Inchcock – Mon 3 Dec 2018: Got a long hobble in, got soaking wet doing it! Nottingham Photos. Mega Whoopsiedangleplop late on.



Monday 3rd December 2018

Spanish: Lunes 3 de Diciembre de 2018

23:25hrs: My expergefactor was a series of vicious sneezes that burst forth the moment I came to semi-life. A moment or two of shuddering and shaking ensued, and then the overweight body calmed down and allowed the brain to engage (in its usual inimitable fashion). The grey-cells seemed determined to ponder over so many things at the same time, again. Luckily, an urgent call to the Porcelain throne arrived which needed an instant response. I ejected my body, with its astoundingly abnormal abdominal mountain of wobbly-flesh attached, from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the wet room.

W48.0.0 Oh dearie me! Talk about liquified. The evacuation consisted of one continuous squirting session for about two minutes. I crossed my fingers that yesterday’s three trips to the Porcelain Throne in an hour didn’t repeat itself. That was bad enough, but the cleaning up and medicating afterwards took me ages to do. Oy gevalt!

1Mon05aTo the kitchen to get the Health Checks done. I’d managed not to leave the oven on last night – Hehe! Tsk!

W48.0.0 Took the medications, then remembered to take some Dia-Limit capsules afterwards. And realised I had not taken last nights doses, so added two Warfarin tablets, as well.

I got on the computer and updated the readings for last week and today.


Ominous rumblings from the innards have started now. I hope I can get out for a hobble and this does not prevent me. I need a good walk, haven’t had one for days now. Not spoken with anyone face to face either. So some friendly nattering and gossips would go down well with me today.

I made a start updating the woebegone, wretched sour Sunday’s calamitous catalogue of disappointments, failings and frustrations. (I might have overdone that a tad?) A three-hour job, during which at least four SSWWs (Short-Sharp-Wee-wees) had to be tended too. Trouble at both ends so as to speak? Hehe!

1Mon06Made a deliberately small mug of tea.

I took this picture while waiting for the kettle to boil. I used it as the background for me Inchock’s Thought ode on this post.

Went on the WordPress Reader, and then the comments page. One 1Mon07afrom Tim in New Mexico, said: “Your dead weevils and panorama inspired a poemicalisation.

I made up a graphicalisation of the photographicalisation and added Tim’s ode, here it is.



Checking the E-mails, I came across the graphic made from Google Maps I think,  showing reported crime in my location.

I do not know what date this was made, but it looks like less than I imagined it would be.

I think many of the multiple spots are shops and or bus stops?

At least I haven’t had to use the Throne again… yet. A few more SSWWs, mind.


1Mon21W48.0.0 When Mr Fries (Liberty-Global), allowed me the gift of connecting to YouTube, I watched a clip or two.

Tackled the ablutions. Which went really well, the medicationalisationing afterwards was a little testing.

Got ready and set off on my hobble.

This on the right is the map that I made later, of the new route taken on the hobble into town today.

W48.0.0 Taking it in the rainy weather, proved to be a mistake, as I got so wet, splashed my car drivers who I am sure did it on purpose. Not that I want to denigrate, or insult the ignorant, antisocial, pug-faced, arrogant, git that was driving. But, he should go forth and multiply! But I divagate, sorry!

I found a letter addressed to someone I did not recognise. I took it with me, to ask Warden Oberstgruppenführer Deana if she understood the name for me. Riechsführeress Warden Deana told me the mail was for Angela (Roy’s better half). I thanked her and put it at the bottom of the bags to keep it dry, saying I will drop it on their door on the way back.

Out of the lobby door and got the brolly up. Strolled to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical 1Mon07cMeeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where, things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus and Rumourmongering Clinic and, Portakabin.

I took this photo of Winchester Court, the extra care unit and Woodthorpe Court masked my the bare Chestnut Trees.

Called in the hut, the Generaloberstess Wardens were in, and Big John. Had a natter and handed out some nibbles. I started on my way up the hill to Mapperley Tops.

1Mon08W48.0.0 Would you believe it, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, pushing his bike because the hill is too steep for him, only went and hit me with his handlebars as he pushed his bike passed me! Oy, oy, oy! He did say something without looking at me that I could not make out. I will take it that he apologised to me… but you never know!

1Mon09I plodded on.

Seeing the traffic queue at the junction ahead, I realised I may have a problem at the road junction, in getting across the road to go down the Wells Road on my journey.

The last hundred yards or so up the hill turned out to be easier for me than I thought it would 1Mon10be. 

W48.0.0 I had to walk along the road well beyond where I wanted to be at, to reach the only central island available, to safely get across the traffic to the other side.

However, I was taking all in my stride up to now. I suppose I was just happy to be out and 1Mon11about and my having had a little chinwag already?

Contented in the drizzle.

About a quarter mile down the Wells Road and the rain increased a little, I could see some puddles building up quickly. 

1Mon12The leaves had started to block the roadside drains, and the puddles were getting large now.

I had a bit of luck then. (Yes! it can happen, Hehe!) After taking this photo of standing water and leaves, as I walked away, a car came behind and drove through the mini-lake. I got out of the way just in time!

I called the Heron Food Store when I reached St Anns Well Road. Had a bit of a dry as I poddled around nosing. I came out with a hefty bag-load. Tsk! I’d got some large bags of bird food in it to start with, that I’d taken with me to feed Mallards with. But the rain put paid to my visiting them! I came out of the shop with, Orange juice, Lemon juice, honey roast beef slices, end bits of smoked gammon, a Steak pie, Crawfords Scottish Shorties biscuits and some pots of custard and Jelly dessert, to add to the weight of the 1Mon14bag.

Further along the road, that was longer than I had thought, hehe! I had another bit of good fortune, in just missing another soaking from the cars going through the standing rain.

Which incidentally had died down a bit now. So I rolled up the brolly and put it in the bag.

1Mon14aAs I passed Robin Hood Chase, I spotted these new to me berries on the bush through the fences. Beautiful and fresh looking fruit, they were.

Does anyone know what they are, please?

A few hundred yards further along the road, I had a memory prompting look, at a disused 1Mon15Wholesale business.

I worked at a Marsden Shop nearby in 1962. This building was the grand to us back then, Cavendish Cinema! 1/3d (6p) for a good seat to watch two films and have a good necking session if I was lucky! Hehehehe, ah the memories flooded my mind! I would cycle past six times a week on the delivery bike on my way to the bank from the shop.  That is 3 to take the takings and deposit it, and get bags of coins to give as change, then back to the shop. I believe I was at my happiest in life when I worked there, next to Cathcart Street. The shop changed to a Vernons Price Down (Same owners) later. I used to deliver boxes of food to customers on a Friday night and Saturday morning on the carrier-bike. I recall one customer, bless her, who showed me the way of… Never mind, I digress again! Haha!

1Mon16I got to near the end of St Anns Well Road, took a left up Curzon Street, then, a left turn into Curzon Place, where I took this picture. Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist again!

I called into the Aldi Store at the end of the Place. I treated myself to lime and mandarin flavoured layered yoghourt, farmhouse lemon yoghourts and two cream eclairs for Angela and Roy, and some cheesy cobs that felt soft and fresh. So, cheesy cob sarnies and chips for tonight methinks.

1Mon17I left and went to the Tesci in Victoria Centre (Mall) in vain hopes that they might have some Pork Knuckle back in stock. But no! Phwert!

Out into the drizzle again, but it was hardly getting me wet at all now, it was so light.

I hobbled, the feet were in bad condition now, my own fault though, down Milton Street, along Upper Parliament Street and down King Street

1Mon18The Snow Slide was still not open for business. I meant to ask people about why this is so, but of course, I’d forgotten all about it. Klutz! I don’t suppose I’ll get any better now, far too late in life, I think for that?

I made my way, limping more and more, up Queen Street to the bus stop.

1Mon19Caught the L9, and Penny and Shirley got on at the next stop.

Which tickled-me-pink, another chinwagging session with the girls on the way back home to the flats.

W48.0.0 As I dug out some nibbles for the gals, I found that the letter for Angela had got a little wet at the edges. Tsk!

1Mon20Back home, I had an SSWW and got the food put away.

I called up to Angela and Roys flat with the letter and cream cakes. But no one was in. I posted their letter that had come to my flat for them.

Back home again and on the computer to update this blog.

Two hours later, I nipped up the 13th and Angela’s flat with the cakes once again. Aha, Angela was in.

Once more back to the apartment, and carried on with this updating.

I got as far as here with it and went on Facebooking to add the pictures to the albums. Did the Health Checks.

1Mon22Got the nosh sorted out.

Flavour Rating: a massive 9.4/10, it went down well I can tell yers.

PArt way through this delightful nosh, the door chime rang out the selected tune, “I only wanna be with you” (Dusty Springfield) and a lovely neighbour had bought me a home cooked basin of Chilli! I was so appreciative of her kindness. She rushed off, and I thanked her as she did so. W48.0.0 I then realised I had no trousers on! Embarrassment Mode Engaged. No wonder the lady ran off after treating me so kindly. I spent the rest of the time hoping that she had not seen anything, oh dear, I am an idiot! Feeling so sick with myself, now!

I finished the fodder and took these photos of the evening sky.


Did the Health Checks.

Feeling rotten about my stupid Whoopsiedangleplop answering the door without the trousers on. I’m so sorry and self-hating now.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Mon 3 Dec 2018: Got a long hobble in, got soaking wet doing it! Nottingham Photos. Mega Whoopsiedangleplop late on.

  1. On your morning thoughts, you are neither mentally deficient or crazy, I’d say you are simply rationalizationing you feelings through poemicalizations, which is a perfectly sane thing to do. Answering the door without your trousers on might just be a plain old “Dangleplop!” The foot cyclist ran into you footing his bike up a hill? Unless the grade is above 12%, he should be able to ride the hill. Not only his he a jerk, but he’s a wimpy jerk. That was a nice long amble on a wet day. I’d bet the snow slide doesn’t work in the rain. The evening sky photo on the right is wonderful. Nice looking dinner.

    • Cheers, Tim. The way you put it is good mate, and almost makes me believe that I am not potty. Hehehe!
      Reducing my trews accifauxpa to a Dangleplop is another good idea.
      I’ve spent ages trying to find out the grade of Mapperley Rise on the web, but can’t get it. Is it a secret? Tsk!
      Ah, th Snow Ride, I’ve found out it only opens ant night, Penny told me yesterday, all lit up in blue and white. But I can’t manage to get there at nights, I’m too shattered by then to go anywhere, being a natural early riser. I’ll so another search to see if I can find a picture on the web… back in a bit… Huh! failed again!
      Cheerio and thanks cocker.

    • Luckily enough, yes. Hehehe!
      Thanks for the warning about the fruits, mate.
      I’ve seen the gal today, all okay as it happens, she saw nothing she shouldn’t have. Phew! Haha!
      I am a klutz!
      Cheers mate.

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