Idiotic-Inchcy – Saturday 13th March 2021 Diary

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Saturday 13th March 2021

Croatian: Subota, 13 Ožujka 2021

00:00hrs: Considering the truly low and depressed mood I found myself in last night, as I stirred into semi-life, I was suddenly aware that the gloom and doom tormenting my brain was gone, disappeared, no longer there! I found this rather flummoxing.

I was baffled as to why? Nothing had changed from yesterday. Had I been dreaming, and that may have had some effect in cheering me up? Was it the bang on the head when I took my tumble that brought it on in the first place? Hello, I’d better get up; I don’t want to encourage any Thought Storms! I need a wee-wee anyway.

I freed my overweight, flobby-stomached body from the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner with absolute ease – until I got the weight on the knees! Argh! Cathy Cartilage on the right knee, and Arthur Itis on the left one, were both so painful and in a bad mood with me this morning. The few hurtful paces to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) indicated that this will be a less-than-easy hobbling about Saturday.

I fumbled about to get Little Inchie out and realised as I did so, the NWWB was over half full? Why does this happen so often? I must have made many trips to release this much wee-wee overnight? Yet I cannot recall getting up at all to do so? The pain I must have got from Arthur and Cathy getting out of the recliner so often, I’d have thought I would have been made me aware of what I was doing? My mind was soon cleared of this question, as the embarrassment of a somewhat significant amount of PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribbling) escaped into the half down PPs. By bottom-lip protruded, and after finishing, I took the bucket to the wet room for emptying and sanitising and got a clean-up and got a new pair of PPs on.

It’s time and incidents like this that really bring it home to one; the body is doing its own thing, the brain’s logicality loses its way, the memory is fading fast and now avoiding most of its retention powers. The bones, joints, and ticker etc., are crumbling without mercy. Still, yer doesn’t like to complain, does yer!

I got the kettle on to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana, and it sounded like someone had just turned the volume up on the ‘World-Wide-Hum’; Gawd, it was loud! And the heaters were not working again? Worra, life! But I imagine that there are many people in the complex in this position, not that it cures anything, but, at least, I am still aware of my senility is en route. I worry for the future, though. Blooming cold in here again! Weekend, of course, so no one to help me out with getting the heaters also going correctly.

Had another wee-wee of the IRPT (Indefatigably-Relentless-Painful-Trickling) mode.

I took the morning medications, then got the Health Checks done. The temperature was alright this morning; it seems to be getting steadier now. Of course, I shouldn’t have said that; it was silly of me! 36.7°c – 98.06°f. It was in the green, so it should be acceptable.

The Boot’s sphygmomanometer readings were decent, methinks. SYS 150, DIA 71, and the Pulse was at 84 bpm. As I was taking this, a headache came on suddenly, sharp to the right side of the head – then a minute later, it was gone?

Microsoft Office allowed me access to Excel to update the Health Checks listing figures.

Do you see that? Three, in-the-green temperatures on the trot there! Much better than earlier in the week.

I had another wee-wee, surprisingly, of the WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) style. Then made a start on the updating of the Friday Diary. Sorted the photographs out first, then got the scripting done. The ailments of concern were just two; Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters letting me down a few tines, and of course the SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) in support, but a lot less bothersome than she was yesterday. I perseverated and got it finished but had to have four wee-wees during the three hours of writing and correcting—all of the SPL (Steady-Persistent-Lengthy). I’m getting variety today, at least. Haha!

As I put the kettle on in the cold, shiver-giving kitchen (Heater still not working), I had to nip off to the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. What going on here! Constipation Konrad seems to be fighting back? Heck of a job to get things moving, and it was gooey yet solid? The toilet rolls will have to be ordered today; if I can get a slot for an A.M. delivery. A good clean up, and pleasingly, the evacuated produce was cleared with just two flushes!

I had a wash-up and had another wee-wee, this time of the PSS (Persistent, Short, Sharp) mode. Another washing of the dandies, and back to the computer.

I Pinterested some snaps, Emailed the link, and went on Facebooking catch-up. Spent a long time on that. Two WordPress comments had come in, which I replied to. Then I visited the WordPress Reader Section. I had another wee-wee of the PSS (Persistent, Short, Sharp) mode… I think we can assume that every half-hour or so throughout the day, I needed and took a wee-wee; it’ll save me a lot of typing. Tsk! Then:

I went onto the Sainsbury site to see what slots were attainable. I got a slot for Tuesday 16th @ 8>9a.m. Do you know, I made a mistake and ordered some Fresh Cream French Horns.

Brekkers sorted out. And from here on, it is hit and misses, memory-wise, very patchy. Sorry.

Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling so good, perplexed, and tired out.

I had a weariness-attack, and I just turned off the computer and sat down on the recliner for many hours, watching some banal crap on the TV, but I couldn’t understand why. Doing nothing but grow fat by nibbling biscuits, crisps, ice-cream as well, I think?

The need for the Porcelain Throne then forced me to get up. I ached all over, was coughing and sneezing and felt under the weather, and confused. For some reason, I found out in the morning, I’d not cleaned up the wet room, Eurgh!

I actually made some more fodder! (I found this photo on the SD card). But can I remember making or eating it? No!

But I did find most of it in the bin later on in the night.

Along with this photo, taken through the balcony dividing glass? Not sure what, if anything, went on after that.

Mind you, Sunday morning, I did discover this snap on the camera-card. Also, that the fodder things were left loose in the sink bowel?

I’m sure that I sat down again, incapable of logical thought, and once more, spent hours just sat there, looking at the turned-off TV and fighting-off Thought-Storm-Thaddeus, but only half-heartedly. I think I was so down; I actually just accepted the self-criticisms, fears, worries etc., as a natural leveller, and a prevailing punishment, and part of my growing mental decrepitude.

The thought of having another banal Sunday to get through tomorrow was soul-destroying.

The resistant sleep did come eventually.

9 thoughts on “Idiotic-Inchcy – Saturday 13th March 2021 Diary

  1. You are carrying on quite well considering. At least your temp has been normal for the past few takings. As far as wrestling with little inchy and finding your NWWB half full, at least it was in the bucket and not on you. I presume not on you? You can imagine the meal was great even if you can’t remember the meal.

    • Does you know, mate, that’s what I actually thought at the time! (NWWB) Bless the PPs!
      The meal did look a little rough and ready, didn’t it, Haha!
      I thought this morning, sanity and memory working, I’d make some mini-Dagwoods for nosh tonight. Smoked pork and tomatoes sounds good (at the moment). But if the ‘going out of it’ comes again, I don’t know.
      Josie may not get her meal, but I’ll do my best to see she does.
      A smidgeon worried at the moment, as to what the distirted, puzzling brain will do. Tsk! Not do the same again today…PLEASE!
      I’ve now got all of yesterdays handwashing not done, and the flat looks mightily unkept and untidy… Humph!
      I could do with hiring a cat to calm myself down… oh no, I forgot for a moment, no pets allowed!

  2. Inchie haha,
    I’ve gotcha feller! Those feelings of having to GO and then dribble – until you stand up and walk away to get in bed (on your CHUX pad because as soon as you take it off, you pee in your sleep) and then you feel like okay, back to the in room urinal receptacle, I watch a show on Netflix called BONDING. Two people who were sweethearts and friends in high school meet up again. She asks him to meet her for some extra work. He shows up to find she is Mistress May, a dominatrix and he is there to make her feel safe! So, during the process of this early partnership, one client desires to be peed upon. So – the boy pal, who has chosen the DOM name of Carter is asked to do the deed. He has a shy bladder – and is told to sing Happy Birthday and it will promote flow. So, as he’s singing, it works and he inserts “I’m Peeing,” into the song. Pretty good. So you KNOW I’m gonna try this. Only those of us with similar challenges will understand how you will try anything to cope! It does work. haha!
    Do you use a hypnotic sleep aid? Such as Ambien or some such? That will enable our body to walk about making food, doing any number of things while being still asleep. Before I was ever ill I had insomnia and was given Ambien. So, of course being a sleep walking ALREADY I do have my events. Many times it’s just waking up with food sitting on your chest or in your bed with you. Food is a main driver as well as a more ease in the instigation of sex – which Bill had NO problem with at all. I would totter down to his room, have my way with him and then continue along either to sleep or to seek food! So one night I remembered I had cookies in the back of the minivan. I went out to the van in the parking area behind the house which is right next to our neighbors and in window view of the next house down. This lady was one of my friends so I will assuage at least 50% of your anxiety for me. I lifted the back gate of the van, crawled in wearing only a tee shirt. ONLY. ha! Another time I had a craving for an ice-cream sandwich. I asked Alan to go and buy me one! He said no and I went along my way. So, I woke up the next morning and went to the kitchen ready to relate a hilarious dream I had. I dreamt I went out on my own to United Dairy Farmers and bought my own ice-cream sandwich. I said it was a Neopolitan style which doesn’t exist! I had an memory of leaning down into the cooler where the ice cream novelties are kept, and realized I was out with only a long tee shirt on again and had exposed myself! I laughed it off and then I opened the freezer to get ice for my morning fizzy soda and to my shock there was a half eaten ice cream sandwich wrapped in the freezer!
    I yelped and drew Bill and Alan’s attention and told the dream I THOUGHT I had and the evidence that I must have finally done the worst and driven while asleep as well as going in somewhere half naked. So Alan started laughing and said I had come up the steps asking if he had anything delicious in his freezer. I asked him to get me an ice-cream sandwich and he told me if I waited 30 minutes and still wanted one he would get it for me. So – apparently I was able to ask while asleep again. And the half eaten ice-cream sandwich in the freezer was the same he gave me and I just took a bite and then went from sleepwalking into sleep! You’re still on top GMan!! And your writing and self management are evidence you are not losing it – you have challenges but you are competent and ahead of the curve as your social media work proves! Love to you dear.

    • I can verily verify that these stories are true. Stuff you cannot make up is wot. I can take an Ambien and sleep without foraging about for noshes, just lucky that way meguesses. 🙂

      • I thnkum you’re right, Sir. Life can be more astounding than fiction, and HRH and you have certainly lived and loved it. ♥
        I looked up Zolpidem Ambien, Billumski, for interactions with other drugs. But, as you know, any blocks of writing, and Saccades makes things blurry ad foggy for me. So gave, up. But some Zolpidem is for sale on Amazon – but what a price!

  3. Photos that take themselves, photos found on SID chip that appear out of nowhere, nosh crumbs hidden in folds in the way a squirrel would store an acorn. We have an enormous oak tree in the backyard that an ancient squirrel buried, I remember seeing the tiny shoot popping out of that very acorn. Now I just need to take a photo of the oak tree to complete the documentation. Hoping that no trees grow from various belly folds. Worra a life, innit?

    • Hahaha! Thanks Billum.
      This depression from the lockdown, that’s wot I blame for the massiveness of my midrift. Of course that’s not true, its me! Hehehe!
      The famousness of the Oak Tree… The Tate?

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