Inchcock Today Sat 2 July 16: Wind and rain persisted today, and the stomach churned. Hey-Ho


Saturday 2nd July 2016

Woke around 0300hrs with a start – remembered dreaming about many things without any detail in depth? The Wales v Belgium footy match in which I was there as ball-boy, being pursued by angry crowds again, on rooftops slates, chimneys, falling, raging rivers and having a toenail transplant done by my mate Duncan Robertson? Nodded off again, despite thinking I needed to attend the porcelain.

KipStirred once more at 0440hrs. The £300 second-hand recliner in the down position, headphones half on and half off my head, glasses skew-whiff, TV playing the Last of the Summer Wine DVD, empty crisp packets, empty biscuit box and empty Lime flavoured tonic water bottle,  spread around me with and a teaspoon on my chest?

What had occurred for me to get into this state was a mystery.

As I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I nearly went over when a dizzy hit me as I hobbled to the porcelain throne. Where passing things was painful, but no bleeding this morning. Confused, I sat a while thinking. How could I remember what happened hours before, but not recall what happened afterwards? Why did I have so many different dreams? What day is it?

The morning sky was pretty, but the wind was howling all day long, and soon the rain had set in with a vengeance as well.

10a 10bNo more dizzies as I made my way to the kitchen to make a cuppa, cleaned up the mess around the chair, and too the medications and started the laptop.

The tea went cold, so after starting the diary I made another brew. The milk had gone off! I got the milk out of the fridge and gave it a good sniff, it smelt alright to me? Made another mug and the milk was definitely off! Opened a new long life tetra-pack of milk and tried again… alright this time.

No actual dizzies for a while, but a sensation of I was about to get one persisted? then the stomach started rumbling, so I took some Peptac.

Checked the emails and I’d had six emails from Amazon telling me parts of the DVD order had been dispatched. Due to be delivered today. I must get to see Olive today also. I want to have a natter with her and take some photographicalisations of her.

After updating this to here, I went on Facebook for a while. Too long really, but I got carried away, 0830hrs got the ablutions tended to.

Feeling refreshed (Stomach still churning though), made a cuppa, back on the laptop. Dare not put TV or DVD on cause with the headphones on to listen, I wouldn’t be able to hear the knock on the door when the Amazon DVD’s are delivered.

Continued to spoil myself on the internet, Facebooking, Messaging, WordPress and emailing away for hours.

Nipped to Olive’s flat and explained why I couldn’t come to see her today as I was waiting in for the DVDs to arrive, had a quick natter and said I’d call in tomorrow if that was alright with her. She said, people will be talking about us with all this meetings we were having – but then they will be talking about us and giving others a rest! Hehe!

When I got back to the flat, one parcel had been delivered, of two DVD’s – Huh, the only time I go out for a couple of minutes and it has to come. Luckily there were only two DVD’s in the pack and they fitted through the letter box though. Episodes 10 & 11 of Law & Order – Special Victims Unit. I can let Olive watch them later when the others arrive.

Felt peckish earlier than normal today, despite the rumbling innards. The Crock-Pot vegetables, parsnips, swede, carrots, red beans, mushrooms, orange peppers and seasoned with the out of date Bisto vegetable stock came out alright, nice and tasty.

10cI took a photographicalisation of just the first spoonful instead of the whole lot.

Getting artistic in my old age!

Shame about the shaking hands when I took this, not one of my best efforts I have to say folks.

Also the mess in the Crock-Pot porcelain container took hours of soaking then scrubbing to get it cleaned. I think this mess was due to the fact that yesterday when I originally intended to eat the fodder, it was not cooked through and I turned it off and reheated it today, and the stock seemed to attach itself to the porcelain like super-glue! And burning me fingers in the process was pestiferous. Tsk!

Ate it all up with a few bread thins, followed by a banana, some lemon cream biscuits and more nibbles later. I shouldn’t have wanted or needed all these extras, especially with the stomach murmuring away, but I did.

I took the medications rather later than planned, took extra Peptac.

KipAfter finishing the pots and trying not to look at the state of the kitchen, I got myself settled as the wind and rain became epic outside, and got the TV on to watch the Germany v Italy match.

A corker of a game I thought.

The first half was so close and technically played out (Not my words, those of a commentator) which I found fascinating, the second half was fantastic.

For all the Italian’s diving, fouling and technical (There’s that word again!) ploys, Germany looked beaten at the end of the extra time and they went to penalties. I felt overjoyed when the Italian ploy of putting on two substitutes with good penalty taking skills in the last few minutes failed and they missed their penalties!

I tried getting to kip, but it took until well passed 0200hrs before, with the accompaniment of the wind and rain and visits for a wee-wee, I eventually got off proper like.

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