Inchcock Today Wed 17 Feb 16: Started slow, then got slower!

A lawyer was making his case in a crowded courtroom when he noticed four gentlemen in the back of the room on tip-toes and trying to get a better view.

So the lawyer stood up on a chair and asked if they could see him now, the four men, an Englishman, a Frenchmen, a Spaniard and a German, answer the lawyer in order:

“Yes!” “Oui!” “Sí” “Ja!”!

With thanks to Timothy Price, for forwarding this joke for me to use.


Wednesday 17th February 2016

Gave up trying to sleep and got up around 0110hrs. Had a painful tinkle, made a cuppa and laptop on.

Got on with finishing the Monday diary.

Doing a lot of sneezing this morning, hang on I’ll check the thermometer in the kitchen… 57°f, not good that.G

Did some Facebooking. For a long time.

Checked the emails. Two of the gals that are concerned about my pamphagous eating habits offered advice. Bless their cotton socks.

Then got the bath running and perfumed.

Good soak, during which I listened to the local radio, snow forecast for high ground today. Not a lot it said.

Dried off well, medicated the sickly parts of my immense blubbery body that were in need. Checked the taps were not left on, put the towels in the airing cupboard, cleaned the bath, sink and taps, then adorned my Titanic torso with the day clothes.

JaneOld 01

A young Sister Jane

Rang Sister Jane while I was making a cuppa. Had a natter. Told her I’d doctored and sent a photograph of her earlier, and sent it to her via email, from when she was about two years of age.

I hope that cheers her up a bit.

Got the laptop out of sleep mode and checked the rest of the emails.

Realised I’d left my bob-cap in the WC, went to retrieve it and found I’d left the heater on again. Lovely and warm in there now, Tsk!

I got CorelDraw opened, and started a graphicalisation I’d been hoping to start for ages.

NCCwalk01I was checking some old stuff for graphics that I did years ago and found a word I’d not used for even longer. Phlyarologist! That describes me to a tee!

The graphicalisationing took me the whole day – and a bit of guilt at getting nowt else done or sorted!

BJ rang me, to confirm he’s coming in the morning to go to the Coffee tenant 01W02meeting with me. no idea what to expect from it.

I got to the WC and no blood from Little Inchy, rare but good that.

Had four Soda bread slices toasted, two with Marmite, Two with Blackcurrant Jam.

Collapsed in the chair and occasionally dozed for short periods, kept waking up with ideas to get something done, but nodded off again each time. Tsk!

So, managed to wake long enough to take me medications, and the odd trip to the bathroom. Things are getting a bit hard in passing again. If it’s the same in the morning, I’ll take a Senna tablet with my morning medications.

Put the A-Team DVD in the telly thingy, and that did the trick.

Nodded off nicely!

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