Inchcock – Sunday 14th October 2018: Woke with determination to get things done… well, I got a mini-hobble and some chinwags in. Hehe!


Sunday 14th October 2018

Latin: 14 die Octobris MMXVIII

0025hrs: Woke, feeling a lot less wretched than I did earlier, determined to get some sorting and cleaning done. I swore that from now on, each day I would do a bit of sorting and or cleaning of the flat. Even if only a little, that way I might get it back to being presentable. Although of course, with so much more destructive and dirtying upgrading to take place yet. Plumbers, electricians for the Fire Sprinklers installation, etc.?

The indefiniteness and indeterminateness of my precipitately made plan of action were plainly more like hopefulness than probabilities.

With unexpected manoeuvrability, I detached my overweight, short blubbery body from the £300 second-hand recliner without any Accifauxpas. My determination to get some sorting out done later immediately grew stronger.

7Sun02I did nothing else but make a start on sorting some of the kitchen drawers out, ridding them of out of date and unwanted contents. An hour or so later, I had to stop, I was feeling a bit shaky now.

I’d made up five small bags to go to the chute later on after 0800hrs.

7Sun03Next task tackled, was sorting out the next week’s medicine pots.

WD0.51.102 Then, I carried out an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol. Only three lives ones found, and they were in the spare room. The ‘Raid’ spraying last night had nobbled plenty of the invaders. Twenty or so dead Weevil bodies in the wet 7Sun07room. The same amount roughly in the spare room and around thirty carcases in the kitchen. Two of the black LadyBugs as well, they were well alive. I shall not collect them up yet though, I’ll leave it until much later when I can use the hoover to vacuum them up without the noise bothering any neighbours.

Then, I did the Health Checks. All results were even higher this morning. Took the medications and made a brew of Assam tea.


I must get out for a decent hobble or two this coming week!

On the computer, and finished off the Saturday post. Sent it off to WordPress. Then went on the WP Reader. Just finished this, and a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

The evacuation was preternatural compared to those over the last few days. Far less liquidified, pongy and messy! Blimey, something’s gone well – Careful Inchcock! Steady boy! Hehe!

I got another can of the Rentokil Bug Killer and had another additional spray around.

7Sun07aWent to make another brew of tea, and took this photograph down out of the unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window.

WD0.51.102 The wind had dropped a bit from last night, but I still managed to bang my elbow on the frame as the window swung too. Tsk!

The rain was falling, but I was determined not to let this stop me going out for a little hobble.

7Sun11 I tended to the aglutions… ablutions.

Have you noticed how close the B and G are on the keyboard? Haha!

WD0.51.102 Teeth-cleaning, shaving done, I was just about to get under the shower when I noticed my ‘Popeye’ lower legs had gone uneven again. The left one must have a lot more fluid retention in it, than the right one?

I enjoyed the shower, not the medicating that needed doing afterwards, though. With gritted teeth and the odd Argh, Ouch, and Oower, I completed the treating of Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Little Inchies Lesion.

Despite the rain, mist and winds outside, I thought the view was deserving of a panoramic photographing. Bootiful!


I put the recycling jars in the bag. Made-up a white bag of recyclables to go with me on the way out, and took the bin bags to the chute as I left the flat.

7Sun12I got down to the entrance foyer and found Mo sat there. We had a natter and a laugh, I slipped her some nibbles and offered my farewells as I went out to deposit my food jars in the green bin with the other tenants Gin, Vodka, Absynthe, Sherry, Brandy, Beer, Lager, Bourbon and Rum bottles already in there.

7Sun13I even noticed a Moët & Chandon Champagne bottle in the bin. Not that I am jealous, of course. Hehehe!

I had to do a bit of ‘Puddle-Avoiding’ along Chestnut Walk.

Not a neighbour or soul in sight out there, as I huddled under the umbrella as the rain came 7Sun14down even more forcibly.

The dysphoria of yesterday might not have been replaced with jubilation and confidence, but it was fading. But a sceptical expectation of better things to come had arrived, for no reason. This meant a much more contented old chap was hobbling along in the rain beneath his black mini-gamp.

This is the short hobble route taken: I got to end of Chestnut Walk and set off down Winchester Street.


7Sun15Despite the rain, the walk downhill was an enjoyable one.

Mainly, due to the amazingly piquant aroma of the petrichor, and the lack of traffic and people.

It seemed so quiet, too. Yes, I did have my hearing aids in. Hehe!

Here’s picture slideshow of my short time in Sherwood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I carried on up and over the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park and the flats.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not much if a hobble, I know, but it was raining all the time.

I got back in the block, and Mo and two other ladies were there. A quick natter and I had to make my way up to the WC for a wee-wee. Which, I did.

I was preparing the nosh items when the landline burst forth with its tone. It was Brother-in-Law Pete, but I had to ask him to hold on a minute please, as I was not confident that I had not left lights on the stove. He’d gone when I got back, but he recalled a few moments later. We had a chinwag about this, that and the other, Hehe!

I hope to visit them on Wednesday after the hospital visit. I got their permission. Haha!

I got onto updating this diary.

Then went on TFZer Facebooking.

7Sun26Got the meal prepared. Cheesy mashed potatoes, using extra strong cheddar, gherkin slices, tomatoes, marrowfat peas, smoked herring fillets in tomato & veg sauce.

This time I ate it all up, and nibbled only the lemon mousse and three jelly babies afterwards.

As  I sat there pondering on the day and what to try to watch on the box… I drifted off… Ah!


2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Sunday 14th October 2018: Woke with determination to get things done… well, I got a mini-hobble and some chinwags in. Hehe!

  1. You bad photo “Up the Footpath” is really quite fantastic. The movement gives it a real painterly feel. The mummy in the window is a fine catch also. That was quick a circuit, but it resulted in a lot of really nice photos. That’s a well arranged dinner that you made disappear.

    • I thank you, Sir.
      I played around with the dummy photo (not very well, but I tried) and added my face under the bandages. I’ll use it as a funny Inchcock Today top graphic later, I think.
      Lovely simple food to make, and boy, I enjoyed it.
      TTFNski, Tim.

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