Inchcock’s Diary: Friday 26th September 2014


Friday 26th September 2014

What a mess this morning.

Following a bad night, dreams, waking ups and pain in the chest – I attended the WC around about 0430hrs to find; Blood and tender swelling from the Inch, blood from the haemorrhoids and new blood welt spots on my hands.

I must get to see the GP again.

I should get me letter with details of the Nottingham Meals at Home system today.

o535hrs: I cleaned myself up and came downstairs, wearily I might add, Put the medical stuff in a bag, took it out to the dustbin and moved it ready for collection.

Started laptop and put the kettle on.

WC both ends attended to.

Came down gingerly and made cuppa, then waited for the laptop to finish loading to update this diary.

Medications taken with me cuppa tea, then I sorted out the things for the Nottingham Hospice Shop.

05F02Titivated meself, managing to end up with a shaving cut under each eye, then got ready and set off on me walk into Sherwood to the Hospice shop.

Bit of traffic about today.

The left knee being so bad might not be such a 05F05bad thing yer know; because it takes away yer concentration on the pain from the right knee?

I dropped off the things at the shop and crossed the road to catch a bus to Mansfield. When it arrived, it was nearly full and I had to sit on one of the pull-down seats. I spent the whole journey hanging on for dear life… 05F04hehehe!

I arrived at Mansfield bus station and poddled down to investigate B&M and Pound Stretcher shops for any bargains they might have on offer. Got some cheapo little tins of ham and some nice looking honeyed ham slices from B&M, then got some biscuits from the Stretcher shop.

05F03Took a walk through the shopping centre, and boy was there some mobility scooters about or what! Still, I have to say, although nervous of ‘em, none actually attacked or blitzkrieged me.

I came out the other end, and waddled me way down to open market for a while… this is where I noticed the fine 0506array of mobility scooters on sale.

I ambled my way back up to the bus station, and caught the bus back to Nottingham, dropping off at Carrington. I walked past the car I often looked at as I did so, a Bedford CA van… it’s burnt out now, and the wheels have gone?

Tried to take a photo of it, but the camera would not work, it just took blank shots? Oh ‘eck. Summat else dying? Tsk!

Got into the flea-pit, well tired again and made a cuppa, some ham sandwiches and took me evening medications – then head down and hopefully some decent sleep.

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