The Nape Of Existence – Inchcock’s realisation of his life’s failure… Sad innit?


I desired to reach the nape of existence,

With a misunderstood persistence,

Then realised the task would be immense,

For of education I’d had no experience,

Knowledge of the Nape of Existence was absent,

So I’ll search blindly, hopelessly like the past and present,

Foolishly stumbling, failing, and that’s reminiscent,

Making Cock-ups, mistakes, none of them maleficent,

My brain and logicality as usual, quiescent,

The memory teasing with odd flashes, relucent,

Then overconfidence dawns, I feel omnificent,

Life is good then, the world appears magnificent,

My desire returns, to be kind and beneficent,

A Whoopsiedangleplop, Accifauxpa attacks: Back to reticence,

Self-loathing hatred begins, confidence goes decrescent,

It dawns that life is dark and bleak, not iridescent,

So I write a confusing ode and realise I’m obsolescent!

I fank you.

Penned in Support of the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Society

12 thoughts on “The Nape Of Existence – Inchcock’s realisation of his life’s failure… Sad innit?

  1. Great poem. You are being too hard on yourself. The blogosphere is full of risks of offending people.

    • I am very ashamed of my thoughtless supposedly humorous comments, Tim. Especially upsetting the gals who I admire so much. This has destroyed my health and contentment, but I only have myself to blame. That makes it worse of course.
      Cheers Sir.

      • Can you apologize? I would think that anyone who reads your blog knows you do everything in fun and jest and that you don’t intend to offend or upset anyone. I would think the only person you might offend with personal comments is yourself.

    • Apologise and explanation sent to Maggie straight away by email, Tim.
      She kindly replied and will be seeing me next week about things.
      Your right about offending too.
      Cheers, take care.

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  3. if she is looking to pick up business from other tenants in the flats, inchy, I can see why she would think your comments – even if meant as a joke – are not helpful in that regard, particularly if other tenants read your blog

    perhaps you can make amends and mollify her by doing a special post on your blog making a public apology to her and her staff making clear any comments you made re the standard of cleaning service they provided that may have come across as critical were made tongue-in-cheek for comedic effect and that you are more than satisfied with the service they have provided for you

    you could also praise the cleaners for their warm, friendly nature – say how you look forward to their weekly visit and the pleasure of their company, and stress how much you appreciate all they have done for you

    in short, grovel, inchy, grovel 😆

    • I put one on their Facebook Duncan. I happens to be dead true that I love them like daughters and do enjoy their visits – and belatedly realised what I’d done and felt horrible and stupid for doing it. That’s why Duodenal Daniel is giving me such a bad time, and the depression and self-loathing is anxiety. Seeing the quack about it on Thursday. I’m as low (with myself) as I have ever been mate. The most helpful set of gals I’ve ever come across as well. God, I feel… a &X☺°#!
      But you’re right, I will crawl and beg forgiveness, no problem in doing it, convincing them though… Oh dear.
      Cheers again mate.

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