Inchcock Today Tue 16 Feb 16: Pavement Cyclist attack. Well, almost!

01W01aSue reports for jury duty as ordered, and promptly asks to be excused because she believes she’s prejudice. “I took one look at those shifty eyes and that cheap polyester suit and I immediately knew that he was guilty as sin!” she tells the judge.

“Sit down,” says the judge.

“That’s the defence lawyer!”


Tuesday 16 February 2016

Up at 0315hrs. To the bathroom.

A bit of bleeding from Inchy, but the back passage piles were okay.

I got on with doing the diary, then took me medications with a cuppa.


I did this graphic above for my ‘Symmetry of Life’ post. Just another load of my waffling on about life in general. Then finished off the rhyme and posted that off.

Got a wash and change, all ready for the Asda delivery to arrive.

I split the Country loaf into two halves, put mine in the freezer and the other half in a bag for the gals (Coordinators) at the Winwood Community Shed.

When the delivery comes, I’ll take it down to them.

Made another cuppa, and started this diary going.

I rang BJ to see how he was; he was at the laundry. I told him about my intention to attend the Coffee Morning at the Winwood Community Hut and informed him I’d ask if he could come along to have a natter as well.

Asda delivered the bits, and I set off to the Community shed. Took the recycle box down with me and left it outside the caretakers rooms outside.

Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie were both in the shed, busy as usual bless them.

Gave them their Country bread and an Easter egg. Had a little gossip and returned to the flats. Asked what time the Coffee Mornings were on Thursdays, and if BJ could come along with me. He’d be welcome, so that’s good.

Back to number 72, and rang BJ to tell him he would be esteemed to come along to the meeting on Thursday. He said he’d try to get here for 1015hrs.

Continued this diary after making another good strong cup of tea. An hour and a bit to go now, until I must set-off on me walk to the surgery for me Warfarin INR blood test, and have me torn muscle looked at.

So instead of getting involved in doing my graphicalisationing, I played on Spider Solitaire for a while.

Set off for the limp to the Doctors. Damned cold outside, although it looks sunny enough.

I called in the health food store in Sherwood en route, to get some Lemon Scones and Coconut crusties for the surgery staff because I’d forgotten to take their nibbles with me.

Got to the doctors with a lot less pain and hassle than of late from the leg.

The nurse soon got my blood taken, managing a little natter while she was doing it.

NCCwalk01Out into the sunshine and cold, (odd day) and caught a bus into town.

To the slab square and caught a tram to Hucknall.

I stood first in line at the last of the mounting points to get on the tram when it arrived.

When it did come, the more nimble and aggressive Nottinghomians shot by me, and I was about the last person to get on! Swines!

NCCwalk02The “Have You Paid” inspectors got on at the Theatre Royal, and three passengers were ejected from the tram for none-payment. Which pleased me greatly, because all three had been part of those who forced their way passed and ahead of me getting on. (Smugness overcame me!)

Whistling to myself now.

We got into Hucknall, and I made the rather long walk from the trams platform, across the Park & Ride car park, up the road and across another into Tesco’s car park, through that and into the store.ow

I got some Irish Potatoe Thins, small potatoes and vegemite. ow

On the way back going through the car park, taking the pedestrian red route as painted on the ground, a teenage scallywag came from behind and swerved very closely around me at speed on his bicycle. It shook me a bit and I shouted out “Git!” at him. He pulled up and looked back at me. Gave me the finger, and shot off at speed again. Tsk!

NCCwalk04Onto the tram and returned to Nottingham. At the Forest Recreation Ground Park & Ride, I saw the tent for the Russin State Circus.

It looked in the photo as if it was in the middle of the car park. Hehe!

I dropped off at the Theatre Royal. I checked the time, and I had half an hour to kill before the last L9 bus from Queen Street departed.

NCCwalk03So I had a walk around Trinity Square and took some photographs.

As I walked through the posh eatery section, all the tables and chairs outside together, and I estimated there were around 150 chairs all-together between them all. There was less than a dozen folk using them all told.

P1050003I took some photographicalisations of some ‘Bling’ for the gals on the TFZ Facebook page.

 Made my way to the bus-stop and awaited the arrival of the L9 electric bus.

A rarity today, it came and went on time.

I struggled a bit, not to nod-off en route.

The leg was stinging a bit now, I made my way up to the flat and visited the porcelain without delay.

The usual feeling of fatigue came over me.

NCCwalk05I made me nosh. And it was very nice.

Low-fat Cumberland sausages, BBQ chicken bits, beetroot, small potatoes, chestnut mushrooms and potato cakes.

Having had to use two saucepans and the oven to get this ready, the washing up took a while. Haha!

A blackcurrant jelly to follow.

After that, the typical struggle to stay awake ensued. Then I gave up the idea of reading and got my head down.

Well, I say I got my head down, agreed I did get my head down, but could I get off to sleep? No! Kept waking up every ten minutes it seemed to me.

I gave up again around one o’clock and got up.