Inchcock Today Sun 31 Jan 16: Graphicalisationing nearly all day

CG poorly2

Sunday 31st January 2016

Woke around 0500hrs, having had no calls to the porcelain throughout the night! This was rectified immediately; I only just made it to the throne in time. Close call that one was!

P1020948A noise I thought was from the mobile phone text or email message sounded; it was definitely in the living room, but where?

After a good hunt around, I was getting annoyed with myself now, I realised after it sounded again, that it was in the location of my comfortable chair. After another ten minute searching through the covers, cushions, etc. I found it on the floor beneath the chair.

Made a cuppa and took my medications, along with the next to last diarrhoea tablet.

Finished and posted Saturday’s diary off. Started this one, and in the process, I had to wee-wee twice in ten minutes? Bad enough with the rumbling innards without this worry as well. Back to the disposable undies methinks?

Ah well, ageing problems eh? At least, I’m still here ageing! Hehe! Back to the disposable undies methinks?

Carried out some WodPressing then started doing some Facebooking.

H Julie H Shirley Did the last of the TFZers “Sing along please…♫ How many kinds, of Sweet flowers grow, in an English Country Garden… ♫ Heres one of many…” graphicalisations for the gals and guys on the Facebook site. Julie, Shirley and Suzieanne.

Took me a while to do, but seeing as it is raining and a bit windy outside, I thought I’d take the opportunity toget them finished off..

Oh, I do like doing these.

Julie with her woof-woofs in her picture.

Shirl the Girl  with me waiting on her and s couple of cuddly intruders in her garden.

H Suz2Then Suzieanne with me and her in the same colours. Suzie with beautiful off the shoulder designer dress.

Each of then naturally, in their English Country Gardens.

I hope they like them. Got to do some for the lads on TFZ now.

I’ll have another cuppa and a think about what style to use.

HH07 HH03 HH05Enjoyed doing these as well.


A few of them came out okay.


Got them posted off to the Troll Free Zone.

HH08Put the fodder on to cook.

The rumbling innards seemed to be easing a bit now.

Made quite a feast of a nosh today, so crossed fingers he stomach copes with it.

Shepherds pie using sweet potatoes, garden peas, carrots, onions, beetroot, seasoned French fries, potato cakes, wholemeal bread thins and added some extra gravy.


Did some more graphic creation ideas while waiting and nipping in the kitchen to check it hadn’t burnt.

Getting the stuff out of the oven and I burnt me knuckle, nearly dropped the oven tray, caught it, burnt myelf again catching it.p

But, I saved the nosh from clumping down on the floor!

I got down quickly to wipe up the tiny spillage that ensued – and struggled to get back up of course.

Muttered a few words of a self-recriminating nature.

P1020949Boy, did I enjoy this one!

After consuming this with relish, there were no tummy rumbles, no rush to the porcelain, no hassle from the ulcer, in fact, it seemed to settle the innards down a bit?

Well pleased with this, I hobbled into the kitchen to wash up the pots and make a cuppa so as to take me medications. I should think this took about half an hour or so.

Then I settled down to watch some TV. Nodded off for a few minutes – and then awoke with an ultra urgent message from the innards, “Get to the WC throne!” Where I spent a painful and rather confusing half hour on the porcelain?

Felt a lot better after the evacuation. Then the rumbling started minutes later again! Oh dear! I must put this on my list for the visit to the nurse at the surgery in the morning for me INR Warfarin blood test.

At least, I managed some little nod-offs as I tried to watch the Columbo film. And, although I missed some bits from the middle of the movie, for once I caught the end.

Drifted off into the land of nod at last.