Shirley, Rachel and Marissa: But what are they up to?


Are they at the Tower of Pizzas then?

After foods, that are forbidden?

Out searching for some lads again?

I’m lost for words, and that’s not often!

5 thoughts on “Shirley, Rachel and Marissa: But what are they up to?

  1. Yes, well, the truth is, we always go to McDonald’s when we’re hot on picking up some studs. We especially like to flirt with the ones behind the counter because of their promising career paths. We’re just hopeless cougar gold diggers.

    • Thanks for clearing up another mystery Marissa.
      McDonalds in search of studs eh? Well, there’s a young 69-year-old, 5’2″, chunky little lesser endowed NHS expert stud here in Nottingham. I’ll tell him to get himself down to McDonalds for his nosh in future.
      Well, it might get him hopeful and dangerously excited mind?
      You, might know him he’s the decrepit editor of the Nottingham Medicational Monthly Advice Gazette leaflet you know?

    • Snails eh? I hope she enjoyed them.
      Why she doesn’t go to the new Flat 72 Restaurant in Nottingham I don’t know. The tubby old chappie who runs it had many, Specialist food on his menu. Marmited Toasted soda bread, Potatoe Farls done in the oven, coated in Olde English Blackcurrant preserve, and perhaps the most famous of all, (Amongst his fellow members of the Cardiac Club anyway), Warfarin and Beta-blocker BBQ flavoured Claret chasers!
      He’s taking bookings now. Hehe! Cheers!

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