Inchcock Today Mon 22 Feb 16: ♫Gossip Calypso♫ on my mind?

What can a goose do, a duck can’t, and a lawyer should?
Stick his bill up his ass! (Oh, sorry! – Inchcock)

Monday 22 February 2016

Around  0300hrs, a loud voice bellowed out from somewhere that at first I thought was in my dream, and then I recognised that it was in the room, and I heard it without my hearings aid in? As I focussed, it became apparent that this was the ‘Alarm Centre Auto message, telling me I had activated my Health Alarm wristlet. A bit of screeching from the line, red light flashing, and then a voice came over the box. 

A bit of screaming from the line, red light flashing, and then a voice came over the box. I couldn’t understand a word he or she was saying, nor recognise the accent. Luckily I have done this accidental activating of the alarm twice before, so I just said: “Sorry, caught it in error!” The operator spoke a two syllable word, whatever that was, and rang off.

Had to get up now, so much for my planned lay-in like? Hehe!

I wish I could remember the dream I was having, but cannot, just a feeling that I was enjoying it, lingered.

Ah well, I’ll make a cuppa then, took the medications. Made sure the Anticoagulation form was in the coat pocket ready for the INR Warfarin Blood Test later.

As soon as I got into the bathroom and started checking out Little Inchy (No bleeding today – yippee!), Bernard Cribbin’s Gossip Calypso song came into my mind, and it stayed there all day, I just kept singing the bits of it that I could remember repeatedly? For the younger readers, here are the lyrics to the song. I looked them up later. If you click on the Lyrics link, you can have a listen to the actual song. I don’t think they would allow this to be recorded nowadays? I loved it.

BusstopRainGossip Calypso LyricsBusstopRain

Gossip Calypso Gossip Calypso
Hear all about it yak a yak yak
Every woman up at the window
Giving out the gossip and getting it back

Oh Mrs Brown, well how are you now, I tell you,
I’ve had a shocking time with Ern and his stomach
Don’t talk to me, my Charlie has gone and fallen down the stairs again,

saints preserve us
Poor old chap did he hurt himself well, not as much as
Alf that’s my cousin Freds boy I learnt from Fred,
the doctor said, he’ll have to have his kneecaps straight,

Gor blimey singing

Gossip Calypso Gossip Calypso
Hear all about it yak a yak yak
Every woman up at the window
Giving out the gossip and getting it back

Mrs Booze, have you heard the news that woman,
you know the very fat one down at the corner
Climbed in a truck, got stuck, they think that they never gonna get her out, do tell me
Well I had a feller round and gave him a pound, to free her with an oxyacetylene welder
Must send along some books, it looks like she’s gonna be there quite some time,

Cor blimey singing

Gossip Calypso Gossip Calypso
Hear all about it yak a yak yak
Every woman up at the window
Giving out the gossip and getting it back

Oh, Mrs Ware, I do like your hair who does it,
I go to Madame Pom-Pom round by the gas works
With all that fruit, it looks so cute, I can’t believe it, it’s really you, like a film star
Have you heard dear, a little bird has told me Mrs Tate’s expecting her seventh
Well glory be, that’s three, she’s had since Lenny had his tonsils out, cor blimey singing

Gossip Calypso Gossip Calypso
Hear all about it yak a yak yak
Every woman up at the window
Giving out the gossip and getting it back!

I got the laptop on and made another cuppa. As I did, the wind was still belting into the kitchen something rotten! The wind was also escaping from me as well. Humph!

Checked the calendar to verify the time for the surgery appointment was 1030hrs. (Gossip Calypso playing in my mind. Can’t stop it now!)

Finished off Sundays dairy, and started this one off.

Did some Facebooking and got a request for a graphic – I love it when this happens, especially from Patti. It’s so good to be able to do something for those who do a lot for me. Got on with starting it. Had to get a move on so as not to be late for the GP. Patti let me now he’d like one of the characters in a wedding dress so had to change it sharpish. I decided not to print it here yet, in case it is suitable for her until she has used it.

I feel amazingly good again this morning – I expect some hiatus or Whoopsiedangleplop to occur soon. Hehe!

Got a scrub-up and Jean, the lady I lent to her to view, returned them bless her. Asked her if she wanted to have a look see if there were any she would like to see from my shelves, but she declined.

Then I set off for the INR blood test at the GP in Carrington. I met Dean Walker, the coordinator for my block of flats on the way out. Gave her the Wholemeal Soda bread loaf, that saves me calling into the Community Shed on the way to leave it for her and Obegruppenfurher Julie, the other coordinator.

P1050041As I turned right on the way to Winchester Street, a fox showed itself near the fencing. By the time I dug into my bag to get the camera and got it going, it was too late, he’d hopped it back into the gardens. Tsk!

I’d gotten half-way down the Winchester Street hill when I found myself singing ‘Gossip Calypso’ again.

I proceeded in an orderly fashion down to Sherwood, left up the hill and down the hill into Carrington. I’d like to brag at this time if you don’t mind like: It took me only 38 minutes to walk there from the flats. (Smug mode adopted).

The beautiful nurse soon took me blood in no time – but stopping the bleeding afterwards took longer than it ever has before? Oh dear!

I gave her the nibbles and exited onto Manfield Road.Where I think, I might have qualified as Britains Most Effective Vacillator!

Where I think I might well have qualified as Britains Most Effective Senior Citizen Vacillator! I walked up to the bus stop on the right to catch a bus into town – Where I changed my mind and started to walk to the left and cross the road to grab a bus back into Sherwood – While waiting for a break in the traffic to cross the street, I thought, no, I will go into town and catch an L9 bus from there to go to Sainsburys and get some cashew nuts. – Then I thought, oh blimey, BJ is coming, and I walked back to the bus-stop near the surgery. – Then realised BJ is coming tomorrow; not today, and began to waddle back to the other bus stop, and realised I should have caught the bus from the other bus stop, and walked back to it, and did so. I worry myself at times yer know!

To the accompaniment of ‘Gossip Calypso’ in my mind, I travelled into the City Centre. There had been an accident of some kind near the Post Office, and a chap was laying down near the back of a van, with worried people who had covered him and put him in the recovery position. The CPO stood scratching his arse, as they awaited the ambulance or paramedic.

P1050042I caught the bus into Arnold, dropping off as Sainsburys.

Nipped in and hurriedly got a soda bread and the honey-roasted cashew nuts I was after – very pricey, but there you are.

No guilt present!

Paid the scowling til person, and I was soon back out at the bus-stop again and caught the same bus back to the flats.

P1050043The sky was beautiful once again, even if there was not so much sunshine about. I did some cross-wording and ‘Gossip Calypso’ came less often to mind.

On the journey, the skies darkened, although streaks of lightness permeated them.

I took this photo from the kitchen when I got in; well, after visiting the porcelain. The wind around the flats seemed far worse than elsewhere?

I realised I’d forgotten to get a TV paper to replace the one I’d accidentally thrown away. Huh! So I checked on the TV listing thingy. Some good stuff on tonight as well! But I have minimum confidence in my ability to stay awake to watch those I want to watch.

Made a cuppa and took the medications.Laptop on and I updated this diary.

I’m afraid I left the hot water running again, so no bath until it heats up again after 1800hrs, and I wanted to watch a film on TV as well. Still, as I said earlier, I’ll probably nod off, in any case.

‘Gossip Calypso’ continues to come from my lips!

Laptop on and I updated this diary.

P1050045Had the urge for toast for me fodder tonight. So, I got six small brown Soda bread slices and put Vegemite on two of them, Marmite on another two, and Blackcurrant jam on the last two.

A cup of strong tea and some honey coated cashew nuts for afters.

I couldn’t decide if the Vegemite for the Marmite tasted better, not that it matters, I love them both! Wonderful!

Took the medications and tried to watch a film on the goggle-box.

I soon nodded off, waking up around 0300hrs with the TV still on, and the wind howling again! Still, ‘Gossip Calypso’ had gone… Hehehe!