Inchcock Today: Tue 2 Feb 16: Got housemaids knee today!


Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Well, the Wee-weeing is still rampant – but the constipation is easing.

GC (2)

Tuesday started off so well too!

Woke up, and to the bathroom, Little Inchy no blood or soreness, haemorrhoids only the tiniest bit, Anne Gina splendid at the moment. Arthur Itis was not bad at all. The swollen legs have gone down a bit too! Hernia Joe, only twingeing. No dizzy spells yet. Ulcer no hassle whatever. TF things looking good now?

If I could stop Wee-Weeing, they could get my INR level steadied, and the reflux valve would give me some rest, all would be okay. But not complaining, making the best of this hiatus in my medical mayhems! Yee-ha!

01W01Laptop on to start this diary.

Checked the emails.

Got the Grammarly Weekly Updated via email.

Some surprising figures in it.

I noticed they did not mention the volume of my grammar errors this time?

I think they must have realised if they had done so, I might have committed suicide? Hehe!

I love this Grammarly add-on.

Even though sometimes I get annoyed with myself for making the same mistakes all the time.

I don’t know how I managed without it.

The only downside is my not understanding many of the problems indicated when I get it wrong.

My lack of primary education has always been a drawback.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, remembering to take the extra one for diarrhea. Now there is a word that seems to have so many acceptable spellings, but not on Grammarly mind, so I’ve started to use their spelling for it. Diarrhea, diarrhoea, diarrhorea and diarrheic?

I really must get some cleaning up done today – get the laptop stuff done quickly and get on with it. My aim is the living room and kitchen both to me spit and polished, and the internet to be avoided and ostracized as much as possible. (We’ll see?)

The living room will take ages to get done, but needs must eh?

Then get my ablutions done all in time for the Morrison’s delivery coming.

Best laid plans?

I got on with the Facebooking and WordPressing.

0900hrs: I set about my tasks with a resolution little seen in me recently!

Started sorting a box brought from the old house.

What a job, it took me hours. It had model buses, computer peripherals, CD’s, paperwork and tools in it. It must have been one that Steve packed for me, cause I did me best with those I packed to categories the stuff in the same boxes.

Took me hours to do.

Then, the bookcase as dusted and rearranged. I used the bottom drawers for sewing stuff and computer things.

Then, on to polishing the leather chair. Came across a couple of marks on it, but couldn’t get them covered or off. Humph!

Then, the electric fireplace was cleared, cleaned and restocked with clock, photo, plaque, Margaret Thatcher squeaky toy and my truncheon. Having to get down on the floor to get to clean it properly caused a nasty predicament, I couldn’t get back up again, and then I got cramps in my legs! Then in my hands/fingers!

P1020961Then, cleared, dusted and polished my 1968 G-plan sideboard and the Video box I keep my electricals in under the TV and Help-call box. That was an easy job.

I treated them to Lord Sheraton Caretaker Furniture Polish. (Snob!)

Next, the TV, alarm box, writing desk and bureau were given some attention. Then, the computer and electric boxes were titivated.

I found the missing Sony camera while searching through a box! I put it on charge (Well, thought I did) when I found the connector and it showed red straight away. An hour or so later I realised the button was showing red still, and thought it was taking a while to charge up! Der! The button was coloured red! The actual charging light near the connector was showing no colour – so I plugged it in this time and charged it proper like. Dumbo!

Moved on to the corner stand and dusted polished it along with the photographs. Another travail to get back up!

Then, the carpets were Hoovered using the main mini-one and the hand-held in the corners. This left me, with a rather painful backache.

I had wanted to do the windows, but due to the time approaching for the food delivery to arrive, and my being worn-out and shattered, I decided enough was enough of this house-working! I didn’t have the energy or time to think even about doing the kitchen. And, with the cramps and backache, didn’t think I’d manage it tomorrow either.

P1020963I made up two of the four-drawer chests to use. Unfortunately, I thought they were the same as the previous ones I’d bought from Wilko – but no! They are smaller and have no wheels in them, and, the do not stack properly. Bogwindlingly Bad these!

Most dissatisfying!

I took the cardboard and popping bubble paper down to the caretakers room. Frank (A tenant) was nattering to him when I arrived after plugging strugglingly away to get the gigantic box down to him. So I joined in the chin-wag with them. Poddled back up to the flat.

P1020966I washed out the cleaning cloths and dusters and hung them up to dry, along with the walking stick that I’d used the wood dye on.

Then went down to the lobby to await the Morrison’s delivery. The old dear from the 14th floor was there, and we had a natter, and I started doing an acrostic puzzle – Oh dear, the cramps in the fingers put an end to that, then cramp in the upper back legs came on. Too much bending and polishing perhaps?

I nipped back up to take a Magnesium tablet and got some nibbles for the old dear. I feel sorry for her, she is not with it completely, and so many people seem to ignore and avoid her. Then I noticed the Whoopsiedangleplop I’d made: I’d left the hot tap running, so now no hot water! Huh! Went back down and the cramps started again.

The delivery came, and I put away the things.

P1020960I tP1020964ook a photo of the living room to see if I could see all the back-breaking works results compared to the photograph that I’d took before I started the cleaning up and titivating of the previously location.

Was it worth all that trouble, sweat and pain I asked myself?

No windows cleaned.

I thought I had an excuse for not doing the outside of the windows at least, due to the wind and rain?

The DVD stand not sorted or cleaned.

I wondered why I wanted to put myself through all that pain?

So I had a spray around with the Dettol citrus fresh-air canister, to try and satisfy myself that it was worth while.

Still no hot water. I’ve had the thermostat on for two hours now, and the Night Rate should have been heating it up by now surely? But, none available. Just when I needed a bath, too. But, although I blame myself for leaving the tap running, why has the night Storage or the thermostat not heated any water in two and a half hours?

I’ll report it in the morning I suppose.

Laptop on and updated this, had a cuppa and took the medications.

Feeling a  tad sorry for myself now.

Too late for me to do any Facebooking, so tired. I should be feeling proud of my efforts, but the hot water farrago is disheartening me.

P1020967Got me nosh out of the oven.

Anya potatoes pulled pork and baked BBQ beans, and two slices of Polish Country bread.

Rated this one as 9.59/10.

Thoroughly shattered, tired, injured, cramp-ridden and so annoyed with me for leaving the hot water tap running, I felt I’d not done too good today.

Got the goggle-box on and I must have been too overly tired, cause it took me hours to nod-off. The twinges of cramp didn’t help mind.