Inchcock – Wednesday 19th April 2017


Wednesday 19th April 2017

Malagasy: Alarobia 19 Aprily 2017

Woke with a hell of a jump around 0420hrs. Bad night I think?

Headphones on the floor, pen and notepad in the middle of the room on the carpet and I was balancing half-in/half-out of £300 second-hand recliner in the most unseemly and uncomfortable fashion and precariously balanced position – and needing the porcelain urgently. I struggled to get myself back into the seat somehow, took a while and bit of pain to do so, then I lowered the shuddering machine and got myself out and to the wetroom for the wee-wee. Treading on the pick-up stick and bending it and stubbing a toe again on the way.

Made it just in time for the wee-wee. The innards told me I needed a heavy duty job, but after what seemed at the time, an hour of trying, nothing moved or happened. Oh dear?

Suddenly realised: The rumbling tummy, that was it! That is what was missing! And, Duodenal Donald had eased so much too! I still took a swig of the plonk afterwards and a Senna with the morning medications, though. Did the Health Checks that looked better I think overall:


3Wed01Might the Pulse have been a bit high?

However, the weight was the same as it has been for three days now.

I wondered if the scales might have been broken? Hehe!

Roger Reflux was easier now as well. Although Dizzy Dennis had put in a couple of mild little visits up to now.

Made a mug of tea and started this chronicle going up to here, then finished off yesterday’s Tales of Woe. Then started this one off.

2Tue12aNipped to the porcelain for a wee-wee, plenty of these this morning, but no movements of any heavy duty activity yet.

Might this be due to last night’s meal?

The rather large portion of pork & mushroom pate? Or would this have had a tendency to cause the opposite and give me the trots?

Got the Morrison’s delivery coming in a while. A bit awkward for ordering now, cause I don’t know when (Or if) the bank transfer will go through for certain, so which card to use will be a problem.

Did some graphic work until the groceries arrive. They came, and I put them away and bagged the nibbles for the Obergruppenfureresses in the Winwood Centre Hut.


3Wed07Back to Facebooking then WordPressing, then CorelDraw and the graphic creation.

Went to take the nibbles to Dean and Julie at the Winwood Shed.

Disaster humiliation and self-condemnation followed.

Deana explained that Maggie, the owner of the cleaning company had read the funnies in my diaries and is very upset and will not be doing for me anymore. She asked Deana to collect the payment, and that was that.

I felt so embarrassed at this. Apparently, I put the name of her company in them too. IT was a bit of fun that went all wrong. Thinking about it, it was a silly thing to do, and all my fault. There was never any intention to lambast them in reality after all they have done to help me as well. Curtains, oven cleaned, all extras. A laugh and chinwag each visit. I want to get up the courage to ring her and try to explain, but mainly to show there was real intent to be malicious only have fun with the girls, above all to apologise and thank them for their assistance over the time they have been visiting.

Stupid decision that has upset the good woman and made me feel so humiliated for it.

I feel terrible, guilty and ashamed. But cannot disagree with Maggie’s actions.

Feeling depressed and bitterly disappointed with myself now.

Not good on the phone, I will try to send an email to Maggie.

I did the email and sent it off to her. Understanding how it looks, I shall offer no defence, it was a stupid thing to do in the first place.

Feeling sick in the stomach now, how did I get this laugh come bit-of-fun so wrong?

Lifeless, depressed and embarrassed.

I hoovered the hallway and mopped the kitchen.

Got an email back from Maggie. She is to call to see me later sometime and talk.

Then the new CorelDraw 2017 version became available. I downloaded after while searching for me registration number and set about getting it customised: for the next 7 hours and still haven’t completed the job yet – By gum it’s a massive programme!

Got email from Maggie, too busy to call today, fair enough that. She’ll email me next week.

Got the CorelDraw 2017 about 40% how I want it. Still, need to sort out some options and sizing.


 Checked the spuds boiling.

Did an extra Morrison order, hope to get it in before the card changes with the banks. Went in okay, which tells me the transfer has not gone through yet.

3Wed08Got the meal prepared and served up.

Sister Jane rang while I was doing it.

Lovely to hear from her, even if Nottingham Forest are not doing well.

Ate the meal (7.8/10 rating), and got the gogglebox on. No concentration on the programmes, unfortunately, the mind running wild with self-incrimination made getting to sleep very hard.

11 thoughts on “Inchcock – Wednesday 19th April 2017

  1. Sorry to hear your got yourself in trouble. One of the hazards of the life in the blogoshere. Meal looks like it would rate better than 7.8, but looks and taste are two different things, as we well know.

      • You are a clever guy. You should be able to dig your way out of the dung heap, and back into good graces.

      • You can be a charmer. Maybe enlist the help of flowers and chocolate, if appropriate (you would know best), and make sure you take your new Nikon and have the lens fully extended.

      • I think it might not be a good idea Tim, no way of finding out if so or not though.
        The Nikon was part of the joke in fact. I was going to wait for them to come and ask them to take pictures of them attacking me, or even a movie. However…

      • Leave the Nikon at home then. I trust you will figure it out. It’s so easy to make a mess of things.

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