Inchcock – Friday 19th May 2017: Incorporating The Nuclear Shaving Wound Accifauxpa. Hehe!


Friday 19th May 2017

Japanese: 金曜日2017年5月19日

0350hrs: Up and feeling lively. Might be cheered at the faith and appreciation of help being given me by a complete stranger with the Google Chrome problem coming tonight I hope.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room with it.

Back up the lift and onto the Porcelain Throne. Only a bit of bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold. Took the medications and started the computer, fingers crossed. At least I’ve found a way to get the diaries onto Facebook, via the email, that works.

Finished yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Down to move the clothes to the dryer and back up to the twelfth floor to start this one off. Made a graphic for the top of the page. Had an idea to make a funny post, something like Inchcock Party Manifesto? Hopefully, if I can get Chrome sorted and working, I’ll be able to on with it this weekend?

5Fri020538hrs: Down to see if the drying had finished in the Laundry Room.

Twas raining outside, and I felt so sorry for the soaking wet milkman.

Checked the dryer machine and the clothes in it were all dried sufficiently.

Cleaned the filter and machine, folded the 5Fri02aattire and stacked them in little piles to enable me to put them in the bag so that they need to come out.

Clever or what? Hehe!

Swept the room and back up to the apartment and took a wee-wee as an urgent need.

Kettle on and stored the togs away.

5Fri04Making a brew afterwards and the sky caught my eye, it looked a bit threatening to me.

When I got back on the computer, I added the last three photos and updated the wording, then had a look at the weather forecast for Nottingham today.

It looks like they were right about it being a wet start to the day.


Remembered I’d not carried out the Health Check List, so I did it. All looked okay to me.

Did some WordPress reading, as soon as I went on the Google email, then Chrome started playing up and not letting me proceed. Humph!

On CorelDraw 2017 and started creating the political party funny graphic. Lost everything I’d done for WordPress when Chrome went unresponsive again.

5Fri12jClosed down the computer and got on with the ablutions. During which I suffered two Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpa incidents.

Made several cuts with the new razor while shaving.

And applied Betamethasone ointment instead of antiseptic cream to the wounds. Twit!

Had to use after-shave in the end to stop the flow.

Then, while taking a good shower, I dropped the Dettol soap and banged my eye on the corner wire trays.

I now have a decent black eye and some more bleeding. Along with Haemorrhoid Harold’s loss of blood on the Porcelain Throne, I don’t think I have much left in me now (Blood). Hehehe!

Part of the scratch looks a little Nuclearish in the photo above to me? As for what shiny thing in the ear-hole is, I’ve no idea! Probably from the flash on the camera? The black bits are the skin cancer, so no fretting about what they are at least.

Made a brew, took the midday medications and updated this old tosh.

I had an email from Duncan. Offering some advice I could follow of what to try with the Google Chrome problem. I’ll give it a go if need be in the morning. Thank’s Dunc.

Did a bit of flat clearing and cleaning.

Put the meal segments into one saucepan to heat up later after the help Chap Sam, calls. Potatoes, turnip chunks, fresh pod peas in the seasoned veg water. Might have some vegetarian sausages or a piece of cod with them I think.

Read some more of the Emotions book.

Did some work to start on another graphic on CorelDraw 2017. Hard work with the browser freezing. Gave up and read the Emotions book.

Did the evening ablutions and Jenny called me, she is bringing up Sam the Tech-Man to take a look at the computer. She introduced the young man, Sam and left.

I explained the problems I was having and showed him the advice that Duncan had sent me asking if he could do this procedure for me. Good idea he said, adding that my mate Duncan was sagacious in his suggestions. The next half hour or so I was totally amazed at what Sam did in cleaning the system. All so fast, he tried to explain what and why he was doing the things. He, as Dunc recommended, went through what I did and didn’t need and got rid of many things. He added CC Cleaner and UBlock and another programme that shows if the channel or page you are on is safe.

He then set-up the laptop for me, loaded CorelDraw onto it and got the internet access sorted and Chrome with the same layout and options onto it as the computer has.

He was very patient with me as I sometimes struggled to understand what was what. Gave me an email address to contact him if any more bother. Thanked and paid the man gladly. Off he went leaving a more hopeful Inchy behind.

Feeling so tired now.

5Fri10Put a bit of fish and a few potato thingies in the oven to add to the well-cooked-by-now turnips, pod peas and potatoes.

When the fish and vegetables were done, I added them to beetroot, surimi and mushrooms and other vegetables on the plate. 

A pot of lemon fool for afters. 

Although I really felt drained, I did feel a warm glow of hope that things will go alright on the computer when I investigate the changes in the morning. Too weary to try now.

Did the health checks, took the medications and visited the Porcelain Throne.

As I checked the place, I adopted the Prospectively Harmful Whoopsiedangleplop Overnight Avoidance Routine (PHWOAR) Hehe!

I must try to5Fri09 remember to do this every night from here on in.

Checked the door was locked, lights off, shower power off, not taps running in wetroom or kitchen, nothing left on the cooker, fridge door not open, windows checked and took out any plugs not needed.

The view outside was still looking eerie. As I was taking the photographicalisation, the rain began to splatter on the window.

After eating most of the meal, I got the TV on to watch some selected programmes, didn’t see any of them, but the sleep was welcome indeed.

TTFN folks.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock – Friday 19th May 2017: Incorporating The Nuclear Shaving Wound Accifauxpa. Hehe!

  1. I think we have determined that most politicians are well paid criminals. Looks like you got good help sorting out your computer and getting your laptop set up. I was telling my wife you needed a British version of Sean, the guy I have used for years to sort out stuff on Windows computers. Looks like you found the right guy. All your whoppsies, bleeding, and cancer spots don’t sound good at all. Hoping you can get things sorted out. Decent looking dinner.

    • Oh dear me Tim. I got all hopeful and cheered up after the man arrived.
      Now Chrome has started doing the same again, but more frequently, especially on Facebook and email. I’ve managed to get an email to Sam.
      All dispirited now.
      Fed-up! Grumph!

      • Maybe it’s a plot by Google to get you to change to Chrome OS. It’s puzzling and frustrating where digital stuff gives you problems.

    • Thank you, petal.
      Those few minutes while I thought the computer had been sorted, I was over the moon it was like I imagine a drug would affect me – Great!
      Then finding it is even worse now and too bothersome to try and use at times, I find me feeling saturnine, pessimistic and grouchy all at the same time as feeling sorry for myself.
      Will it ever get sorted?
      Can any old chap cope with all this hassle and disappointments?
      Is there no contentment to gleaned anymore?
      Am I doomed to depression?
      Are all politicians dishonest?
      Ignore the last question, my Angel, too easy a one to answer?
      Hahaha! XXX

      • That last one is easy, LOL. I feel your pain, when I had my computer problems several months back I was pretty defeated until I got a new one set up <3

  2. Thanks, gal.
    Duodenal Donald has started again this morning first thing. If I could get the computer sorted it wouldn’t be so bad. Tsk!
    I keep staying in, just in case Sam the computer man calls, so as not to miss the chance of getting things sorted out, but…
    Missing my hobbles and just noticed how low I was on medications, so will have to get out sometime soon to fetch the prescriptions. Wanted to have a look for a bubble-brolly too.
    At least the Trots have cleared up. Hehe!
    Taketh care pet. XXX

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