INCHIE: Wednesday 26th April 2023

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Spike Milligan Rare Interview

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I started in the usual of late meandering around. Picking up the pain from each time I had to refill the W.C. tank by hand
However, the problem coping was not good at all. When the famously inept , I was just in the process and saving my work on Word, Excel, WordPress, and CorelDraw.
After waiting for a  long time for Mr Fries’ money-manipulating Liberty-Global gang of oligarchically-minded smoke & mirrors utilisationing company to get it back online.
It’s not surprising; it’s been down five times in three days.
Up until around midday, things seemed (other than Liberty-Global – Virgin Media letting me down) had seemed to be going well…
Then, the computer stopped me from typing in anything. Was it the keyboard? I put in new batteries. With help, we got it going again in a short time. Ten minutes later off for the third visit. This time with the added excitement (That’s not the best choice of words), I had an !
Taking the last of three buckets of water to the wet room to refill the non-working W.C. tank…
I had a bout with , and dropped the bucket! There was not a lot of mess made .
Apart from spilling the water in the hallway and Wet room at the same time, , followed swiftly by rather pissed-me-off.
By the time I’d cleaned things up, I was a different person who entered the wet room. Absolute lack of concentration, getting befuddled almost without a reason. Sadly, no notes were taken down for this blog at all! Either that or, in my confusion, I threw away the wrong notes? But I always make notes? Fair enough, Sometimes I can’t read them… surely I did – didn’t I? What a day to miss doing them; with me suffering a horrible ‘Massive Mind Blank’, too! Harrumphs! I think it was for four hours or so in the afternoon? Or did I nod off? Some bits are plainly recallable, others like mud, unclear… but did they actually happen to me in the first place?
Only one ailment to blame!

Like the circadian event of Liberty-Global – Virgin Internet failure.
The guaranteed agony of fetching water to fill the W.C. tank.
The daily walking into a door frame, cabinet or cupboard. Thanks to
Sac & .
intermittently in the day, assured at night!
Here are the photos I found…

Some with no recollection of why…
One that I can’t even recognise…

My awakening moment, and was in desperate need of a good scratching, scratching session.
Until O moved my crumpled dressing gown and saw the state of the Catherised knee…
My first thought was of Pareidoliaing!
Immediately, I saw a face… blood spots as eyes with a mask on, bottom strap scar as lips, papules as a nose…
Can anyone else see it?

Moving to the left leg…
The Water-Geyser Papules seemed to be wanting to erupt again?

Early morning pictures of the view?

Mystery Photo
I’ve no idea what it was of?

This one, I do recall…
I heard the sound of the mobile tone and set about searching for it. It had to be in this room, else I would not have heard it…
A long search for the 1982 Nokia ensued. No luck.
I did find it this morning.
In the dressing gown pocket!

Photo of potatoes in the crock-pot.
I’m certain, positive, sure that I took photos of the finished and served-up meal… I think! By the time I got around to updating this on Wednesday near noon, they were not on the SD card? The same with my memories of taking photos of the tree copse and people walking their dogs… am I getting confused with other days?
And I swear I took some poor-quality sunset pictures – none on the card again, either? Grumph!

Only these photos of the feet were left on the card???
I took these over the day, can’t recall the actual times, but think they are in order chronologically.

Humpty Dumpty Feet!


2 thoughts on “INCHIE: Wednesday 26th April 2023

  1. Excellent new style ode. What looks like your skin reacting to the old bag doesn’t look good. I love the mystery photo.

    • Thanks, Timo.
      Knee area improved tremendously, and quickly?
      I’ve lost with thinking of when and where I took that photo, mate. I seem to find these regularly, and yet keep losing so many nosh piccies to the ether, like last night. I think I can remember putting the tray on a chair to take it… but no… not on the SD card? Arrgh!
      Good news, telephone call from precious Hristina; she’s calling next Tuesday to take more blood. The INR has dipped to 2.2, rather low

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