Inchcock – Wed 9 Jan 2019:



Wednesday 9th January 2019

Catalan: Dimecres 9 de Gener de 2019

00:20hrs. I woke with the mind all calm, but nervous. To the fore was my knowing I had to get the Tuesday blog done, and that it would be a momentous task, with all that happened and the photographs I’d taken. Never a truer thought!

3wed05a1I dislodged my torso with it balloon-like fluid-filled legs and mega-bloated stomach from the £300 second-hand recliner, with ease. For the sore toes of yesterday seem to have already partially healed?

Yesterdays front left – Today, behind; which look more fluid-filled… it’s all confusing. I know, it beats me how too! 

Compared to how they looked and felt yesterday evening, it was as if some magic fairy had been at work for me?

I got the SSPWW out of the way and got the Health Checks tackled.


3wed001The sphygmomanometer worked the first time, and I was happyish with the results. The weight being ever-increasing concerns me a bit, but I will be seeing the Doctor on Tuesday at 07:30hrs, so I can ask her about this then. 

And next week I can inquire of whoever deals with me at the Nephrology department.

The legs seemed to be losing some fluid this morning compared to Tuesday, anyway.

3wed05I checked the Emails next, in case anything had come from the surgery or clinics, but none had. However, I had received one from Bother-in-Law Pete.

I felt a bit proud with him using some of my made-up words (favouritest). Pete likes the Tennessee Honey drink best out of all the bottles and cans I gave them as pressies.

Somehow, I always knew the wine would lose! Hehe!

I took a couple minutes break and made this photo from the unwanted, light and view-blocking new kitchen window.


I set about the task of getting the updating done. And, it ended up my taking nearly eight hours to get it finished! Mind you, there were plenty of short breaks to make a brew of tea, and many for SSPWWs (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wees)!

3wed01aWD 0.25.0 I went to make another mug of tea. As I did so, I noticed a new marking on the left wrist. The left-hand side of my body seems to be affected more than the right recently. It’s the left foot toes that are affected and was hurting more than the right one. The left foot heel is burning. The left hand is getting the papsules and pains, while the right seems unaffected. The left shoulder is more affected with the Arthur Itis and Rheumatic Raymond. Even the left ear-hole has more solidified wax in it than the right one! Just thought I’d mention it.

Finally, a call to the Porcelain Throne came. No bother, or hassle at all this time. No bleeding from the rear-end either. I can’t say the same for Little Inchies fungal lesion, but little signs of improvement are better than none.

WD 0.25.0 I got the ablutions done, then went down with all the waste at the same time in the hopes that a washing machine will be free for me to use. Yahoo! it was free! I got the washer wiped then started. A chap I’d not seen before was sat in the lobby: “Morning, are you keeping alright?” I asked. I got a “Hergh!” back. He didn’t even turn to look at me! Bless him. But, you never know what problems the man might have, so I ignored the rebuff.


Went to the recycling class bin and deposited the eight jars and bottles in with the mass of alcoholic empties already in there. Dropped the bag of other recyclables near the caretaker’s door.

Saw Cyndy on her way out, and we had a couple of cheery quick words, she was off to the bus stop, bless her cotton socks.

Back up to the flat and got some rubbish moved into black bags and deposited them down the chute.

Got the slow-cooker going, with lamb seasoning in the water with some minced lamb and a few mini-potatoes.

Time to go down and move the washing into the dryer. With it being possible I might be a while. I chose close and update option offered by the computer. The chap was still there in the lobby, but I got no response to my smile and nod towards him. The clothes seemed very wet after they had been spun in the washer? I moved them to the dryer.

Back up to the apartment and stirred the lamb and added some quartered mini-tomatoes to the mix. Closing the lid as soon as I could. I left it on the low setting. All I need to do later is to add some garden peas and bake some sourdough bread to soak up the hopefully tasty gravy. It smells tempting now!

The toes are not so bad now, so I’ll risk not using the walking stick on my trip down to collect the laundry later.

I added new rotating headers and updated this page.

3wed0610:55hrs: About time to go down, so I did. Hehe! May was in the lobby, but she did not have time for a gossip, as she was going to the bus stop. So we exchanged ‘Take cares’ and gave her some chocolate coins for her bus fare, and off she shot with my best wishes.

Got the togs out and folded, cleaned the filter and packed up my bit of washing.

3wed05a2I nipped outside and took this picture along Chestnut Walk. It was colder out there than it looked to be.

Back up again, and put the clothes away, checked the minced lamb and gave it very quick stirring.

Then, went on the WP reader and comments to catch up.

I added the peas to the minced lamb, potatoes and tomatoes in the crock-pot. Then got the part-baked cobs in the oven. Food!

I did some Facebooking and more WordPress reading. Health Checks were done.

3wed29WD 0.25.0 I made a right mess dishing out the meal! Tsk! I spilt gravy all over the tray and myself, dropped some potatoes from the ladle, and they splattered open as they hit the floor, and burnt my fingers getting the crock-pot bowl out to wash it!

I cleaned up as fast as I could, so as not get the meal too cold. But, it was marvellous. The Morrison Saver minced lamb tasted great! A flavour rating of 9.45/10 for this one. Got the washing up done.

All plans, commitments and good purposes were unintentionally abandoned within minutes of my settling in the recliner. Zzz!

Hours later, I woke in need of the Porcelain Throne, which went okay, only a little bleeding.

As I got back into the £300 second-hand rusty recliner and settled, I was just going to nod-off again, and the landline light lit up. I had to get up to answer it in case it was the Warfarin doses or the clinic was calling. It was an old mate from my security days. I must have sounded disorientated to him, he had called to wish me all the best for the new year, bless him. We spoke for a while. Damned kind of him to call me.

I honestly cannot remember what happened after the phone call. I hope I just got my head down and nodded off, and didn’t go on the nocturnal nibbling session. Hehe!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Wed 9 Jan 2019:

    • Haha! So true about the plates, Tim. I don’t know how, but I think the Furesomide is to blame for how they have gone gnarly so quickly? Hehe! Not used that word in a good while, I’ll have to drop it in again later, cheers.
      Ace nosh! For once.
      TTFN Sir.

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