Inchcock Today – Monday 1st January 2018: Another day without any buses!

Monday 1st January 2018


0240hrs: The saturninity from yesterday had eased off, despite my realisation that I had not heard the alarms set to wake me at 2355hrs so I could take some photographs of the New Year fireworks to celebrate the coming of the new year. (Personally, I prefer to honour getting rid of the last year – the New Year holds only panic, agitation, trepidation and aggression, with more failures to follow. Of this I am sure. [EQ]). This not waking-up did annoy me, though.

I forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with what to me was draw-dropping ease and lack of pain. Apart from Hippy Hilda that is, but she is not going to get any better until after the operation. (If I live long enough to get to the top of the waiting list, of course, and survive the procedure. Hehe!) Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald were both calmish this morning.

I hobbled into the kitchen and opened the window wide, then stood looking for a few minutes at the amazingly beautiful Nativity-like view that presented itself to me outside.

The grey-cells went off on their own independent-of-the-brain wandering thought trails again… How many families there are out there now, pretending to be kind to each other, but only temporarily. The shoplifters and muggers already planning their next assault to build up their stocks of food, alcohol and drugs ready for them to celebrate Easter? The A&E staff will still be working through the night tending to the accident victims, drunks, druggies, mugged and bottled patients… Stores, shops and houses will be being burgled.  The lonely old and young, stuck in their flats, homesteads, caravans, sheds or doorways. Is their a God?; then my wild musings came to an end as I passed wind and had to rush to the Porcelain Throne as the rumbling innards came on in seconds.

Somehow I accomplished the task of getting there in time, but it was close! Oh, dearie me! Trotsky Terence has returned with a vengeance. A right mess to clean-up again.

Then I recognised that Little Inchy’s lesion was pouring out blood still. More painful medicationalisationing followed. Fingers crossed that the contents of the leaking tube of Daktacort will work this time

While in there, I used the Phorpain Gel Maximum Strength generously all over and around the Hippy Hilda area, and right bum.

Got a wash and freshened-up, and back to the kitchen – the cold one at that! I’d left the window open while I was utilising the Throne and sorting things out. Gawd, it was nippy in there.

Got the opening closed, the kettle on and did the Health Checks and took the medications. The cold made me more than shudder somewhat.

I searched for the Dia-Limit capsules, finding 1Mon04them in the first draw I looked in.

The Smug-mode adopted here, with a casual curl of the lips and a cocky smile.


Off to the computer and updated the last weeks Health Checks list. Was the pulse high? I’ll have a look at what the pulse reading should be for man (Talking loosely here!) of my tender age… Oh, no problem here then, I’m within range. That mechanical ticker is doing a good job still. Bless the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiac & Haematology Unit!

Got on with updating and finishing off the Saturday Post.

Then started this load of waffling off, up to here.

Then went on to the WordPress Reader. Not a lot published today yet, but it is the holidays.

Time to get the ablutions done now it is gone 0800hrs. Suddenly realised there had been no banging, drilling or knocking come from Herbert upstairs yet? Give him time, though.

I’m back, all clean and fresh smelling. Little Inchy had been leaking again, but not as bad as earlier, thankfully.

Now I’ve got day clothing on; I’ll sort the waste bins out and get them to the rubbish chute.

Not a soul in sight from the window. Took the computer out of sleep-mode and saw a reminder for the INR Blood Test tomorrow morning 0930hrs at the Doctors surgery. Must remember this.

I got the oven on and the potato in baking.

Went on Facebooking. Then set about making some templates for the upcoming diarys. Creating some top-graphics. Looking good being so far in front for once. I suppose not having any buses has its good points? Haha!

Back to the kitchen and got the spud out and bashed it up with tons of mature red cheddar. Then added some 35% balsamic vinegar and gave it a good further beating. I don’t know the difference between 20% and 35% balsamic vinegar, but it says on the lower one bottle, for cold food?


1Mon13Put the mixture back in the potato husks.

Forked the top to get a crispy topping when its all done. Then I got the dirties bits and pieces, chopping block, fork, spoon and little boning knife into a bowl of bleached washing up liquided hot water and set about washing them up – Guess what I caught my finger on? Hehe!


Put the things away. Then back to the computer while the fodder finished cooking to update this tosh.

1Mon16Back to the kitchen and got the plate all readied for the cheesy-potatoes to end baking. They were not ready, so I glanced at the TV magazine.

Herbert above started knocking about a bit, but for some reason, it didn’t bother me too much.

Got cheesy baked potatoes out of the oven, without any burns.

1Mon15It seemed that I had overdone the volume of the nosh, again.

Chicken thighs, garden peas, tomatoes, a lump of pork knuckle and the two halves of the delectable cheesy baked spud.

But, I gobbled it all up! And, no demand for the use of the Porcelain Throne arrived?

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The door chime rang out. It was Jenny, wanting to check on things ready for the old heaters to be blocked off and new heaters being put in. Kind of her, that was.

I was not in a good condition when she arrived, in the middle of a ‘Funny turn’, and Hippy Hilda gave me some bother while Jenny was here. I must have looked like a right old fart. Hope I remember everything she said.

After kind Jenny left, I popped into the wet room and liberally applied the pain-gel around the right hip and top of the leg. I think this actually helped calm Hilda down a tad later.

Got settled in the recliner and the TV going. Some great old stuff on the Moving Pictures channel.  I had on the headphones and still heard ‘Herberts’ banging about at times. Ah, that was it, this is what Jenny mentioned I think?

I soon nodded off and stayed asleep. Ah, nice!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 1st January 2018: Another day without any buses!

  1. You paint a pleasant picture of the new year with all the plotting of shoplifters, burglars, drunks and dysfunctional families. Nice series on the food prep. Great looking meal you gobbled up!

  2. I wonder if Herbert works on the floor or a table. If it’s a table it would be a good idea to put extra carpet bits under the table legs. I feel for you as I find other people’s noise very disturbing and anxiety causing 🌹

  3. I think the noisy antics of Herbert would make an excellent film script. No one knows what he’s doing up there. All that noise. Inquiring minds want to know! In the final revelation, Herbert has constructed a time machine and disappeared forever… Until the sequels!
    Happy New Year! Fortunately for us, all of our deplorables, pickpockets and child molesters are all located in government! LOL!

    • Herbert is currently all quite, sir. Fingers crossed. Mind you, if he is building a space shuttle to shoot off in, this is not so good. Haha!
      Your Governmental deplorable’s, pickpockets and child molesters have counterparts over here too. Historic offences being dug up all over the place. I wondered why there were so few more recent cases, then realised the investigators are the Government themselves? Got me thinking. Hehe!
      Concentration shot to pieces this morning.
      Have a good day Sir.

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