INCHY: Wednesday 30th August 2023

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I’d spent the best part of the night working away trying to catch up with yesterday’s WordPress blog. Eventually, I got it finished this morning around 07:30hrs. Then made last night’s meal, Hehe!
I may have nodded off while eating it a few times. I later found some potato cubes in the dressing gown pocket, in my belly folds, and on the £300 second-hand shop purchased, c1966, welt-causing, uncomfortable, not-working, itch-inspirational, crumb-containing recliner cushion. I put the tray on the Carers table; I recall getting one of them ; the next thing, I was waking, having a renewal of consciousness, rejuvenescence, from my preciously short kip of about an hour – in the usual fashion.  shuddering, flapping, threshing about and blurry-eyed.

Kitchen morning view on rising.
Newly spotted legs.
Mullti-coloured feet and toes?
Swelling up again.

First of the two brews allowed… Nice!

Went to turn the computer on, and found that I’d not turned it off!
However, for the first time in months, the internet was working frost time! But not for long, about eight minutes…
Got the Tuesday blog finalised and sent off.

Carer Shaquille arrived. He changed the day pouch for me. Medications were given, and a brief natter was enjoyed.

Started this blog off. But…

Window shot to the left.
Then to the right.

Kara Kara Called; she was doing the two calls, financial and normal medicationings together today. She said she’d ring Virgin about a new package and getting the box sorted out. We were on the phone for an aeon… sorting out the package, and waiting for the technician to come on the line. Even I heard some of the canned music being played with the phone on hands-free. While waiting what seemed an hour, but couldn’t have been, I realised that Kara had phoned on the Virgin number, not the free 150 from Virgin lines… this call is going to cost me a fortune! Argh!
Eventually, they agreed a deal. I was not fully compus-mentis of what was happening, but have faith in Kara. All sorted for me! Kara wrote it down for me. New package; £42.79, for six months, then it’s going up to £56.59. As Kara needed to go, she found a letter on the floor, and I asked her to open it, which she did. I got confirmation from Age UK that my insurance had been paid. Thanked her and off she shot. Hehe! ♥ Lost without her help.

This may have helped the incompetent, figure-rustling and manipulative Smoke & Mirrors ladies & gentlemen at , who are buying up or into so many internet companies and keeping this quiet, to be actually working! I wonder what their cunning plan is with all the invested-in and bought-out internet companies they have got in with? Liberty acquired German company Unity-Media in November 2009 for $5.2 billion. 2010 Liberty sold its stake in Jupiter Telecommunications, a Japanese telecommunications services provider. In January 2013, Liberty Global raised its stake in Belgium-based Telenet from 50.2% to 58%. Liberty Global operates through the following subsidiaries and shareholdings: All3Media (50% ownership with Warner Bros. Discovery), ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding) Platforma Canal+ (Poland) (17% ownership), Sunrise UPC (Switzerland) (100% ownership), Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership). UPC Broadband, UPC Slovakia, Virgin Media Ireland Limited, Virgin Media Television, Virgin Mobile. Virgin Media O2 (70% ownership), O2 UK, GiffGaff 65% ownership, Tesco Mobile (50% ownership). Virgin Media Limited (UK), Virgin Media Business Limited, Virgin Mobile (UK), Vodafone (8.9% owned), VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership), Vodafone Netherlands, Ziggo, Ziggo Sport, Ziggo Sport Totaal, and Telefónica. Mike Fries is the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairperson of Liberty Global. He took home $62m in FY2, plus a guaranteed percentage of shares. Just how can the lad be expected to run an internet service that works, on such a paltry wage? Surely, his number-crunching, figure-shuffling, securities broker-expert is worth more? I feel so sorry for him.

Jealousy may be involved here! Hahaha!
I like him, & his good looking, Mafiosa face.
Went off on a tangent there, didn’t I? Sorry!

No Domestic lady called again, (holiday catch-up for the gal) and I was not up to cleaning with all the worry over the cataract and glaucoma procedure, and getting things ready for it.

Aha, I felt a movement from within there. Time to visit the for another go… Cor!

Got on with computing. I was getting hungry after she’d gone. Got the Tuesday blog finished & sent sent off to WordPress. Did some work on this blog, then got some nosh going.
Bit of a bigger nosh tonight. Sliced potatoes roasted, garden peas, a soy burger, fancy strawberry-filled pastry (Not that there was much filling in it, mostly pastry, disappointed in this one), and a banana to finish off with. Taste Rating: 6.8/10.

Carer Benjamin arrived after I’d eaten the feast and just fell asleep. He was on his last call and looked a little weary.
No tablets or medicine were needed. He attached the night pouch to the . Insisted he took a can of his choice on his way out with him.

Nodded off again, and the landline flashed!
It was the doctor’s surgery with the new Warfarin doses after the blood test. The INR level had gone up a little. I changed the doses on the Carers book to the new doses.

8 thoughts on “INCHY: Wednesday 30th August 2023

  1. We never turn off our computers. They get restarted every now and then. The server in the office has be up 456 days. Those are nice right and left views from inside looking out. Do you remember the song “Inside Looking Out?” Released by the Animals in 1966 (got to No 12 on the UK charts) then Grand Funk Railroad in 1969. Decent looking meals.

    • As I recall it, Tim, I was busy with my first motorbike in 1966. I absolutely loved it. But yes, do recall the Animals songs, well the first one, not the Grand Funk Radio – going to be a laugh doing the blog for today, can’t see much, or use the glasses, they have put on doublepads and sticking out a lot plastic eye pad. Since ~I got back, I’ve walked into the lobby door, pressed the wrong floor in the lift… sorry, elevator. Tripped over myt walking stick, and when Carer Jenny called, tripped over it again. This was before knocking the medications off of the table. and I~ can’t find my hearing aids. Jenny, after searching all over thinks I may have left them at the hospital… which is a possibility. Writing this and making so many errors… Tsk! The blogs gonna take some doing, but do it I will! (He say’s, Haha!)
      Took some photos on van coming home along the route, each one with a memory prompted.

      This pad is not very good, it lets in some light, making my vision worse, so I have to close the eye myself, which applies unwanted pressure on the operated area? Humph!

      At the hospital when I arrived, there were two black cats prow;ing in the bushes, I thought, Heloo, Tim’s come over with brought M gals? Herhehe!

      • I doubt Grand Funk Railroad was played much in the UK. There were a very American band. Unless you heard their song “We’re An American Band” then I’m wrong. You need to get some good drugs to trip on instead of you walking stick. G&G transporting themselves to the hospital for you. Nice of them.

      • Ah, I recall American Band, Tim!
        Struggling with the eyes, and boy does the just done eye hurt when I move, I try to turn the head, now I’ve got neck-ache, Hahaha! Vision terrible. Cutting back on blog content for a bit till things get easier. Luckily I’ve got some cartoons and odes done to use for a couple of days. Constipation Conrad back again this morning. Very reasonable costs Easy-Link, compared to taxis. Cheers, and take care, thanks mate.

      • I mentioned myhearing aids problems, noito being able to get to the ‘Temporarily Closed’ audio centre to the Doctor on the phone… but no interest was shown. Haha!
        I’ll find time to look this one uip, Tim, thanks.

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