Inchcock Today Wed 24 Feb 16: Up early, visit to Sister Jane

If a Vampire bites a Lawyer, isn’t that Cannibalism?


Wednesday 24 February 2016


Photographicalisation by Sister Jane – note how she has managed to get something growing from the top of my head? Hehe!

Up at around 0400hrs, disappointed that I could not recall any of the dreams I knew I’d had.

When I stirred, the first thought was how much easier the torn muscle was, no angina hassle either. Then as I stood up, oh dear; The arthritis was back with a vengeance! Hey-ho! Amazing, but very pleasing was how Arthur Itis had given me a rest during the torn muscle hiatus, now it is easier, back he comes? Thanks, Arthur!

Arose and to the WC, thought I’d do my teggies while I was there – blimey, more bother. The blood I spat out was coming from the ulcers and cracked lips inner gums. How come, last night there were no signs of any problem in the mouth at all? Now, tender painful and bleeding? Humph!

I got a cuppa and took the medications, then made sure I’d got the things in the bag to take to sister Jane and Pete’ mansion later. I’d rang Jane last night to get permission to go and visit them. As long as I arrived between 10 am and 1100 am, I was granted approval.


I got on with finishing the 238 Quotes by Women on Men and Men on Women post at last. Must have taken me a week to get it something like right. Still, it is a long one.

PatTrump03So, I hope it goes down well.

Patti Beckert let me know the graphicalisation done was okay, and she is to use it in a post on ‘Humor Times’.

A hilarious one too:

Patti at her Satirical best

I found it too painful to drink my tea hot, and let it go cold, so limped (And I meant limped, that damned Arthur Itis is having a hay-day, Hehe!) back into the kitchen to make another brew.

Checked the emails, got an appointment through from the doctors for my next INR blood test next Monday. Then I realised how late it was. Must get something for the cracked lips and gums on the way to visit Jane and Pete’s Palace.

Got a shave and titivated up, best I could manage, got the bag of goodies ready, hearing aids, glasses, bus-pass, mobile phone and medications, etc. all collected together. Added some fancy bread to drop in the Community Hut on the way out. (But forgot to take it)

Down to the lobby, where I met with many of the other tenants who were waiting to go out and catch the bus. Gave them some nibbles and had a nice natter.

Got the L9 bus into town, and then the West Bridgford bus to Sister Jane’s estate. There had been a nasty looking traffic collision on Trent Bridge, a single decker bus was being linked to a recovery lorry, behind it car with an SUV firmly embedded into its crushed rear end, another car just behind, and a Mercedes skewiff on the pavement.C

Continued on when the traffic allowed us to and I arrived at Jane and Pete’s Towers and was greeted without a cup of tea and had to ask for one: Very UnBritish! Hehehe!

aaaa3a I aaaa3b gave them their nibbles (Box of chocolates, Potato sticks, packet of belly pork, Indigestion cure and a box of biscuits, they gave me a jar of jam and some raw minced lamb left over from their meal), then Jane gave me some advice on how to cook the minced lamb, as she was preparing some at that time. Very helpful hints and demonstration it was too! I adopted her method when I got home later to try and make my own effort at Lamb Stew if that’s the word.

AngLater I got on with sorting Pete’s laptop, the one I gave him so he could transfer his photos from the secret watch-camera I got him for Christmas.Basically, it needed a lot of stuff removing to allow more space so he could download easier and in far less time. This took an hour or

Basically, it needed a lot of things removing to allow more space so he could download easier and in far less time.This took an hour or

This took an hour or two, but it gave me the chance to play at being a teacher. Haha!

We had a break, and Pete disappeared with my camera.Later I found he had been around the palace, taking photographs of their three remaining dynamic pensioner cats he could find. I found these photos when I updated this tosh in the morning. Nice one Pete, had me puzzled a bit at first. Got me good he did.

Later I found he had been around the palace, taking photographs of their three remaining dynamic pensioner cats he could find. I found these photos when I updated this tosh in the morning. Nice one Pete, had me puzzled a bit at first. Got me good he did.

He then produced some coax cable he had left in his garage, and but a connector on the end, and presented it to me to use to try and get the CCTV at the flats onto my TV. A neighbour two flats away said he’d come and sort it for me some time when I get the cable. Much appreciated Pete, despite all our tongue-in-cheek insults to each other, we’re good mates. Cheers.


Soon we were back on the laptop, and got it going, tried it and Pete could now do what he wanted to on it. I felt well pleased and smug with myself! It was late now, and Pete wanted to go into town to get some things, so he came with me on the bus to town.

BB-AEC renown 63He had to shoot off quickly (He’s always been fitter, taller, richer and better looking than me, but it doesn’t bother me that he is the same age, got hair and can still ice-skate, run, cycle and gets advances from women, has lived in Australia, retired at 55, had £150,000 left him by a distant relative, is an excellent DIYer, still got his driving licence and a new car and electric powered bike and is tight as a ducks arse! … oh no, good luck to the lad that is what I say). 01W01 Hehehe!

Those amazing clouds were still in the sky.

BettySingI caught the L9 bus, back to the flats.

I was as near to missing the bus-stop at the flats as I’ve ever been without actually missing it. If you know what I mean?

Woke up just in time. Phew!

WC’d made a cuppa and got on with sorting out the planned Lamb Stew dinner while Jane’s words of guidance were relatively fresh in my mind.

It was going well; I’d got the lamb in the pan, added some olive oil and warmed it through until the red had gone, drained of some of the fat, added the gravy, green beans, peas, onions and later the boiled potatoes.

BinAt this point, I came across a hiatus that may affect other pensioners who may try for their first time to create this nosh.

I would advise you to keep some antiseptic cream nearby, for when you drop an onion off your spoon when testing how the contents taste by having a nibble and drop it on the top of the stove. Remember; The stove will be hot when you pick it back up to return it to the pan and get your little finger attached to the metal ring of the hob! It’s best, to try to avoid doing this if you can!


Eventually, the meal was ready and looking a fairly decent effort.

I rated this one, the bestest I’ve ever done!

Making this even better, was the fact that I have half of it left in the saucepan, to have tomorrow! Might try some chips with it next time?

Had to rate this shot at lamb stew at 9.65/10.

Tiredness loomed as soon as I sat down after doing the dishes, where I stayed for hours, only getting up to go to the porcelain a few times, nodding off, waking, nodding off, waking…