Inchcock Today – Sat 15 Dec 2018: Not one of my better days, but still!


15 Dec 2018

Saturday 15th December 2018

Finnish: Lauantai 15. Joulukuuta 2018

WD 131.25.50 I’m not sure when it was, but the landline-light flashed and woke me. I fought to get to answer it before it stopped. I wish I hadn’t bothered now. It was some git saying he was from Chucky-Chicken or something like that and had my food outside for me. After the electricians waking me last night after I’d got my head down and now this – I was not very pleasant to the chap, I didn’t swear or bang the phone down though! I told him I have not ordered any food, this often happened to me in the past, and could he remove this number from his phone, please. No answer, then he just repeated that he had my meal outside for me. I rang off, tired, weary, pissed-off and annoyed! The git rang back a couple of minutes later, I ignored the call. But I can’t turn off the phone, as it is linked to the wristlet panic alarm. Last time this happened, I did try turning off the phone. Got my head down again and got a call from the Monitoring Station on my mobile, telling me the line was dead and I must put and keep it on at all times. This was the continuation of bad luck and frustrations since the electricians woke me. My EQ told me there is more to come!

23:28hrs: Woke still feeling the same as last night, I’m afraid. Weary, fatigued and self-irritating! The usual physical ailments were all being so kind to me, that it worried me! Hehe! After a couple of minutes waiting for the brain activity to join the body, I clambered out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, got the slippers on, and manipulated the dressing gown around my more-than-ample, wobbly-fleshed excessively pot-bellied body.

To the wet room for an SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee). I noticed only one of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) in the place. Cleaned the dandies and out to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

WD 131.25.50 Setting up the sphygmomanometer, and a sudden demand for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised appeared. Back to the wet room. Tsk! The session was as good as they get, no bleeding or struggling whatsoever! Things physically seem to be doing well today? A Saturday as well, this is most uncommon.

Back to the fodder making room, to carry on with the hemadynamometer readings.


6Sat03The results, apart from the weight, of course, are all down a bit. Well, a lot really.

I think this is a good thing, but how the brain is this morning, all vague and indistinguishable from babble at times, I’m not all that sure.

There is a definite reluctance on my brain’s willingness to engage full operational activities. More like a ‘keep your head down’ mode! An unwillingness, idleness of sorts. Like he’s had enough input and can cope with no more?

I got the computer on and checked the Emails. One from the doctor’s surgery. I knew this would happen, I think I said so in yesterdays Inchcock Today?


I asked for one as early as possible (futile I know). But it was their fault the appointment was made late, and now I get it for 11:45hrs. This is terrible timing for me. When I start to fade every day around 13-14:00hrs has been told to them. But at least they said they are sorry this time. Not as sorrily as I’m going to be on Tuesday though. Swine! They couldn’t even get my name right! And, ‘Kind Regards?’ Is that taking the piss or mocking me or what? Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

I’ve not felt this low for ages – at least this time I know why. The accumulation of repeatedly being stopped and woke up from my sleep by telephone calls that are not for me, late calling workers, dizzies, falls and now being let down again by the Sherrington Park Medical Practise staff! I hate weekends at the best of times, but this one is already on its way to driving me to end of my tether!

Things have left me feeling cantankerous, curmudgeonly, hacked-off, fed up, disgruntled, self-loathing, woeful, joyless, unvalued and sorry for myself. Just thought I’d mention it!

I got the Friday Inchcock completed and posted it off.

Another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. All good again, mo bleeding or leaking.

Made a start on updating this post.

Went on TFZer Facebook page.

Feeling a bit worse for wear now, Dizzy Dennis had paid a call. Tsk!

6Sat23Got the nosh prepared, I wasn’t feeling hungry at the time, but thought it best to eat something, before I fell asleep.

I rang Sister Jane as I got the nosh prepared, no answer, but I expect they will be out and about actually doing something and busy. She rings back when she misses a call, which is nice of her.

I served up the mini-meal and got down in the recliner. I was trying to stay awake and was lacklustrely picking at the food when Sister Jane called back. I was glad to have a chinwag with Jane, although the line interference was bad, and he had to go when the bus she and Pete were waiting for arrived. I really can’t remember all that was said, nor be sure of facts I could recall of the conversation afterwards. Tsk!

I finished off the fodder and put the plate and tray down on the chair next to the recliner. Convinced I was about to drift off into the land of Nod and stay there for a long time. This did not prove to be the case, however.

A frustratingly disturbed night followed.

Ah, well! Half-way through the lonely mind-paralysing weekend, at least! Hehe!


8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sat 15 Dec 2018: Not one of my better days, but still!

  1. You can think your thwarted thoughts and a least dream they are true. You can be like the old guy in Three Doors Down’s song “Kryptonite”:

    You do know I’m also known as El Cheo? A cheo is a cantankerous, curmudgeonly, hacked-off, fed up, and disgruntled person. I’ve also been called the “Timinator” and, best of all, I was once called the Antichrist in a public meeting by a curmudgeonly woman I really hacked-off for talking all the other members on the Planning & Zoning Board to vote with me to turn down her land use proposal that was not legal under the new comprehensive land use plan we had passed some months before. She was really pissed.

    That was good you got a chinwagging in with your sister while picking around in your food. Hoping for a better day on Sunday.

    • Cheers, mucker.
      I think I’ve seen that clip before, Tim. Afraid I could not make out many of the words, but the filming was easy to follow. Hehe! Pidgeon’s release was a good start. Superman would have done that! Haha!
      El Cheo, never heard of that phrase, Tim, but it suits us both methinks.
      You’ve been rechristened a few times, then.
      Bad start today, but now I accept that things are always like this at the weekends, and decided to just do graphicalisationing for later use today and nowt else. (Apart from eat, use the Throne and a few SSWWs possibly. (And try to get some sleep) Hahaha! I feel a bit more less uptight.
      I nippy 36f at the moment, so I ain’t missing not going out for once. TTFN

      • It’s a bit warmer this morning at 22ºF. The words to the song are a bit hard to make out but the old guy and all the strange characters in the video are wonderful and all you need. I’ve always been bad about making out lyrics in songs. I think that’s why I can enjoy foreign music so much. I understand the words about as well as most anything in English, which is not very well. Actually, sometimes when I look up words to a song I like and see how bad, politic, insipid or stupid the words are, then I don’t like the song anymore. Sometimes the opposite happens. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with from your graphicalizationing.

      • Well well, we share the same temperature today, then!
        Songs and at public or open meetings are the worst for me. I think this might be why I do not go out for meals with folks anymore?
        Feeling a tad confused this morning for some reason, concentration gone to pot.
        Might you get snow for the holidays? Not that I would want any, my record for slipping on ice is consistent. Hehehe!
        Cheers, Sir.

      • It depends. Sometimes the wind will blow the snow pack away. On good years there will be snow through May into June. Other years it will be gone by April. Last year the mountains got very little snow This year there is quite a bit of snow already.

      • Well, that shuold make for different photographicalisationing days of the mountains?
        Plenty of rain (well, drizzle) over here again, no snow.

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