Inchcock – Thursday 20th April 2017


Thursday 20th April 2017

Macedonian: 20 четвртокот Април 2017 година

Woke at 0410hrs: Bits of a dream lingered for a while but departed my brain within seconds. These were replaced with the determination to get the washing done as soon as possible.

0420hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner. No washing, medicationalisationing or kettle put on – I gathered the laundry bag, made sure the accoutrements were added to it and hobbled down to the laundry room. Still feeling bad in and about myself for the joke going wrong with the lovely hygiene gals being upset. Got the washer going and returned back up and got the computer going and started the diaries.

4Thur05.0455hrs: Back down and moved the stuff from the washing machine to the dryer and got that started.Some notices had been moved on the board

Some notices had been moved on the board.

One about Repair Priorities. And the now classified list, with the new times, shown.

4Thur06The other was just a reminder that repairs are now the Tenant’s Responsibility to report their own repairs.

I thought about the difficulty I had hearing the person on the other end of the line last time I did this and was prompted to remember that I have got to search for the hearing aid tubes and if I can find them, replace the broken one on the right-hand aid.

Up and did the Health Checks then started this blog off.

4Thur07Looking good, even the weight is down a bit.

Down to collect the dried laundry – but oh dear… it was not drie4Thur08d fully at all! But the cycle back on and back up the lift.

Did some WordPressing then I returned back down to the laundry room, to find the clothing no drier than it was before?


Got it folded and cleaned the filter out.


Back up to the apartment and got both of the airers utilises as well as the airing cupboard. In an effort to get the things dry enough to wear later.

Made a brew and took the medications.

To the porcelain throne and only Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding, The Senna’s had done their job.

Back on the computer and updated this diary.

4Thur11Got an email about the Morrison delivery on its way. Delivery arrived.Got the Canadian

Got the Canadian Buckwood Maple Syrup in, I plan to use it in plain yoghourt, but I will ask some of the Canadian TFZers on Facebook if they have any suggestions for its use too.

 Also, thought it wise to get some more of those horrendous safety knickers in stock.

Being as Little Inchy’s lesion has started bleeding again, better safe than sorry eh?

4Thur10They sent large instead of extra large this time, I didn’t notice until I took the photograph.


I’ll use one today after the ablutions and see if they will fit, or if I will fit into them.


Embarrassing I know, but they can save an awful lot of cleaning up in the long run.

Got onto CorelDraw sorting again. Spent hours on it once more. The CorelPaint crashed on me at one time, but I think it might have been due to my getting the shakes just as I was selecting an option, and hit it twice?

Opened it up again and all worked.

Had to remember to keep moving the damp clothes around on the airers.

Eventually gave up on CorelDraw defaulting and finished off the diary and updated this one to here.

1Mon001Did a poem to go with WordPress, I called it: The Nape of Existence. A bit of fun, even it was true. Haha!

Did this graphic to use as a header.

Link: The Nape of Existence

Posted it off.

Then I got around to catching up on Facebook. Hours and hours it took, but all in the name of depriving me of suffering from depression… Blimey, Did I say that?

Nipped in to have a wee-wee before setting off to the Tenants Meeting Social Hour, and, 2Tue05. The scar had opened badly on Little Inchy and the blood had flowed. Had a right mess to clean up and medicate! Took me that long the meeting was only ten minutes away from ending by the time I got there! Grumph! Hand time to pose with the others for a photo for the builders? Give the nibbles out and the raffle prizes to Obergruppenfureress Penny to use next week, and everyone was leaving.

I got myself back to the abode and checked Little Inchy and he was at it again. Tsk!

05Thu12Made a cuppa, and saw that I had left the Strawberry flavoured vanilla filled suckers delivered earlier on the window ledge, instead of putting them in the freezer!

Another 2Tue05! All eight were now liquid in bags that leaked!

I was not having a good day at all. I was already depressed with my humour cock-up, the laundry room farce and having things drying all over the place, virtually missed the Social Hour and the Virus scar bleeding again. Not good! I could not muster any enthusiasm or interest at all. Then I remembered I’ve got to do the Facebooking. But even that didn’t do much to cheer me up.

I moved the clothes around on the airers, getting some of the thicker ones out of the airing cupboard and putting the removed ones into it – but automatically as if I had resigned myself to everything going wrong, and had no idea how to stop them. Odd?

Made a mug of tea and got on Facebook.

Did some more CorelDraw 2017 updating.

Feeling morose, annoyed with me and thinking silly thoughts, although at the time they were perfectly logical thoughts.

A friend contacted me and suggested I tell the doctor everything. But this will not take away the stupid decisions and practical jokes gone wrong or self-loathing, will it? I appreciated so much his contacting me, but the shadow of hopelessness loomed. Never felt like this before.

I sat a while thinking about things, the negative thoughts mounted and soon the brain was in freefall – I had to stop myself getting into a rut of… well, I don’t know.

I’m going to the surgery on Monday for the INR blood test, and promised Lynton I’d book myself in, to see the Doctor Vindla. Musn’t let him or myself down after he’s taken the time, bother and shown such compassion for me. (Hope that’s the right word?).

Not been out, apart from on the site for days now.

4Thur04Made a meal.

Threw away the hunters sausages after one bite, far too fatty.Didn’t eat the cheese.

Didn’t eat the cheese.

Thought I might start nibbling again later, but only had a bag of Marmite crisps, so depressed with things. 

Foolish thoughts came and went, suddenly the balcony was tempting. 

I might get this diary done, then stop doing them until something is sorted, I do not want to broadcast doom and gloom, I want to make people smile and laugh. Finding this hard myself limits the scope. 

Got a shower shave and did the teeth, in sort of automatic mode? 

More terrible thoughts permeated the brain as I settled down. 

 Hopefully, the inner torment will somehow ease.


5 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thursday 20th April 2017

  1. We put Maple syrup on pancakes. That’s a sorry excuse for a dryer. Seems like a dryer would be very useful in the humid environs of Nottingham. It’s so dry where we live that you can air dry laundry very quickly, but we still use a dryer because it’s more convenient than hanging and draping clothes all over everything. If we hang clothes outside we have to remember they are there lest they get blown full of sand and cotton from the cottonwood trees or stolen and eaten by the porcupine. Sound like dinner was a fail.

    • Good job I had the electric airers handy?
      Line dried clothing always seemed a bit fresher, but of course no option for then here in the flat. They tell us not to dry clothes on the balcony, sensible though, they might blow away or drip om the flat below? Hehe!
      My hunger seems to have left me. Still, the weights gone down for the first time in many days.

  2. I’m certain the Canadians know of all sorts of things to use good syrup on. I personally like a bit with breakfast sausage, but for real the Canadians are serious about maple syrup, lol. I hope your spirits improve soon <3

    • Thanks Ma’m.
      Andy and Pattie from Canada said Pancakes and ice-cream for the syrup. Thomas from Iowa said he drinks it from the bottle! Hehe! X

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