Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th December 2019: Liberty-Global Virgin Media & Iceland assured it was a terrible day!

1 Dec 17

2019 ttDec 17

Tuesday 17th December 2019

German: Dienstag, 17 Dezember 2019

01Dec 17

WD Indigo 00:15hrs: I woke up, in a lackadaisical, lethargic, incurious pococurante disposition. Possibly brought on my the dreams I’d been having? But actual facts of the dream are not recalled at all, but the mood of them, was I think, of a defeatist, negatively-fatalistic nature.

It took a while, and some pointless failed self-analysing before I gave up, and began to haul my extracurricular oversized, flabby torso from the £300 second-hand recliner. Once again, the need for a wee-wee encouraged this activity. I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick and hobbled to the wet room. The SGSS (Short-Gently-Sprinkling-Spraying) evacuation was soon over. Washed the hands and into the kitchen.

WD Indigo No sooner did I get there, I needed to make an imitation dash (quick-hobble), back to the use the Porcelain Throne. Just in time, and it was a messy affair, that needed a lot of cleansing and medicating afterwards. Too much bleeding for my mind. Got freshened up again, and back to the kitchen. On the way, the EQ warned 2Tue02ame of upcoming annoyances. Oh, dear! 

I made a brew and imbibed the medications.

WD Indigo Then got the computer on to to the updating of the Monday Inchcock Today diary. But and however, things were not right with the much-hated Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet!

Vir 0.50.0

It was a struggle, at it kept failing to save, sticking and coming back on. More annoying than usual, because the Sensory nerves were the best they have been for months, and I knew this would not last long, and they’d, soon be back playing to up. Grumph! 

2Tue01I left the computer and went to make another brew of tea. (Yes, the thirst for tea was back again!)

I took a photo of the view while the kettle boiled, and I boiled inside at Mr Fries and his comically inept internet service! That is guaranteed to let one down! Spit!  

WD Indigo I tried once more with the computer.

vir 120.0.60

WD Indigo But not for long, about an hour into updating:

Vir 0.50.0

WD Indigo After turning off and resetting, I had to give up again. Thank you again, Mr ‘Incompetent‘ Fries. You really ought to give up on Media and open a hot dog stall in Central Park. Mind, you’d probably burn it down or something! What was it you lied to me about in your last letter, not the one before that one, where you told me the price of the shitty service is going up again! The one sent ten-days ago. Let’s have a look at it, shall we? We might as well, cause there is little chance of doing anything else, like going on the pathetic Liberty-Global powered computer to work! I’ll find it… Ah, here it is. It’s in very small print, isn’t it? Must save your penny-pinching, customer-hating company in ink, I should think. And customers who are silver-surfers (Or in Liberty-Global terminology, Silver Hobblers) will not be able to read you misleading, untrue statements?


WDP11LWD Indigo WordPress readers, can you believe this! “We know how important it is for your home to get brilliantly fast and reliable Virgin Media Services…” Hahaha! Utter-Tosh!

What happened to the free internet for all the politicians were speaking about? Oh, yes, that was Jeremy Corbyn who promised free broadband for every home under a Labour government. Well, they’ve shot that haven’t they!

vir 120.0.60

At long last, I could get some updating done. Heck of a job, but it was finally completed and sent off. I made a start on this post, but the internet kept going very slow at times, and I had to keep waiting for it to come back on properly.

I sent a few piccies off to Pinterest, then went on the TFZer Facebooking.

2019 Feb 26aDeana called to do alarm checks. I took the opportunity to mention the WC and the leaking hot water tap to her. She kindly said she would inform the maintenance shower for me, and get back to let me know when, if, they are to arrive to sort out the situation, which she says 2Tue07is just a new washer needed.

WD Indigo The Iceland order arrived and I set about putting the things away. Noticing that there were two substitutes on the order. In place of the two 400g Milk Roll loaves of bread, there were two 800g White Sliced Loaves. I cursed a little inwardly, then aloud! There is no way they will fit in the freezer!

2Tue08WD Indigo Also, the two 300g packs of Maple Barbeque pork loins, were one, with a substituted 500g plain pork loins. Crap substitutes, rotten Iceland, and I was getting het-up again! Gits! So, I got the checking done and stuff put away, all bar the unwanted, totally different, twice a large, tasteless, unrequested, unwelcome, undesired, unprompted, bland, bread they had substituted!


WD Indigo Iceland is on a par with Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet, Rubbish!

I took the waste bags to the chute – and recycling bag down to caretaker’s bin.

2Tue10Back up to the apartment, and got the food goods stored away. Taking a picture of the rather bleak weather on view outside.

Got the coat on again, and I took the substituted pathetic flavourless bread down to the Social kitchen. They can use it for toast maybe for the  Social kitchen. One lady there, she was on her mobile. She took the 2Tue11dated 22nd Dec, bread from the trolley and said thank you. Not many folks around, I’d hoped to ask Deana about Mo and how she was, but I forgot to, and there was no one else to inquire of. The office was closed.

I snapped this photographicalisation of the lit Christmas Tree on the way back through the link corridor to Woodthorpe Court.

That little hobble home was one of despondency and low spirits. And I don’t know why.

WD Indigo I got up in the lift to the flat, and had a wee-wee, and found Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding again. It’s always painful cleaning things up and applying the cream, whether it be the Corticosteroid, Clobetasone, or Daktacort EX cream, they all make one’s eyes water, in this department. Hehe! No idea why I laughed then?

2Tue03I got the new picker-upper from the three-wheeled trolley guide bar. It is not safe there now, with the plastic gripper having split. Tsk! I’d only had the thing for a few hours before it cracked! Botherations!

As I went into the front room to go to the 2Tue04computer, I put the picker-upperer on the airer, and gave it a try with light stuff, then had a go at picking up the tub with the Chinese salted sweet nut brittle sweets in it, that I had knocked over earlier, and fell beneath the airer. You can see how large it was in the photo, the sweet wrappers are red. It grabbed and 2Tue12lifted it alright!

Heated oven ready to have pork steaks (One day life on it! – Shit Iceland), and flavoured beans (marinated with Hoisin sauce for, later on, I hope) for the nosh.

2Tue03I did some updating on this post for a few hours. I checked the yesterday receipts, before dishing them.

WD Indigo This may be hard to grasp, but yesterday, paying at the self-serve checkout at Asda (Walmart), I think I may have somehow or other, managed to overcharged myself! Sad innit?

I went to check on the unwanted pork chops in the oven. Turned it down a smidge, and went to take some jars down for Warden Julie. Who I found, no longer needs any jars. Ah, well!

Back at the flat, the Warfarin Level and doses had been delivered from the Anticoagulation Haemostasis Deep Vein Arterial Thrombosis Clinic. A mouthful that name, for some reason I like it? The new result, 4.8, far to high, which may go to explain the funny clopidogrel legs lately, as well as how cold I’ve and am feeling with the very thin blood.

2UseI got the meal sorted (blimey the stack of washing up top do!)

I’d made far too much, but what I did eat was okay. Although, the flavouring was also too strong. Flavour Rating; 6/10.

I tackled the washing up, which took a long time, with the grease from the not very lean lamb chops that I didn’t order.

I got settled in the recliner and pondered on the day. Whoopsidangleplops mostly down to Liberty-Global’s Mr Fries and Iceland.

Put the TV on, and fell asleep within minutes!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th December 2019: Liberty-Global Virgin Media & Iceland assured it was a terrible day!

  1. First class reportage, kind Sir. Despite all dastardly last-class “efforts” from Liberty-Global and the mishmash misses of Iceland, you have again brought us the details with impeccable form and faultless fidelity. Made my evening it did. 4.8 is quite an INR indeed, I’ve a personal range in the INR scale from 0.8 to 5.2 since my DVT history of beclottings began in 1996. Runs in the family. INR presently stable as a cable 🙂

    • Merci, Bill, Mon Ami.
      I like your style of poetical terminology and writing.
      Glad your level is keeping level, levelisationing can be a problem for me. A lot of levels sneaked in there? Hehe!
      TTFNski, Sir.

      • Ausserordentlichen Dank, mon ami!
        I am a friend of many a word, including constructed words and constructed languages, inquisitive and markedly unacquisitive, a fellow foe of the inquisitional (such as the Liberty-Globalists). Inchcock Today is a magical realm. 🙂

  2. Your problems with Liberty-Global Virgin are well established. It seems like the Iceland store has been coming up short lately, also. Nice attempt at the meal.

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