Inchcock Today Sun 3 June 16: Went to see Olive… everything else drift into inconsequential.


Sunday 3rd July 2016

10dJumped awake around 0500hrs, the view outside, although the rain and wind had abated, looked dank and dour.

No memories of any dreams.

The £300 second-hand recliner was in the down position, remnants of food scattered around. Oh dear me!

Another urgent visit to the porcelain carried out, stomach still rumbling. Felt so tired still, not surprising really, not much sleep last night.

Laptop on graphics and WordPressing were done.

Cuppa and medications taken with a few biscuits, extra Peptac gulped down.

10bWent to see Olive, this cheered me somewhat. Olive massaged in the pain gel, and we had a little natter, I took her photograph as she looked out of her window and pointed to an area she went scrumping in 69 years ago and told me the tale. Love listening to her.

I went down for me walk to the shops to get some bread and potatoes and left Olive in the laundry room.

Walked up and through parts of Woodthorpe Park, then down to Mansfield Road, up the hill and down into Sherwood.

10gCalled at the Wilko store and got some more of their citrus scented antiperspirant spray, refuge sacks and some more Dettol while it was still on Special Price.

10eVery few folks about this morning, well, lunchtime. I proceeded in a Southerly direction down the hill to the Co-op store. Purchases some wholemeal bread and large potatoes, with which to make some cheesy potatoes later.

On the trek back, up the Winchester Street Hill, I passed (slowly) some Blackberry bushes at the top, and 10ftried my best to take a photograph of the bees on the flowers.

I took about eight shots, but sadly only this one one came out anything like okay.


Onward and back to the flats.

As I entered the foyer, the laundry room door was open, and I noticed that Olive’s togs had finished drying. The second dryer was still not working. I thought I’d take them out as she had left her bag on the machine. Folded them and as I was doing so, another lady came in to do her washing. A new gal, I pointed out the foibles of the machines and got it going for her.

Back up on the lift with the gal and had a little chinwag. The lady dropped off on the eight floor, and as I got off on the twelfth one, Olive was coming out to fetch her laundry. She was wobbling a bit as she was earlier today. I was glad I could save her a trip down and up anyway. I just hope she didn’t think I was a bit cheeky in doing so.

To the flat and got the potatoes in the oven baking ready to have a tin of cheap hot dog sausages and some tomatoes later on.

Updated this tosh and did the graphic.

An hour and a half later, I tried to cut the spuds in half and not splitting the husks this time, and emptied the flesh into a bowl and mixed with cheese, salt, vinegar, butter and rosemary. Had to bash them up for ages to get them to mix properly, for some reason.

No bad burns either… well, up to now anyway. So, tinned sausages, baked cheesy potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes and some bread for din-dins today.

P1110258Possibly did to many of the cheesy baked potatoes…. (Well alright, I did make too many of the cheesy baked potatoes) but I ate them all, they were delicious!

So palatable, they should indeed be barred! Hehe!

I watched the France v Iceland match and was more proud of Icelandic players and their fans than ever. Shame the French had to beat them. But they played good and gave me the feeling that they will beat Germany in their next match. But who knows?

Stayed up very late again, mostly cause each time I tried to get to kip, the urge to go for a wee-wee appeared and I had to climb out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair in haste and hobble to the wetroom… it got a bit repetitive. Humph! Each time I got back and struggled back into the £300 second-hand recliner chair, I could feel the birth of the next visit coming on! I got a bit concerned over this. But the calls of nature kept coming… Tsk!

Last visit remembered was about 0250hrs! Woke at 0430hrs and started again.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sun 3 June 16: Went to see Olive… everything else drift into inconsequential.

  1. Dinner looks great. How many miles your wander today was? Do you have a Fitbit®, fitness app or pedometer to count your daily steps? It would be interesting to know how many steps you rack up daily when you are out and about. I try to get 10K steps a day, but these days I average more like 7K to 8K steps a day, and a good 3K to 4K of my steps is trips to the bathroom. I have to drink lots and lots of water during and after treatments.

    • Thanks indeed.
      Oh dear Tim, trips to the bathroom… My latest ailment this is Sir. (Even worse this morning Tsk!)
      On bad days I tend to shuffle more than walk, so am not sure a pedometer would work on me?
      Th walk was only a little one, but included the up the steep Winchester Street Hill. I struggle sometimes, but think it’s important to push myself a bit regularly when I can?
      The nosh was so good thanks, got the spuds spot on this time.

    • They are a weakness of mine Sir, I love them. I add a sprinkle of vinegar in with them when I mash them. I can taste them now, Hehe! Hope you do soe and enjoy them! TTFN

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