Inchcock – Tue 4th Dec 2018: Long busy day, hectic almost. But things went from lousy to good today for a change. Yahoo!



Tuesday 4th December 2018

Sudanese: Salasa 4 Désémber 2018

0345hrs: Woke, full of dreading over my answering the door to a lovely resident lady who had brought me a home-made Chilli, bless her, yesterday; and without my trousers on. I feel humiliated and embarrassed, still.

I extracted my overweight body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off for an SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee). Only three dead EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) found in the wet room. I may, just be winning the battle now? Or they have migrated elsewhere?

1Mon06 Got the Health Checks done. Results are creeping up again. Likely due to my embarrassment yesterday.


Got the nibbles in the bag for the nurse and receptions staff when I go for my early morning Warfarin blood test.

The computer on and updated the Monday post and got it sent off.

Went on the WP Reader section. Then made a start on this blog.

After half an hour or so, the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrives, so, off to the wet room. A much easier evacuation today.

Updated the Facebook photo albums next, and go on the TFZer site.

Made a start on the page top header graphics, but only had a short time, as I had to get the ablutions tended to, so I can get to the doctors for the odd appointment-time of 07:12 hrs.

2Tue05All done, I gathered the nibbles, made up bags of rubbish to take out with the bag of recyclables. To early to use the chute cause of the noise it makes. Got wrapped up well and set off down.

In the lobby downstairs, the scaffolding and covering were now all gone. I think the workers may have been removing dangerous stuff, asbestos maybe, but I’m 2Tue06not sure. The workers might have made access for the sprinkler system and or alarm system?

By Jiminee it was nippy out there this morning.

I had to take care on the slippy road and pavement as I made my way along to and right down Winchester Street.

2Tue08aI still managed to almost slip over on the grass on the corner. Schlemiel! 

It felt a little eerie as I plodded down the road in the mist and patches of ice, with little traffic and two pavement cyclists on the other side of the road.

I got to the bottom and turned right along Mansfield Road.

2Tue09The new restaurant ‘The Pudding PAntry’ come bar over on the opposite side, seemed to me to look very American? Nowt wrong with that mind.

I wondered how long it would be before the poor owners went bankrupt and closed down, like so many before they had?

Another closed-down retail takeaway and eat-in food unit a little 2Tue10further on down the road, on my side, looked a pitiable sight, indeed. Whoever owned it kept it nice and clean and attractive, I didn’t think that their prices were too high. Still, they went out of business.

I checked my new second-hand watch, it was 0635hrs, so I had plenty of time to get to the Sherrington Park MEdical Practise on time, so I slowed up, and nosied around on my hobble up 2Tue10athe hill. There so many pavement cyclists about, I didn’t bother to picture them with my camera.

1Mon06 One cyclist caught my eye, even though he was on the roadway. It doesn’t show up well on the photo, but he was wobbling about precariously. But the thing was, he had on dark clothing and no lights at all. Just a reflector, with was one for the front not back!

2Tue11The bus driver was patiently keeping behind him until the cyclist began to totter a lot more, the driver gave him a little pap on his horn. So the cyclist just road onto the pavement. Tsk!

Down the hill, I noticed the partial moon had a planet or something, seemed to be shadowing the moon? Whatever it was, appeared to be rectangular in shape? Ah-well!

I arrived too early for the appointment at the surgery. So I walked into the outer entrance and sat down with the crossword book. I went through the clues I had not managed to get on the previous ten puzzles or so. I got one of them. Thick? Me? Yes!

The receptionist came and unlocked the inner door, and I entered. Greeting the woman with an as cheerier smile as I could muster; because the gal looked a little stressed to me. Nice woman. We chatted a bit, then  I took my seat, and tried to do some crosswords again. I got just one more answer. Tsk!

My heart was warmed when it was Nurse Nichole that called me later. A quick nattering session was enabled, due to the haemoglobin not wanting to stop flowing after she took the blood sample. Nichole’s Weevil problem was seeming to relent a little for her. She also noticed the rectangular shape of whatever was next to the moon in the sky, on her way to work earlier. I gave her her Christmas present and some nibbles, and left a bag for the office girls and out into the still nippy, but dry weather.

2Tue11aThe traffic had increased as it neared the rush-hour.

1Mon06 By the time I had got to Mapperley Hall Drive, just a few hundred yards away, no less than four Pavement Cyclist has shot by me at high-speed and close proximity. Grrr! I seriously considered pushing the next one 2Tue11cinto the traffic, but calmed down seconds later, and called myself a few names in retribution for my thoughts.

Over the hill and I plodded down into Sherwood. I took this ‘Moody’ photo of the oncoming traffic, from as far as the eye could see.

1Mon06 Another Nottinghamian, perhaps even a Sherwoodian Pavement Cyclist came close as he belted up the hill on the footpath. He’d was a big strong lad, he must have been to be going uphill at such speed. So, I said nowt’ to him! Lily-livered coward that I am!

I called in the Continental Food Store and came out with a large tomato, some expensive but jolly-nice continental bread, pickled peas and mushrooms, a croissant for Cyndy and some orange flavoured chocolate wafers for Jenny and Frank. Ten-pound less well of after paying up, I left and up the road.

I turned right and up the Winchester Street hill. At the bottom near the car park, this horrible, nasty, uncaring, ignorant excuse for a human being with boils, I wouldn’t wonder, if a Pavement Cyclist was as close to hitting me as was possible without hitting me. He’s been free-wheeling down the footpath on the incline!

2Tue12 But this discourteous, disrespectful, ill-bred, ill-mannered, impertinent, impolite, rude, inconsiderate, thoughtless, uncivil, insolent, antisocial, shameless, contemptible, deplorable, despicable, abhorrent, swinish, ungracious, rat-finkling, boil on humanity, intimidatory ruffian, badass bully, abhorrent-arse, plebian, dangerous, vindictive, threatening, obnoxious, pestilent, crutch-rubbing, tatterdemalion tit-head of low-life crap, didn’t bother me! Much!

2Tue12aBy the time I’d struggled up the hill, with I’d like to add, no bother from Anne Gyner or Arthur Itis, just the poor old bent ankle and right hallux pains; the sun was fighting its way through.

It shone on my beloved Woodthorpe Court making it even more appealing to me. The other reason that enticed me was the wet room that was waiting on the twelfth floor, for me to pass an SSWW! Hehe! Which I did as soon as I got inside.

Did the Health Checks and tool the midday medications a little early, but still.

2Tue12bI got the fodder put away. I didn’t need any today anyway, apart from the bread to go with the Chilli that Penny had made for me.

I transferred the beef chilli from Penny’s [pot to a saucepan. Washed it and wrapped it in a kitchen towel. Got the sweet lady’s Christmas presents and nibbles and went to her flat. Luckily she was in. I mentioned last evenings visit when she kindly brought me the meal, and she saw nothing untowards. Boy, was I relieved!

Thanked here and back to the flat… 1Mon06!!! About a mile I’d guess, from the flat, there was a massive load of smoke in the distance. I clicked away with the camera. The smoke kept going one way and then the other in the changing wind. After a while I saw the blue lights beyond the trees nearby to the, I assumed, fire?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Made a start on updating this blog.

I got to see one of the photos on the web! The Nottingham Evening Post used one.

Nottingham Post online

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We received a call reporting smoke in the area at 8.49am.

“This turned out to be a rubbish fire in the garden of a vacant property on Burlington Road, Sherwood.


“One fire crew from Arnold attended and used one hose reel to extinguish the fire. The incident had been dealt with by 9.26am.”

2Tue15bWhen I got on WordPress, I was surprised to wee (really apt typing error there, Haha!) I meant, to see how many locations had viewed my Monday Post?

The UK, US, Australia and Canada usually. Today I got Switzerland 2, India, Spain and Brazil.

Great… I think?

I went on Facebook to update with the new photographicalisations from today on the albums.

Getting late for me now, I could sense the usual afternoon confusions coming on.

2Tue15cHealth Checks and nosh prepared.

The beef chilli went down superbly with some of the continental bread. Thanks, Jenny. ♥

Tummy all full and warm now.

I put on the Tremors 5 DVD, and after several nod-offs, I gave up trying to watch it. Zzzz!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Tue 4th Dec 2018: Long busy day, hectic almost. But things went from lousy to good today for a change. Yahoo!

  1. You got out early and got a lot of really nice pre-dawn photos. The moon and Venus are pretty close right now, and they looked pretty much the same in our pre-dawn sky this morning. It’s really nice you got to see Nurse Nichole. The photos of the smoke from the fire are really fantastic. I can see why the Nottingham Post published one of them. Your fire department was quick dealing with it. Nice to have Chilli after a chilly amble in the wee hours of the morning.

    • Now that’s interesting about the moon and Venus, Tim. I’ll try to remember to tell Jenny and the others at the Social tomorrow. That is if I get back from the dang money-grabbing antisocial dentist, in time. Hehehe!
      Does me good getting Nurse Nichole, there’s no doubt about it.
      The Fire Service say there no longer going to respond to automatic fire-alarms anymore, until a telephone call comes in. That could be interesting, cause we (many of us) don’t know there is a fire until we see the brigade arrive?
      Penny’s chilli went down perfect!
      I’ve just got back from another walk in the rain… but I got the bus back!
      The toe and ankle are nasty now, but partly my own fault for stubbing the toe again this morning! Humph!
      TTFN, Sir.

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