Inchcock Today – Wednesday 17th January 2018: Late Outbreak of Accifauxpa-itis!

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Armenian: Չորեքշաբթի 17 Հունվար 2018 թ

0230hrs: After another sleep-wake, sleep-wake horrible night in which I somehow found the time to have some nightmares, I gave up trying to rest and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the Porcelain Throne. Gawd it felt so cold this morning! As I slowly engaged with the reluctant brain, I felt the pain in my right index finger. It had swollen and was very tender. No idea what had happened, though.

The session confirmed that Trotsky Terence had returned for an extended stay I think. Messy and uncomfortable.

Off to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. When it came to taking the medications, a significant cock-up, come Whoopsiedangleplop was discovered. Last night, I’d imbibed the Midday medications in mistake for the evening ones. Got a little confused over this.


I could barely believe what the kitchen thermometer was indicating. It was on freezing? And I felt it too! Brr!

I recalled last nights phone call from the lovely sounding lady from the QMC Haematology & Anticoagulation Department. Shame it came when I had just nodded off. I hope I got the message clear enough. No Warfarin tonight, then back to two a night.

I tried to use the new system given me yesterday by Nurse Nichole to book the next appointment. After getting lost and in a muddle a few times I got registered on the network. But it said this would take a long time to be activated. This is not good, for I am as sure as Tony Blair has plutomania additions, I would forget to do it later. So I used the standard email route, which they told me not to use, once registered on the new system. But I’m not logged-in yet cause I have to await confirmation, and I am all confused now, and apologise for confusing you. Tsk!

Typing is exceptionally bothersome this morning, with the mystery swelling and pain in the index finger. On the bright side, only Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis are joining in the ailments daily ‘Let’s have a go at Inchcock’ sessions. Hehe!

0310hrs: Stopped doing this blog and went back to yesterday’s to complete that one. Doing this gave me an idea for a humorous ode. So I set about doing a graphic and then the poem.

0615hrs: All finished and posted now. The kitchen has warmed up a bit as I made yet another mug of tea. I realise now that I forgot to tell Nurse Nichole yesterday, about the thirst I have on me. Huh!

Went to WordPress comments. Time to get the ablutions done, to get ready for when my pal Mick… no, he prefers Mike arrives.

Has a nose-bleed, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding, the tongue the same now and then. All I expect, due to the high Warfarin level.

Mick arrived, bearing gifts. A fantastic chinwagging session took place. I learned more about his escapes. A couple of hours spent that I appreciated and enjoyed. Cheers, Mick… Mick!

I was feeling a bit tired after my mate departed, and not of much use in the practical stakes.

I got the nosh ready.

Three small Pork knuckle sandwiches, sliced apple, potato chips, pork pie with the crust removed, tomatoes and beetroots. 9.1/10 rated.

As soon as I had gobbled it up, I fell asleep and had a dream.Again, I was being chased all over an abandoned or bombed out office block, through corridors, offices, stairwells, I was wearing yellow wellingtons and wanted to stop to take them off so I could run faster, but could not find anywhere to hide to do this? It felt at the time to have lasted for days, in reality, a few seconds. For the door chimes rang out and woke me up, seconds after I’d nodded off.

I still had the food tray on my knee, no spillages from the food-tray whatsoever, the yoghourt, which had the lid removed but not eaten earlier, was fortunate, it had turned green!

I made my way to the door. It was a chap came to see the kitchen radiator, and it’s being fitted too close to the cupboard and drawer. After he wondered why I could not make do with. By lifting the drawer and dragging it on the top of the radiator and taking the paint off of it with the metal runners underneath the drawer to open it. He said he would return in a couple of weeks and move the radiator, which will involve leaving holes in the floor tiles. I was still half asleep at this time, so I hope that the facts as mentioned earlier are right. A nice chap.

I got back down in the recliner, but could not get back to sleep. As I lay there, the grey-cells wondered off on their own independent course, until the Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker activated. Humph! This meant I had no option but to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner again and to investigate. By doing all the usual checks; Find and put in the hearing aids. Go to the front door, touch the handle with the back of my hand to test for any heat, unlock it and listen for any alarm activations. Go to the kitchen and stick my head out and look down to see if any emergency vehicles had arrived, then wipe the counters and ledge and take off the now rain-soaked dressing gown (Tsk) – Rearrange and retrieve items blown over by the near gale-force winds that carried the rain into the flat. I found nothing untoward. Swore a bit, and return to the recliner.

This time I did nod-off quickly. Then the noise of the howling winds woke me up. Horrendous winds, made worse by the frames, scaffolding and holes in the wall outside I expect. So, I decided to make a mug of tea, fought my way out of the recliner again and to the kitchen.

Made a brew in the medium-sized China mug, and turned to carry it to the Ottoman, and Hippy Hilda gave-way painfully. I no longer have a medium sized China mug. Well, I do, but it is in hundreds of little pieces and has been deposited in the waste bin. Bending down to clean the kitchen floor started off Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, and I cut my knee bending down, on a bit of broken porcelain. Beautiful that, just what I needed!

The winds had got a lot worse, too much for me to get back to any sleeping. I felt so sorry for the other tenants up here, who had good hearing, it must be terrible for them. I sat there thinking of all sorts of things for a while and decided I might as well get up and on the computer to update this diary. As I was getting up, I felt the spectacles breaking under my hand I was using as support… I wanted to cry. Hehehe!

3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 17th January 2018: Late Outbreak of Accifauxpa-itis!

  1. Normally the confirmations are emails with a link you have to click on to complete the registration. Check your spam filter as a lot of confirmations I get go to spam. The temperature was 7º F (-13.89º C) when I got up this morning. The daytime temps have not gotten much above freezing around here for the last couple of days — full sun and freezing temps. You have been having a real string of whoopsies and fauxpas — I hate it when that happens. Between the cold temps and raising 24 feet of desktops to standing height at the office on Monday, my back is out of sorts. I’ve been half hobbling around like an old codger. But then maybe it’s just the hobbling around that’s different. By all intents and purposes I am an old codger.

    • I’ll take a look in the Spam later, thanks Sir.
      Your current period of ‘OldCodgerishness’ will stand you in good stead for later years, and you will cope better when they eventually become permanent. Sorry to thar about the back trouble. Of all the ailments I have, the back pains get to me when othrs don’t. If you know what I mean.
      I wish you all the bestest Sir.

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