Inchcock: Looking Back – In Rhyme (Of sorts)



Looking back, I see happiness, struggle and guilt,

I slept under clothing; we didn’t have a quilt,

The back yard covered in soot and silt,

From the railway line above us, what BR had built,

In poverty, we were up to the hilt!


The disappearing family, starting with Mothers running away,

The police pursued her, warrants in hand, I might say,

But I didn’t blame her for running then, and not even today,

The police couldn’t find her, try as they may,

They search all over Britain, even in Callais,

Years later they did, arrested her, tried her but didn’t put her away,

Gave her a new flat, paid her rent, utility bills too did they,

Con-Woman Par Excellence, at her trial on the day,

Victims appeared as Character witnesses for her! it’s true to say.


Joined the Army, booted out shortly, made me feel blue,

Searched for a job, something I could do,

Went into retail, and did very well too,

Then I got made redundant, what a hullabaloo!

Did industrial cleaning, hard work and horrible too,

Then I got made redundant, occasion number two,

The only job I could get then was in Security, boo-hoo,

Minimum wage, eighty hours a week, eventually promotion got through,

Even more hours, but the wage went up 15p an hour, Yahoo!

Then I got made redundant there too!


To another Security company, where my hopes were high,

Another 10p an hour, I felt I could fly!

Working in the Control room, hard graft but I was on a high,

Then I got made redundant, for the fourth time oh my!


No chance of further work appeared now was so old,

64 years of age and out of work, it made me feel bitter and cold,

So I had to go on the Old King Cole; the dole,

Signing on, applying for jobs, nothing to behold,

I was not trying enough to find work; I was told,

140 applications in 6 months not enough? Anger took a hold!


 “I may have to review your support rates,” said the spotty faced urchin,

He nearly got a punch on his acne ridden chin!

But I remembered I was on a high reading for me Warfarin,

I asked the pimply person if he’d like to somehow begin…

Talking to me without sneering, my control level was getting thin,

That was when he hit a panic button, to get Security in!


I was removed to an office, to await the arrival of the police; there’s gratitude!

A chap said ‘We’ve got it all on Camera, your abusive attitude!

I’ve done or said nowt wrong, Good God, I spewed!

The police arrived, we chatted, they checked the camera, I’d not been rude!

They let me go, showing common sense and latitude!


Next week I was put on Income Support, I was a £10 better off then,

Soon I got me retirement pension; I was happy again,

Of course, the Angina, and duodenal ulcer was a pain,

Having to have a new ticker fitted, and  the varicose vein,

The Arthritis the sticking reflux valve, the blood from piles did stain,  

The hearing aids now fitted, I could hear a bit again, 

I started to go just a little bit insane!


Bum bum!

Inchcock Today Sat 13 Feb 16:

A lawyer opened the door of his BMW when suddenly a car came along and hit the door, ripping it off completely. When the police arrived at the scene, the lawyer was complaining bitterly about the damage to his precious BMW.
“Officer, look what they’ve done to my Beemer!”, he whined.

“You lawyers are so materialistic, you make me sick!”, retorted the officer. “You’re so worried about your stupid BMW, that you didn’t even notice that your left arm was ripped off!”

“Oh no!”, replied the lawyer, finally noticing the bloody left shoulder where his arm once was. “Where’s my Rolex?!”

Saturday 13 February 2016

01W04Another terrible night, a multitude of semi-repetitive dreams, none of which I can recall in any detail at all. Something about being in floods, canals and struggling to carry my bag of shopping?

Artist blogger and Cyber-friend, the lovely Lady Patti Beckert, was in there somewhere?

The sleep seemed to come in ten minute periods; I was waking up so often.

Gave up around 0400hrs, got up and visited the porcelain. Had to clean up the blood from the piles and poor Little Inchy, and then the bathroom where it had splashed all over the place in the process.

The mind was hard to concentrate on anything for some reason too.

The innards were beginning to rumble. Oh dear.

The torn muscle was I thought, a little easier. But of course, I hadn’t started doing any walking yet.

I hope the lifts are working today, I’ve got to get some laundry done. Well, that is if a machine is free, it being the weekend like.

Must get my computing pleasures finished ASAP today and get the laundry done, then get some much-needed cleaning and tidying up tackled.

Not feeling my usual self this morning. No singing to myself, my vivacity and gusto have abandoned me. Hehe!

So, I checked and responded to the one email. Made a cuppa and took the medications, and checked on Facebook.

Boat22 01Did some graphicationalising, and then got the laundry things ready.

Had a good soak in the bath and titivated myself.

I got down to the laundry room.

Good job the lifts were operational, I’m glad to say.

Got the washing in and going, then to the foyer to try and do me crosswords.

Stayed there, until the washing was completed. Transferred the clobber into the dryer.

Not many people about today.

I popped back up to the flat and got the things ready for my planned trip out to get some nosh.

Back down to the laundry room, machine finished, packed the togs into the bag. Cleaned the filter out, and back up and put the clobber away.

Out to the bus-stop, the right leg didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. Then I managed without any undo effort to get on the wrong bus.

By the time I got off of the bus in Sherwood, the leg was giving much grief again, so I decided to potter around Sherwood in the hopes of getting a small jug to use for me milk and some bread.

I limped over to Wilko’s to search for a jug. They did have some in, but they were over £3. Came out with a pack of disposable one-use small foil trays with lids that I could use in the oven cooking.

Called into the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, dropped off some bits, and looked fro a small jug. No luck.

IMG_0017Back up to the bus-stop, and found an L9 was due in 15 minutes, so I waited for it to arrive.

Back at the flats, I limped up and found a letter from the Government Pensions people; it had been forwarded from the old address. So I must get help in ringing them to inform them of my new address Monday.

Got the kettle on. Made a cuppa, and got my meal prepared.

IMG_0019The last of the boiled spuds, the last beef slice, the last of the chestnut mushrooms, the last of the Irish potatoes, some nice chestnuts and bread thins.

Now I’ve begun to master the gravy making, I used the water from the mushroom saucepan to make it with. Gorgeous!

Unfortunately, I continued eating and nibbling for the rest of the night as well!

Once again, the fatigue and weariness overcame me suddenly.

Dosing frequently now and nibbling often.

Woke up with stomach ache around 0245hrs, and stayed up.