Inchcock Today – Monday 2nd October 2017

Monday 2nd October 2017

0210hrs: Woke, once again knowing I had been dreaming away, but no memories remained of them. Stomach rumbling and gurgling, a message, a warning of the battle between Trotsky Terence and Constipation Conrad of what is to come perhaps? A rectally located storm brewing!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, had a short Dizzy Dennis moment, into the kitchen, HC’s, brewed a mug of tea and took a photograph of the moon on the skyline.

Computer turned on, and this diary started. Porcelain Throne session demands answered. I think Trotsky Terence might be winning the battle today – messy! Back to the kitchen, medications taken along with a Senna capsule.

0300hrs: The by now gone cold, the mug of tea, was replaced with a fresh one, and I went on Excel and finalised last weeks Health Check for the nurse, tomorrow.

Back to yesterday’s post and updated then posted it off.

Checked the Emails, responded, WordPress reading and continued to pass the wind with the skills of an expert. Haha!

Got this in an Email from the Nottingham City Homes people?

Boy, how I’d love to take part – but, the old body will not let me consider it. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Haemorrhoid Harold, Hippy Hilda, Heel-Spurs Sandra, Hernia Harry, Craig Cramps, Hiatal Hernia Horis, Trotsky Terence, Reflux Roger, Bunion Boris, Overweight Oscar, High BP, Henrietta, Osteoarthritis Oscar, Tendonitis Tim. The Ticker and the Toothache, between them, would not like it if I did try to dance! Hehehe! Not complaining like, because Colin’s Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Crystal Deposition problem (Right knee only) has eased the last few weeks nicely. Hahaha!

Sister Jane supplied me with a photograph of her toe before her operation, that is due shortly.

It’s all that chasing after hubby Pete to clean up after him, you know! Hehe!

Hope it all goes well for her. I’d cross me fingers for her, but she’s already crossed her toes! Hehehe!

Went onto Facebooking then did the Emails and WordPress reading.

After another uncomfortable session on the porcelain throne, I tended to the ablutionalisational duties. I think the IRN level may be low, cause the multitude of tiny razor cuts did not bleed much, and congealed quickly.

Got the things ready and took the waste bags to the chute on the way out. Both lifts were working this morning, and I got the Number One, the Alien Blob host from a fortnight ago.

It was still there on the floor, and the lift was shaking more than ever too. Hence a bad picture of the Alien life-form. Hehe! My deduction being;

  1. The caretaker is related to the Aliens and does not want to harm their lifeform.
  2. The caretaker has not noticed the invasion and planting of the blob containing their species.
  3.  The caretaker has died, and no one has noticed?

Down and along to the bus stop on Chestnut Walk. A queue waiting for the bus, and much nattering and moaning took place.

Welsh Bill told me that the big thing in the centre of the buildings was used to press the pantagruelian hollow tubes into the ground, and the ready-made concrete lorries that arrive each weekday regularly, has the mix poured down these tubes.

As the bus neared the terminus, I took these shots through the window of a street beggar on Upper Parliament Street.

I think they get around the law by sitting with their dogs and begging bowls in the doorways of empty properties, because begging is barred, in the City Centre according to the Council. Anyway, this bloke got some cash and a twinkling-smile from this blonde Jaguar? Haha!

Down and through the Slab Square, and I caught a tram to the Asda (Walmart) store in Radford Road.

As we passed the Forest, the Goose Fair was being got ready for Thursday’s opening and the overcharging to start again this year.

I dropped off of the tram behind the Asda (Walmart) store.

Not many folks about at all as the tram pulled away.

I limped down the long steep steps into the shop.

Spend a long time wandering around, and ended up with one packet of sage & onion stuffing, four tins of curried beans (on offer). Three tins of Mackerel in BBQ sauce (7p a tin cheaper than Morrisons). Lemon Mousse, seafood sticks, Polish Frankfurters (Very nice!). Bread thins and some fresh smoked Basa fish. I’ve not seen this fish before and looked it up later “The basa fish (Pangasius bocourti) is a species of catfish in the family Pangasiidae. Basa is native to the Mekong and Chao Phraya basins in Indochina.” I hope it is nice, I bought it ’cause it looked like smoked Haddock, but was half the price?

The hassle began at the check-out. Not many tills working and it was busy, so I tried to use the ‘Self-Serve’ ones. Each time I scanned a tin off Mackerel and placed it in the bag on the right, a voice that I could not decypher rang out, with a message on the screen “We did not recognise the last item, please remove from bagging area and rescan the product.” This happened twice on the mackerel, and the stuffing. I asked a lady for help, and she tutted rather blatantly and whipped through pressing buttons on the machine and wandered off – I had to ask her three times and the gal was getting very annoyed with me. On the last occasion she actually spoke to me, well, more shouted at me, “You are putting the things in yer bag to quickly!” Made me look and feel a right fool!

When I finally got finished and paid, I checked the receipt and found it had overcharged me for a packet of stuffing and a tin of mackerel. Oh, dear! Bravely I approached the Obergruppenfureress assistant and mentioned this to her. The blunt reply I got was; “I can’t-do anything about that, you’ve to go to the customer service desk!” Gave me a superior sneer, curled her lips and off she poddled.

Then I joined the queue at the Customer Service desk. One gal all on her own and four in the line. Eventually, it got to my turn, and I explained everything to the lady. She checked the things in the bag against the receipt. Handed me a form to sign saying the refund was carried out to my satisfaction and gave me 85p. It was all a bit confusing for me. The trip to spend the £12 odd had taken me two hours plus in the shop. And the bag was heavy to carry. Hehe!

Out onto Radford Road and awaited the arrival of the tram.

The thing was cram packed with people, but I managed to get a seat.

Dropped off and walked down to the City Centre for a wander around, to kill time until the next L9 bus departure was due.

This Nottingham PAvement Cyclist (There were dozens of them mind) weaved speedily through the at-risk pedestrians. Git! He wasn’t even looking where he was going!

This gal sat eating was a change to look at, for many reasons.

Her green wig (Or is it died?) She was eating a packed lunch.

And, she was not on a mobile phone – How refreshing!

I caught the bus back to the apartments. Had a go at the crosswords en route.

Took this photo through the bus window of Clumber Street, not so busy today.

A lady tenant got on, and when we arrived and hobbled along to the flats had a chinwag.

Once inside, the Porcelain Throne was utilised. Messy again.

I felt totally drained suddenly.

Got the fodder sorted early. Baked beans with balsamic vinegar added, some of the Polish sausages and mashed potatoes with dried savoy cabbage salt and black pepper, and a lemon dessert.

After washing the pots and cleaning up, I was exhausted and could only settle in the recliner and spent hours and hours nodding off and waking up again!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 2nd October 2017

    • Bother! Hehehe!
      I can’t dance, but I did try in my youth. One night when I tried my best to jiggle it on the dancefloor, a young lady mentioned afterwards that “I reminded her of a buffalo with toothache and three legs trying to dance!” Something like that anyway, it might have been an elephant. Hehehe!
      XXX ♥

  1. You should go to the dance, stand in one place and lead the women to dance circles around you like the Chotis Madrileño: The blonde is what we might call a Cougar — technically older women who go after younger men. Love the green haired girl. Even her cups match, and if she’s wearing a green bra, the she has multiple matching cups. I think she dyed her hair, or “died” it as in killed it, depending on one’s point of view. Other girls might say “It’s to die for!” Excellent street photos all around. Good tooth friendly meal.

    • I think I might like the Chotis Madrileño, Tim. I did a lot of Cougarisationing in my younger days. Hehe!
      I’d not picked up on the green haired gals cups, certainly not the 34D cups! Hehe! If her bra was green and she died her thick bushy eyebrows… just a thought.
      Cheers Sir.

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