Irritated Inchies Diary, Tuesday 26th January 2021

The TFZer Trio – performing! Hahaha!

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Wales: Dydd Mawrth 26ain Ionawr 2021

Last night at kip downtime; I lasted a few minutes watching a programme and nodded off into sweet bliss. Unfortunately, I kept waking up so often I wondered what the heck was happening? Each time I shot awake, I pondered, and got back to sleep easily enough? Only for it happen again repeatedly. This went on for hours and hours… So aggravating!

04:10hrs: Another jumping awake, this time with a loathsome need for a wee-wee, so I dragged my body from the recliner, caught my balance, and had to nip rather smartly to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), getting there in a panic time-wise.

Oh, heckithump! I dropped the jammie-bottoms and tore off the PPs in haste, and felt the dried blood crack and flow along with the wee-weeing. It hurt as well! I hobbled hastily to the wet room, to tend to things and stop the bleeding from Little Inchies fungal lesion.

No time to investigate the wound though, for I needed to utilise the Porcelain Throne. (Or at least I thought I did!) But everything was solid and not moving. I had a go at the crossword book, but it became apparent that the expected evacuation would not start. I rose from the Throne and got the lesion looked at. A bad do!

I reckon it must have been bleeding most of the time overnight. It was possibly the cause of me waking up so often, but I was so tired that I didn’t recognise the problem? I had to have a good clean-up and a hurtful medicationing session. (Sob!) The jammie bottoms were put ready for washing later, I put fresh PPs on, cleaned the floor and body, and in a bit of a daze now, I went to get the Health Checks done, and medications were taken.

The SYS had tumbled down to 158, DIA 77, Pulse at a steady 89.

The ever-reliable Chinese made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd, contactless thermometer, was again in the green, at 36.8°c. I forgot to take the tablets and went to get the kettle on. Salted the potatoes, sliced some mushrooms, and got them on low in the crock-pot.

I took this terrible photo from the kitchenette window as the kettle boiled, then I made a super-strong mug of Glengettie tea. And with using the newly bought Cravendale full milk, it tasted superb! Even when I put a little too much in the mug, it still tasted fine. The morning tablets were at last imbibed. I noticed that the outside temperature was -4°c!

I got on the computer, and I made a start on updating the Monday diary. But not for long.

The need for the porcelain Throne arose, and I revisited the wet room. Fingers crossed, I settled on the seat for the session to start… but no! I availed myself of the crossword book, and waited, not wanting to force the action, for it to begin.

Five minutes or so later, the motion was still stubbornly sticking with three clues having been solved. Another bash at the crosswording, then I bravely exerted as much pressure as I dare, and things moved, but in slow-motion. I distinctly remember giving out a few muffled ‘Aerarghhhs!’ as the action started, it continued even more slowly, but without any input from me, so that saved me a bit of uncomfortableness, at least. The pain relief as a dollop of mini-meat balls filled the bowl, plop-plopping, was very welcome!

A few seconds to recover my equipollence, and I investigated the evacuated product. Obviously, this PTDDSB (Porcelain Throne-Daily-Domination-Stakes-Battle) was an easy victory for Constipation Konrad. (Trotsky Terence was well beaten) Not messy at all, and bafflingly, Harolds Haemorrhoids were not hurting or bleeding. I was not complaining about that – for the fungal lesion was doing enough haemorrhaging to be going on with! I cleaned things up, and medicationing was carried out. The pain could not be described as agony, to be fair, perhaps purgatory will do. Argh!

A very tender Inchcock, literally this time, washed and got back to the computer. Things were more intolerable, by the fact that the flipping PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling) kept me worrying that it may be the lesion bleeding? I went to put a pad on, inside the PPs. Messy, but safer and far less messy if things do kick-off again. When I got back and sat down, SSS (Shuddering Shoulder-Shirley) started off at me. Just when I began typing! Worra life, innit?

The wee-weeing was testing my nerves each time, they were all followed with the PMAD, and there were tiny specs, signs of escaping blood on the pad as well. I didn’t feel very confident about this.

I struggled through and got the updating done on Monday’s IT. Posted the blog off. Emailed the links, Pinterested some photos, and then went on the Facebooking.

I put the kettle on and had a look at the day’s weather forecast locally.

At least it looks like it’ll get a little warmer later on.

By gum and golly! I just knocked the pencil off of the computer desk… and caught it with the only hand available, my disabled right one! Fantastic! How I did it, I’ve no idea!

Well, its hours later than usual, four at least, but I’m going to get the ablutions done. Back in a while. I got sidetracked on my plans again, and I got the trousers and shirt washed that had been bloodied, and wee’d on my earlier Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpas. (Hehe!)

I got them done, wrung and hung above the sink. To drip dry.

Off to the wet room Well, I’ve been doing exceptionally well in ablution duties for days now, so, I can’t complain. Here is the run-down of how it went:

👍 The teeth cleaning was done carefully, not bad at all.

👍👎 The shaving, thanks mainly to SSS, was a bloody affair. But it could have been worse, six cuts, yes, but none serious! They all stopped on their own!

👍 The showering, well, as I pulled the curtain back, a hook dropped off of the rail. A simple job, you’d think? Not in my condition Hehehe! I tried to get it back on with the shirt picker-upperer, but it was impossible.

👎 So, I fetched the step ladders and mounted as high as I dare, and I faffled about for ages, but I was pretty chuffed when it eventually went in the ring. Hurrah!

👎 Getting down from the steps… it had to happen… I lost my balance and ended up with a scraped ankle on the aluminium tread on the ladder on my way to the floor. Hey-ho!

👍 👎 The showering went fine, although I did give the shoulder a bang on the grab rail when retrieving the dropped shower gel bottle. But it didn’t matter, because SSS was already shaking me about, which did not make her any worse than she was!

👎After spraying and medicating, that went better than I thought it would, I turned to get the trews on, and I knocked the crossword book off of the floor cabinet. The book struck at the top, but the pen went down the back onto the floor. Thank heavens for Jenny’s short picker-upperer, it did the job alright.

👍 I was cautious in leaving the wet room, and I ensured no colliding with any hard surfaces with any body parts. Like the door frame!

I went to check on the hanging hand washing, and I noticed that the humidity had gone down again. I think Tim Price was right about it going up the other day due to my leaving the hot water tap running.

Then I went to check out the mushrooms and potatoes in the crockpot…

Only to find that I had not turned the electricity on to it!

I’m beginning to worry about myself! Hehe! I moved them into a normal saucepan and let it come to the boil, making sure I turned it down onto a low heat, to simmer, hopefully in time for the meal. Tsk!

Finally, I got back to the computer to do some updating on this blog.

After an hour or so, the weariness was beginning to dawn again, so I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, and planned what to have for today’s nosh. I checked the mushrooms and potatoes and turned them up a tad to hasten them in cooking.

The meal consisted of; milk-roll bread beef sarnies: fried crispy onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, terribly weak, expensive cheese portions, and potatoes.

Taste Rating:7/10.

Sleep was reluctant, Thought storms plagued me up.

29 thoughts on “Irritated Inchies Diary, Tuesday 26th January 2021

  1. Dear me! Glad I’m not you, Gerry! What an ordeal, especially nocturnal bleeding! Make yerself a cuppa and enjoy a downtime moment. (Glengettie tea, of course! Thanks for introducing me to that particular tea. Love it black as heck.)

      • Well, then there is no stopping me now. Time to join the Glengettie aficionados — where only the most proper cuppas containing the epitome of the bestest brews in the World-Wide Wonderments of Tea most fine. I should probably get some Marmite while preparing the accompaniments.
        Perhaps I shall write a screenplay, here is a tentative title:
        “Teas of the Unexpected”.

      • Hahaha! Well said and put, Billum.
        (By the way, six red cars in the end car park an hour ago)

        I just can’t understand why it isn’t the best selling tea in the world… ahm there will be alarge percentage of so called tea-drinkers that prefer cat-was brews?

      • Glad you like that, Sir!
        Six red cars in that famous cul de sac. They do seem to prefer the end of the lane for congregating. Red-Car Way is wot I shall call it.
        There is no accounting for the tastes of swill drinkers. The swillier it is the more will they consume. Catnip tea, anyone?

      • I shall keep a look-out for the red cars today, Sir.

        Ah, something I know not of there Billum, Catnip tea? Doug often mentions it in his blogs, mind.
        I shall have to find time to looketh it up on Mr. G.

      • Mr G informed me: Catnip, or Nepeta cataria, is a common herb that is a member of the mint family. It’s a plant that is easy to grow in North America and has feather-like, light-green foliage with lavender flowers. Catnip leaves have actually been used to make tea, and the flowers are said to relieve coughs.
        Minted tea, does not appeal to me, Billum. But I think that Tim and Dougs furries are partial?

      • Mint tea reminds me of toothpaste or bubble gum, not to be taken seriously. We haven’t offered our furries any minted teas yet, but I believe the Tim and Dough furries as harbingers of truth and beauty. 🙂

      • A localised fancy?
        A lot of folks I’ve heared talk of this tea,
        But not the one for me,
        Not keen on owt minty,
        But, maybe I’ll try it one day and see?

        Cat nip, for a cat nap? I’ll stick with my favourite three teas, Glengettie, Thompsons Punjana and Co-op 99, sir. All different, apart from them all being storong flavoured, but Grrreat tasting!

      • I shall let other test the catnip tea for me, you see. 🙂
        Meanwhile, this gives me a chance to search for Glengettie, Thompsons, and Co-op 99. A strong flavour is of utmost importance. And decaffeinated tea (nowt) is not for ye and not for me.

      • You shouldn’t infest the page with that word, Billum, the dec… I bring myself to write it – I’ve tried it once, that was too much. Hehehe! Eurgh!

        Catnip doeseth not appeal to me.
        Best we play safe with the good stuff, Sir!

    • Cheers, Doug.
      Suffering a bit, a tiny burn blister on my knuckle bled overnight last night, Tsk! Another mess to sort out, but thankfully not painful at all.
      Glengettie, I even like typing the word, and am sipping amug of it at this moment! As you say, it’s gorgeous, tasty, and flavoursome!
      Cheers, mate.

  2. Not so good nocturnal bleeding, but bleeding yourself seems to have done well for your SYS. You hand looks pretty burnt and beat up. Nice night shot and a great looking Dagwood Sandwich among the goodies.

    • SYS back up this morning, Humph!

      I woke up with the burn bleeding away this morning. Another mess to sort out! Tsk!
      The INR might be too high?

      Dang delicious Dagwoods! Yee-haa!

      TTFNski, Ta, Tim.

  3. Bloody ‘eck and bloody ‘ell. Faffling on the step ladder brought on some vertigo at this desk, but it ended well — so chuff-worthy I say.
    All in all, a harrowing scene that just might elicit a bit more kip. Only Morpheus knows how many units of kip get doled out. And may the Thought Storms dissipate early.

    • Merci Mon Ami.
      There are times I question my sanity,
      But I don’t use profanity,
      Just move on to my next calamity,
      I’ve no signs of saditty,
      Life, is an unsolvability!

      Thought thought I’d mention it, Billum. Hehehe!

      • I never known when something inexplicable pops in with an unsolvability or two. Rolling with the calamity is often the only option.

        Glad you thought to mention it, cocker! Hehehe!

      • Frequently, I have to fight to think thoughts, invariably anyway.
        Darned lockdown, doing me no good… but still, it might be saving lives, so chin-up time for this Inchcock!
        I fink… Hahaha!

      • Thought storms know just how to wrangel those thinks into fights with one another. Blasted Thought Storms are always up to no good, doing you no good, and darning the lockdowns.
        Chin-up for the fight agin Covidititus!
        Fink I too. Hahaha!!

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