced me get some sleep yesterday, the carers had to wake me for the medications then addingthe night bag, which could not be done because the rubber grip tube on the day bag has done-a-runner! I was in sleep mode, told her to leave it, I’ll check it each time I wake up.
      Broken sleep, but I needed it.

      The Falls team support lady… No, I’m wrong, it was a lady From Age UK, and District nurse woke me up to tell me they are coming to see me on Friday. (Although they were coming on Wednesday originally… (I thought, could be Dementia Doreen at work)

      The meeting with the Doctor and Medicicines Man yesterday, is just a blur. Two people talking between themselves and occasionally me, not hearing things, them changing their minds when issues were bought up… I just can’t remember what, if anything was arranged or changed. Well, I can remember then telling me not to use Iboprufen, Marvellous, I find a half-decent painkiller and get told to stop using it! I got them to take with the Paracetamol to counter the pains form the catheter & Mystery dtabbing rib pains, I thought they were better at it. Anoth quarndry for me now… should I shouldn’t I stop taking them? I’ll have to dig them out ans dish them, else I’ll be tempted to take them when the pains at its peak.

      Thanks for caringf my precious-ones.

      Hopefully some of the uncertainty can be sorted tody. Crossed figners that the catheter meay be removed… but naybe not, there was blood back in the bag this morning, so I think not.

      Cataracts, DVT biopsy, Glaucoma Gladys, Saccades-Sandra, Dentist, Coppice Hospital (On the eighth), finances, mess in the flat, the Catheter farce, and Doreen Demntia all a worry, that the brain cannnot cope with.
      Then a comment from my American Ether-Sweetheart, and things mindwise changes for the better, even if only temporarily – Bless You ♥♥♥

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