Inchcock – Sat 6th October 2018: Indoors day – Some Graphics were done – Late Memory Blanks… Going bonkers I think?


Saturday 6th October 2018

Finnish: Lauantaina 6 Lokakuuta 2018

0130hrs: Yet again, I wake up feeling a different person. ([Chance would be a fine thing], I said that wrongly, sorry), I meant, Yet again, I woke up feeling ‘Like’ a different person. Hehe!

Only the worrying bleeding from the Fungal lesion bothered me, all my other ailments appeared to be taking a holiday. I’m delighted to say!

As I lay there amidst some suspicious looking empty nibble pots around my bulbous body balancing atop the £300 second-hand recliner, absorbing this good news: my innards summoned me to the Porcelain Throne. Out of the recliner, no toe stubbing, no dizzies or shakes (Looking good healthwise today), and I had one of the best Porcelain Throne session I’ve had for days now. *No bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids either!

Washed and tended to the Health Checks. With further encouraging signs in the results (I began to wonder if I was still asleep and dreaming, such good fortune for me? Haha!). With all this luck, maybe I might win the lottery and become one of the nouveau-riche? Oh, no, I don’t do the lottery… perhaps I should? Hehe!


6Sat02Just look at this morning’s results folks. Sys, Dia, Pulse, temp and weight all down from yesterdays higher readings!

Even the sphygmomanometer worked the first time!

Can this last, I thought?

I got on with updating the Friday blog and got it sent off.

Made a start on this post, but I got distracted into adding some more words to the personal dictionary. An hour or so later, I went to make a mug of tea and take the medications.

WDP A Lilliputian release of wind from the rear end – and I had to make a dash to the Porcelain Throne again! I was delighted that I was in the kitchen at this time, for I was but a few paces from the wet room door.

♫ Just in time, I got there, just in time
My get-there time was running low
Blood was lost, the PPs had to be tossed… ♫

Had I had to go any further, I’m sure I would not have made it in time! So much for my improvement with the luck department! That didn’t last long, although I don’t know, nearly four hours without any Accifauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops ain’t too bad. I think my EQ knew all along that the unnatural absence of Accifauxpas would not last… it never does.

The pay-back time now. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were stinging and pouring blood, and Little Inchies Fungal lesion was in a messy sanguineous state.

Medications applied (Germoloid and Daktacort), change of PPs, and I had a wash and a cleanup.

Feeling like another person again now. My usual Schlimazel variety!

As I was leaving the wet room, I spotted a few dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle carcases on the floor. This prompted me to get the spray and ‘do’ each room in the flat. There more dead bodies in every place, I collected them as I went around into a pot come coffin.

6Sat06WDP Unbelievable, picking up very last of the beasts from the kitchen floor, and the painful lower-back electric-like stabbing pains returned!

I got the brew and took some extra painkillers, which is the last thing I wanted to do, I’d been trying to reduce the Codeine Phosphate intake because of all the falling asleep I’m doing.

6Sat03And, will the bleeding interfere with the planned Haemorrhoidectomy Strangulation procedure?

I am not in a good mood now, especially compared to how I woke up feeling so good. Pessimistic, disaster-prone, hexed, cursed, jinxed, voodooed, luckless… Yes! The poor old thing, Haha!

6Sat05I took some a photos from the kitchen window of down on Chestnut Way in the rain.

A bit nippy when I opened the window to take these shots.

I set about finishing the funny graphics I’d done of some of the Willmott Dixon lads, and posted them to Facebook, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope they get a laugh from them.

I got some photographs on my Pinterest site. Then some onto my Facebook Albums.

Started today’s diary going again, up to here. Then went on the WordPress Reader section, had a perusal of others efforts on WordPress. I’ve not heard anything from Tim Price lately. I pray all is okay, medically speaking. Could be technical or holidaying has delayed his content.

Then back to TFZer Facebooking. Made a graphic from the Goose Fair photo of the scary Spooky Tower Haunted House thing. TFZer creator Sandie in her Halloween outfit. Haha!


I posted it to the TFZer site. Then did a post about the latest Political Humour Graphics wot I dun! Hehe!

I made a Christmas order for the 20th December to Morrisons. Then got the meal prepared, did the Health Checks while waiting for the sliced potatoes to cook.

5Fri34I remember eating this meal and thinking it was a much better effort than of late.

What happened afterwards is a total mystery to me, as I nodded off repeatedly, waking and seeing the TV was on, then drifted off again and repeated this many times.

I woke with a start at 0025hrs, full of fears and trepidation. The lower back pain twinging, and Inchies lesion flowing copiously. The stomach grinding. I must have had a memory blank period methinks.

Ah, well, I thought and got up.

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