Inchcock Today – Thursday 28th June 2018: Missed social hour, blood test, unexpected welcome visitor and minimal Whoopsiedangleplops – Decent day!


Thursday 28th June 2018

דאָנערשטיק 28 יוני 2018 Yiddish

4Thu020215hrs: Burst into life… Well, I woke-up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner, dressed, had a wee-wee and got the laundry collated.

Down and got the washing on the go, and took this photo outside the foyer doors.

I noticed some birds flying around amongst the trees opposite. Dark coloured, would they be crows after mice etc. do you think?

4Thu01Back up to the apartment. Took this shot as I entered the kitchen. Moddy one, I think. A lot of lights on for this time in a morning. 0330hrs

Made a brew of Assam tea. A slightly malty flavour this tea has, pleasant to drink when I first get up and about.

I got the things ready and did the morning health checks.

The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.


4Thu04All the readings were comparable to those from yesterday’s first Health Checks.

I’ve no idea why I got the Germoloid tube out of the medical drawer. I usually keep it where I apply it, in the wet room?

Made a start at sorting the photographs taken, ready to do the Wednesday blog.

4Thu06Didn’t get far into the job, and it was time to go down to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

Got the clothes into the machine and someone had not cleaned-out the filter. I went in the drawer where the toothbrush is usually stored, ready for us to use to do the job of removing the fluff from the wire mesh filter, and the brush was not there. So, I used my fingers.

4Thu09Whoosie3W01A Which proved to be an injudicious thing to do. Cause the wire mesh had bits sticking out, and I clumsily caught a sharp bit down the inside of my fingernail.

What a Shlemiel!

Got the dryer going and out to the lift foyer to go back to the flat.

4Thu03Waiting for the arrival of the lift, I espied that a new notice was on the board, from Jenny.

Day Trip to Skegness, door to door travel they said.

The last time I went to Skegness, was when I came out from the heart operation. Brother-in-law Pete and I went, his treat! I put my name on the list. I wonder if he and Jane would be interested in going?

I just hope the strangulation operation date will not clash, and the other ailments will allow me to enjoy this day out? A bit risky I know, with the fungal lesion if it starts bleeding, but I really would like to go.

Back up to the apartment and continued with the Wednesday diary updating, and got it finished and posted off.

4Thu070430hrs: Down to collect the laundry.

Got the stuff out and folded. So you note the mystery in this photo? Yes, the odd-sock!

The abstruseness and inscrutableness of how this happens so often were eased a tad when I realised it happens to so many other folks as well. Tsk!

But why should it be the one pair of expensive socks with the slip-proof soles that have to go missing, and not one of the cheap ones? Very discombobulating. Humph!


By the time I’d got back up to the flat, the morning had brightened up. Still warm, so I stripped off.

I got the clothing stored away and made a fresh brew of tea.

I made a start on creating this diary.

0650hrs: I remembered the Morrison order is coming between 0700 > 0800hrs. So I got some clothes on, don’t want to scare the driver. My blubbery rhinoceros with two-legs torso is enough to scare anyone. Hehe!

I got the nibbles for the nurse in the bag, made sure the Thrombosis record card was in the jacket pocket and passed an unexpected ginormous blast of wind from the rear end.

The Morrison delivery arrived. Noises from the flat above as the driver came. Clunk and thud sounds. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling off from the Nottingham City Homes for complaining about the noise. As the Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. You’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home because the man is so well in with the Nottingham City Homes Management. He seems to be well off and connected methinks.


0750hrs: Returned the bags from the last delivery and thanked the gentleman.

I got the things checked and stored away. Fridge now fuller than ever.

Straight into the wet room and did the ablutions. By Jimminee, the water was hot this morning.

4Thu11All freshened up and dressed, got the bag with the nibbles, crossword book, umbrella, collapsible walking stick (which I found out later, had gone missing, fancy that!), hearing aid batteries and an extra pack of codeine in it.

I set out, down and along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-4Thu12break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery to be stolen from, and residents hut.

Heavy traffic this sunny Thursday.

Jenny and a resident were in situ. Willmott Dixon’s Del-Boy was in there making a brew. I had a chinwag with the gal.

I could not hand over the sourdough bread for the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens. Jenny told me they were both on holiday. She put it in the freezer so they could use it later.

Stopped for a natter with some residents at the 4Thu13bus stop as I made my way on the walk to the surgery. I had a gossip with some tenants on the road as I left.

As I turned right onto Winchester Street Hill, (going down it, I’m pleased to say, Haha!) the view between on the corner between the trees and bushed, was particularly impressive, I thought. So I took this picture.

4Thu13aI walked on down the hill onto Mansfield Road, and down the slope towards Carrington.

Where, this Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was making a nuisance of himself, in his pursuit of scaring the pedestrians.

I was in plenty of time, bags of it. So no need to rush to the doctors.

4Thu14As I got to the steep bit of the hill, just before the crest, I passed the particularly singular and attractive row of houses on the other side of the roadway. A touch of Fothergill Watsonism here, methinks.

Onward up and over the hilltop, taking my time and enjoying the weather, so much so, I forgot to wear my hat this morning. I’ll suffer later. Tsk!

I got in the surgery and reported to the Oberleutnantess receptionist. Who offered me a slant-eyed expression that said: “Oh, him again!”

I got seated and fumbled to get the crossword book out of the bag. Seconds later I was so pleased to see Nurse Nichole summoning me towards her. She was very busy and had taken the opportunity to get me seen to between other patients. Bless her cotton-socks! ♥

She soon got me done and managed a tiny titillating chinwag at the same time. I gave her her chocolates in thanks and was off in no time. Dropping some nibbles for the other staff on the way out.

4Thu15I walked down through Carrington to the Lidl store. Where yet another Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, threatened again.

I arrived at the self-service tills with some nibbles for the Social Hour, Crispy onions, jelly babies, mature cheddar cheese, Sliced gherkins, and a pack of mini sausages by mistake. I’d meant to select the Cumberland mini sausages but ended up with Hot & Spicy ones. Eugh! Humph!

Out and caught a bus back to Sherwood. I got knocked about so much I thought I’d be bound to get some new bruises. Such was the jerkiness of the drivers operating of the bus.

4Thu16Got off in Sherwood and visited a couple of the Charity Shops in search of a replacement for the mugs I had broken last week. But I was unsonsy, not that I expected anything else.

Made my way to the bus stop to catch the L9. No other tenants were about at the time.

As I got off of the bus, I had a few words and laughed with those residents who were waiting for the next bus to arrive.

I proceeded in a Northerly direction back to the apartment. Met with two other occupants and we did a little mutual moaning. Hehe!

Got in the hot, noisy flat, and put the ice-cream in the freezer and other stuff away.

The chaps were nearby on their hoist drilling away again. But, not as bad as it has been.



4Thu18As I got the fodder prepared and checked the crock-pot, the hoist went down. I took this picture above, blind through the window. You can see the lads below.

The bottom field was looking a lot paler now. The sun has done its damage. We can do with some rain, now.

I did the Health Checks and took the medications.

4Thu21I got on with updating this diary.

I went to make sure I’d locked the door and found a letter on the floor. It was from SpecSavers trying to get me to spend more money with them. I made up an email explaining just what I think of their attitude, service, and customer visual and verbal molestation stances. Those hearing aids certainly made a difference to me. The batteries run out after four hours. The screeching is constant, and superior attitude shown by your sales staff. This service leaves me with the inclination not to revisit your store. I bet you I don’t get a reply! Haha!

4Thu20Getting tired now.

I tore off the retaining plaster from the arm. It looked good this time, no welts, bruising or bleeding at all.

It’s that Nurse Nichole I can thank for this. XXX

The intercom rang out. It was my old mate Michael, bearing gifts (PPs) for me. Weary as I felt, I was so pleased to have a chance for a jolly-good natter. I fear it was me who did most of the talking. Klutz!

I carried on with the updating process, then got the meal served up.

4Thu20The mini veggie sausages were not a nice as I expected, but everything else was spot-on, first class, delightful!

I risked a mug of orange juice, but had the weaker brand to avoid any tummy upsets, as advised. Still, a decent 9.2/10 taste rating, though.

Took me ages to get the pots washed, with all the mess I’d made with the ingredients and cooking.

The England match does not need any comments from me. Farcical times in the World Cup. I turned off the telly after a few minutes.

Watched some TV and feeling elated at Michaels visit, uptight about missing the Social Hour and dismay at the football.

I drifted off into what turned out to be a marathon sleep, for me.

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  1. Yeah for Nurse Nichole! She takes good care of you. Great set up and shot of the delivery from Morrison’s. Wonderful set of shots from the street and a great looking dinner.

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