Inchcock Today. Saturday 27th/Sun 28th April 2019 The Oaks Residential Care Home



Saturday 27th/Sun 28th April 2019

Croatian: Subota, 27. Srpnja, 28. Travnja 2019

The Oaks Residential Care Home



Saturday 27th: 0245hrs: Woke up, missing the welcoming sound from the now repaired hallway radiators. Hehe!

Thought about Jane’s Peter, and my failed attempts to beg for some aftershave to be sent into the prison for me, as I scarred and cut myself a little more shaving.

Got the foot support from where it was drying overnight hanging from a window handle, and got it ready for fitting later by one of the carers.

Watched some Police programmes on the telly, until the carer told me to go to the Rest Room for brekkers, after she arrived to strap me up, so as to speak. Hehe! Stuart, Eddie and I in there nibbling and having the most farcical of a three-way chinwag – what with us all not talking correctly and none of us wearing our hearing aids! Hahaha!

Back in the room, and two ambulances arrived, eventually taking away two residents a few hours later. Oh dear! Medications were issued to me. Ambulances still on site. One blood-wagon departed with a patient on board. Found and read a Nottingham Forest book of the Cloughies 1972 season. Very interesting it was too!

The Commando Squad leader ordered us down for nosh. Vegetable curry with rice, the ice cream that followed was welcome. Huh-he-he!

Back up to Cell 11, and settled watching TV, some good stuff on tonight! The ESP (or EPL) football was on the Quorn channel.

Medications brought to me, needed some front and rear end encouragement medication tonight – things no moving much. Haha!

Carer washed the Ankle support for me and put it to dry on the window handle, then took my washing to be laundered.

Sun 28th April 2019: Woke and got the showering, shaving and dressing all bar the socks, done. Went to make a brew in the kitchen in the restroom, but the kettle had been locked up. Ah, well, I had water instead.

Did some training exercises. 02:20hrs to 07:30hrs watched TV, then the carer came with some toast for me, and put the Foot Support strap on for me. Ate the toast in the end restroom.

A carer, bless her fetched a Newspaper (Sun on Sunday) for me. Not much effort taken in reading it, I made sure she was handed the paper when I finished with it.

Socks not back from the laundry, carer found them for me and returned them, I fank you! ♥

Writing on the pad was even worse now. Best I can decipher is: Sh??ct back from laund. Police and Ambulance on site. What followed was gobb

le-di-gook? Sorry.

Janet rang, bad line again. Had an inside walkabout, then did the Speech therapy and occupational exercises. Felt worn out afterward. Tsk! Nurse came to do an INR Warfari blood test. Carer came with the medications. Including the front and nack-end encouragement medicines. Haha!

Police and ambulance had left the site. Nosh was a bit rushed, staff must be busy, they kept asking if we had finished every time I put down the knife and fork to blow my nose.

Fell asleep earlier tonight.

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