Inchcock – Tuesday 18th April 2017


Tuesday 18th April 2017

Māori: Rātū 18 Paengawhāwhā 2017

1Mon17aStirred at 0255hrs, Duodenal Donald giving me a lot of hassle and pain this morning.

I think I have only myself to blame perhaps; The overly seasoned beef in black bean sauce dinner from last night?As lovely as it tasted,

As beautiful as it tasted, I will resist this temptation in the future!

Out of the £300 second-hand-surely ready-to-clonk-out recliner and to the throne. The Senna taking seems to have eased things at last. I almost sang with joy at the lack of struggle and pain. Hehe! Little Inchy had been flowing a bit and needed corrective attention from the Betamethasone cream and cleaning up. But I could tell from experience, I was to suffer badly with both Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna – when this happens together, concentration goes on holiday. Remembered I need to go to the bank to investigate the farce over the transfer of account situation. Maybe today, Lisa the manager will actually talk to me?

Found a scribbled note presumably about a dream – but could make no sense of it at all and had no memories, although I could recall one I had early last night, the one I wrote about in yesterday’s post, that was completed as my next job. The readable bits of the pencil written script was: Hill high…. stethoscope (I think), canal… towering above… flying swooping?

0445hrs: Computer activated after finishing Monday’s off, I started this one. Did some photography doctoring to use later. Then the internet connection started going off intermittently. I wished that Duodenal Donald, who was becoming very active and persistent would do the same.

Into the kitchen to2Tue001a take the medications and an extra few swigs of antacid in possibly a vain hope of easing the ulcer pain. Then did the Health Checks:

Sys 162 – Dia 76 – Pulse 75 – Temp 38.7 – the weighing indicated another rise.

Oh dearie me!

Had to take another swig of the antacid medicine and pondered on whether I should risk taking an extra Omeprazole, as the medicine was cutting it with the pain.

I stood looking out of the window seeking inspiration in making my choice. Later I used the W-T option and tried to take a view of the same area, this is how the photos came out:


I think I read somewhere that Omeprazole had a side effect of diarrhoea? With things loosening up so much in that department this morning, I found myself in a quandary.If I do take an extra capsule it night prove a nocive decision, it I don’t take one, I’ll be in too much pain all day with the other ailments

If I do take an extra capsule it night prove a nocive decision, if I don’t take one, I’ll be in too much pain all day with the other ailments (Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux) playing up as well. On the other hand, I might get the runs badly… then again, it might make no difference at all? Bumfuzzled my brain now!

2Tue04Eventually, Duodenal Donald himself made it up for me, with a super-mega stab of pain, followed by a Donald Dizzy spell. I decided to take an extra one and another Codeine.

I decided to take an extra Omeprazole as well as and another Codeine. Just to keep himself noticed with all the ailments clambering for attention, Arthur Itis decided to have a go at the fingers as I took this photographicalisation and dropped the tablets. Luckily falling into the draw where I could retrieve them this time.

This is not going to be a good day medically speaking (I’m quick on picking these things up yer know, Hehehe).

The thought of the visit to the bank to talk to the elusive Lisa didn’t help in the clarity of logic department. Yes, I like that, I might refer to her like this: Elusive Lisa in future?

For I fear they might be more occasions to write about in this banking farce! (Getting myself wound up now, Tsk!)

Completed belatedly updating last week’s Check List.


Made another mug of tea, and pressed on with this update. The mind in a Zwodder-like state.

Did some WordPress Reading.


Then onto Facebook. Made a graphic of Pixie Mary Frieberg on the TFZer site, as she won the ball competition. I put her near the actual photograph of the implement on the table – a real Disney Angel.

Well all of them got it right actually, but Mary was first in with her bid, bless her cotton socks.

Got the ablutions tended to. Got the bank details, empty jars for the recycling bin and some painkillers in the bag. And set off to the bank and get some bread.

No one about at all, not a soul did I see in or outside the flats and Chestnut Grove… Eerie that.

2Tue08Dropped the jars in the bin and down Winchester Street, across Mansfield Road and into the bank.

Fell in love with little daisies on the verge.

Inside the bank, there were about six in the standing queue, three staff serving including the Manageress Lisa. I patiently took my place at the end of it. And Lisa was still ignoring me with natural aplomb and what must be a well trained and practised, honed skill.

I had to explain everything from the start again to the young good looking fit man servicing me. Jealous? Me? He said something I didn’t catch and went into the back of the building. A few minutes later, with the customers in the queue behind me tutting and sneering in my direction, he returned and told me an advisor needs to talk to me.

Hello, I thought to myself! I was instructed to stand at the back, and she would come and fetch me. So I did.

The lady appeared within seconds and escorted me into an office and asked me to sit down – I explained it was better if I didn’t, Arthur Itis playing up, and she professionally shot me look that said: “Huh, another old fart!” It was quick, but I caught it alright. Hehe!

She explained that the Co-op had put a block on the transfer because it had taken so long. I asked her who’s fault is it that it took so long – I got another shudderingly frightening look from her, this one said: “Who the hell do you think you are!” to me. I got in with my rapid verbals: “Your bank failing to check the postcode on the I.D. from the State Pension people who I admit were also in the wrong?” I suggested before she could speak.

A pregnant pause followed. The lady recovered. Ignoring what I had said completely, told me she would ring her head office for advice on whether or not we need to start from scratch again. I was gobsmacked, especially when they told her that we did have to!

I started to make notes so as to be able to use them in this diary. She frowned and asked me if I wanted her to make notes for me? Not sure if this was genuine or sarcastic, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She lightened her tone and asked why I was making notes – I replied something like: “The memory isn’t as good as it once was you know – paused with my mouth open and added – I want to get the details right for my Trust Pilot Report” and offered a half cheeky smile. That worked, I could see she was perplexed by this.

I wondered to myself why I was being so short and annoying, not like me at all, thought it might be the extra pains today, took a codeine out and ate it, determined to try and win back her good side, in case I needed a loan later. So I adopted a broad smile and almost laughed, and this confused the Hitlerarian dear even more. Tsk! She wasn’t Hitlerarian at all, but I just like using the word. Hahaha! Sorry.

She set about redoing the application using the details and checking them with me from the first time. Asking me if the account at the other bank was overdrawn? I impressed her when I competently fibbed: “God heavens no, I’ve over a hundred grand in it!

I must stop annoying her and get her going I swore to myself again.

After a while on her computer, she told me that the account should be open and transferred 26th April, but don’t come to see us until the 27th. Then, as I was about to leave, she started the selling spiel: Come to see me after it is operational and I’ll see if we can offer insurances cheaper than the one’s you have now!

I exited into the sunshine and the wind then went to get a small l2Tue11oaf of bread and some meat to tonight,s meal. Sarnies only tonight, nothing spicy I said to myself.

No small loaves, only large, no belly pork so I got a Wiejska ring.

Walked up the hill, no bus for 55 minutes yet, so walked on up and down the hill and walked up the park back to the apartments.

2Tue09A few dogs taking their owners for a walk and refusing to return the thrown ball.

I love watching them.

One Alsatian ran to me and stuck his head in my bag trying to get to the meat I suspect?

He was friendly enough and took his head out when I asked him to ‘Leave’. Haha!

2Tue09aTurning right at the top, I hobbled down through the beloved Copse. Thickening out well now.

The entrance was a mass of nettles blooming.

I wondered at this point, how does one make Nettle Wine?

I’ll look it up later perhaps.


Ambled down through the Copse and took a photograph facing the flats.It really was so beautiful in there.

It really was so beautiful in there. The smell alone makes it worth the trip.

Came out the bottom and trying to miss treading on the buttercups and daisies, I made my way to the foyer door.

2Tue12Squirrels and birds very active around the area.

Up to home and had a wee-wee, but the bits away and made a cuppa.

Found a recipe for Nettle Wine.

Sounds too complicated for me to try, not got the room or gear anyway.

How do you measure nettle tops in pints, anyway?

Got the notes I made to help me update this diary.

Got up to here, and took the evening medication with spring water.

Made another mug of tea, then cleaned up the milk and fridge where I’d managed to drop the milk bottle when Arthur Itis decided to freeze the fingers on me. Humph!

At least Duodenal Donald had eased a bit. Mustn’t eat anything spicy tonight. Hope the Wiejska and bread will be alright. I could have had a drink of milk with it, but of course, I’d dropped and spilt most of it!

Had a bash on Facebook. Lost it. Got it back again. Lost it again… gave up and did some graphicationalisationing.2Tue12a

Got the din-dins done.

A salad of sorts. Went down nicely.

Had a Dennis Dizzy visitation when washing the pots.

To the porcelain throne thinking I was in need of a heavy duty session – but nothing, not even any wind? Well, there was plenty from Roger Reflux, but none from the rear-end. Hehe!

Tried to watch some TV, a Victoria Wood tribute and got only a few minutes into it before I drifted off.

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Tuesday 18th April 2017

  1. Was your temperature really 38.7? That’s 101.7 which is a fever. A normal temp is 37 (98.6) maybe you got a typo or misread the thermometer and it was 36.7? Most people don’t function well and run all over Nottingham with a temp of 38.7. Nettle wine sounds interesting. One of my friend’s mom used to make dandelion wine. Good work on little miss Hitler. Your banking mess is a never ending story.

    • Got me thinking there with the temp Tim.
      Just took it again, 36.2 now.
      So it’s going down. When I do the next checks, if it is high again, I’ll ring 111 and get advice, Sir.
      I must say I was rather proud of how I handled that bank session – made an enemy though. Hehe!
      Fingers crossed again it gets sorted this time.
      TTFN and take care.

    • Oh, so do I, thanks, flower.
      Keeping the crossed until next Thursday when I find out if all is good.
      Bag of nerves here. Tsk!
      Have a good un. XXX

  2. Well, that was a good old done in a great style! Enjoyed that Tim.
    Second reading was the same. Although the pulse was up a bit.
    Not surprised with the misunderstanding I’d had. All in the diary.
    TTFN Sir.

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