Inchcock – Sunday 7th October 2018: TFZer Graphicalisationing most of the day – then fell asleep too easily. Hehehe!


Sunday 7th October 2018

Latvian: Svētdiena, 2018 Gada 7 Oktobris

0025hrs: I stirred, full of fears and trepidation. Amidst a pile of nocturnal-nibbling residue all around me. An empty cheese curl bag, and an empty biscuit pot, not to mention the mystery looking-like cheese cracker crumbs laying on my tumid bulging stomach.

Guilt and blameworthiness abounded around in my mind. A contrite mode was adopted. I must have had a blank period methinks.

W0.0.128 Ah, well, I thought I’ll get up… which proved to be a painful task this morning. The electric-shock-like pains from the lower back (I’ll have to give this ailment a name like the others), started as soon as I moved my short, stumpy but flabby torso, were terrible. And, I could sense the warm wet feeling from the Fungal Lesion down below.

Not a good start to the day, Humph! Off to the wet room for a medicalisationing session. Inchies lesion was by far the worst, most difficult and most painful application of the Daktacort I’ve ever known. It took a while to stem the bleeding too. I rubbed in some of the pain gel into the back. Changed the PP’s and washed. A most embarrassing situation. Times like this I’m glad I live alone.

By the time I’d got in the kitchen, the stabbing pains in the back seemed to be becoming less frequent, and this alone cheered me up a bit.

I got the Health Checks completed. The sphygmomanometer even worked first time again.


The readings were all higher than yesterday morning. The earlier ailment bother might have affected them, I think. I made a brew and took the medications.

The alimentary canal and bowels indicated the need for me to utilise the Porcelain Throne. So, back to the wet room, I trudged.

I carried out the evacuation with relative ease, Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding just a smidge. The fungal lesion had suffered bleeding a lot in the short time since I adorned the new PP’s, and they had to be changed again. I cleaned up again and returned to the kitchen.

Where I got the new can of the ‘Raid’ ant & cockroach killer spray and carried out an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol in each room. I can report that only one live adult weevil was spotted, captured and executed. Plus, I found just about ten or twelve baby weevils, all dead. I sprayed in the usual areas all the same.

Got the computer going, and finished doing the Saturday Diary and posted it off. Then went on to the WordPress Reader section.

The tummy started rumbling a little. A possible second trip to the Porcelain Throne on the way perhaps?

I titivated around the £300 second-hand recliner area. Removing the signs of guilt from the zone.

Then went on TFZer Facebooking for an hour or two.

Made another mug of tea, and went on CorelDrawing to make TFZer graphics.

Four hours later, I’d got the fun TFZer graphics finished ready to post them off.

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Made another brew and had some biscuits with the tea.

The legs felt like they were filing up with fluid suddenly?

Did the Health Checks.

Sat down and had a mug of tea with some biscuits and an apple.

W0.0.128 Fell asleep. Woke at 0925hrs… man hours later!

Got the ablutions and medicalisationing done. This took me well over an hour. Mostly due to the carefullness of my applicating the Clobavate, Anusol and Phorpain gel. Hehehe!





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