Inchcocks Tuesday 31st May 2022 – With Ode


♫ Memories are made of this… ♫

Memories I have of sweets costing a farthing!
Getting skin cancer through over-sunbathing,…
I had sex once when I was thirtysomething…
Being six, Mam ran away, and I learnt snogging,
Christine, her name, I was her plaything!

Skidmarks on my unwashed underclothing.
Trying my hand as a pugilist, boxing…
I never won a bout; I was constantly losing…
So tried the sports club amateur wrestling,
Just one fight, it left me frothing and bleeding,

Years later, I tried my hand at WordPressing,
Got dementia. It is very depressing…
Worked in security, tried a spot of sleuthing,
Caught a crook once; he was very scathing,
He was found not guilty; I was seething!

I went undercover pretending to be birdwatching…
Dressed in camouflage, green and brown clothing…
Binoculars to hand, RT and truncheon packing…
Fell out of the tree as I suspect, watching…
Lost my job; it was gutwrenching!

Realising how bad I was at odes & blogging,
When I was getting on a bit, seventysomething,
I had a period of deep thoughts and soulsearching,
Seeking whatever, a reason to carry on trying…
Now I’m approaching the time for dying…
Oddly enough, there’s no crying, just a bit of sighing!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TUESDAY 31st MAY 2022

05:10hrs: After yet another horrendous night of shooting awake, nodding off and bursting back into ersatz life, I gave up; I needed a wee-wee, anyway. But that in itself was a nightmare… well, morning mare!

The regular of late, trickling, waiting and whistling, was followed by an even more extended period of dribbling! At least by taking my time and making sure that things had stopped, I avoided any splashing of the furniture, carpet or my body parts.

I started the sphygmomanometerisationing. BP first, with satisfactory results, as you can see here on the left. A smidge high, but nothing compared to many of last week’s figures for the SYS, at 149, DIA 74, and Pulse 78bpm. Very good! The Chinese (Hong Kong) was built by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer, was still showing low. Compared to the target set by the hospital, of 35°c, at 33.7°c. But no worries!

I made up a waste bag and then went to the wet room to check out the feet and ankles that I found affecting my balance and hurting me a smidgeon.

I dug out yesterday’s photo of the pins to compare it with today’s (top).

Quite a change? The DVT and old ankle blotch had gone all artistic and more pronounced. Which is what the pains did as the day developed. They have not been this bad for months? Then I got the kettle on but didn’t get to make a brew as the innards summoned me back to the wet room.

Once again, the motion was reluctant to start moving. So, I had a go at the crossword book, a different one, as the previous one had got me struggling. Got a couple of answers in, and the sludge started coming! I can’t recall ever having a more gooey sticky, pongy evacuation than this was! Half a new toilet roll later, I started the mammoth task of cleaning up. Had a wash, got dressed, and went back to the kitchenette.

Made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana, and got some photos uploaded to CorelDraw, then the computer. Got the Monday blog updated; it took me a long time. During which the feet started stinging even when I was sat down. What’s going off down there?

Carer Richard arrived. The lad didn’t look too good. So I launched some humour at him, to which he responded well. As he got the medications to me, the poor chap started sneezing and coughing, and he was sweating so much! Not that that stopped him for long, he even showed me how to get the Grammarly extension, not to give corrections for sentence building. Unfortunately, it stopped Grammarly from working at all! Hehehe! I laughed because we got it back on and laughed about it. (Phew!) Richard didn’t look any better when he departed, but I think he was a little happier. I hope he is not coming down with any illness. Fingers crossed that he’ll be back tomorrow and feeling better. I got the Monday blog post done last, and the Morrison delivery arrived.

The delivery person brought up the flowers first, so he didn’t damage them, and he went down to the other bags; that was kind of him. These are for the Wardens. He fetched the different parcels, and I got them into the kitchen.

Got the things stored away. There is no frozen today; the freezer would struggle to get a biro or single fruit gum in. At least I got some of the battered chips, not the ones I wanted, but the last ones tasted nice enough. They substituted for battered onions with a tray of mashed turnips? Still, they’ll do for me. The bananas almost made me feel guilty! They looked like a set of parents with their children. Alright, so I’m a little weird at times! It has to be admitted, I fear. My travel into loony-land is taking on a little speed lately. Hehehe!

Cleaner Esther arrived. Talking all the time, picking fault with me not getting out for some exercise… then she took the laundry down to get done. I missed most of what she said. But, I did pick up on my ordering too much food. I’ve long stopped bothering to explain things to her. Hehehe!

I took Morrison’s Amazon food delivery wrappers to the waste chute. The fire door was wedged open into and from the flat’s lobby area. Some work of some sort was taking place. The lighting of some sort, I believe.

I limped (the flipping feet are getting even more painful now?) down through the lift lobby and to the waste room door at the end to the left.

I partly trapped my knuckle in the cast iron lid as I shoved the bags into the chute. Nothing new; I’m becoming something of an expert in doing this!

Back to the flat lobby and through into 72 Woodthorpe Court single apartment. Well, I would; I live there. Hahaha! I may be losing it again here?

I got some Facebooking done and the WordPress reading. Later, got the oven warming up for the nosh, specifically the battered chips.

Esther returned with the washing, all done. Oh, the tongue lashing I suffered. I’ve no idea what they were about, mind you. But they flowed at me without relenting or relaxing for a good few minutes. Deafness can have its advantages. Hehe!

I’ll get the meal started, and then, if I don’t fall asleep, try to get the top Ode-making started. Got the beer-battered chips in the oven and got some WordPress comments answered, then went to check the ovens in the chips… or even the chips in the oven.

Enjoyed this plateful immensely. Especially the beer-battered chips. And soft bloomer sliced bread.

A Taste-rating of 8/10 was given. Then, as I had failed to get any desserts with the food order (my fault, Doreen Dementia’s), I guiltily had one of the baby bananas. You can see how small they were here. Tasty lovely. I’m not sure, but I might have heard it crying as I bit into it! Hahaha!

Washed the pots up. And then proceeded to drop the washing-up liquid bottle to the floor via my right toes. What a mess! Got it sorted out and just finished it.

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ rang out, and in came the Evening Carer. Well, Carers, mob-handed. Hehehe! They got the medications sorted, and we had a three-way natter for a couple of minutes, and off they went. Bless ’em.

I got the TV turned on, and there was no reception at all? Mayhaps the electricians, needed to turn off some connection to get done whatever they were doing? So, I put in a Heartbeat DVD to watch. The message came up No DVD inserted! Oh!

I reset the Freeview system. But only a third at most of the channels were loaded, and all West Midlands? So, reset again, picking the ‘All’ option. This time it came up and seemed to be working. But the DVD wasn’t having it! Humph!

I could see the sky’s colour changing through the paper-thin curtains. And nipped out to take a photo of the unique cloud and sky colouring. Not the brightest I’ve seen by a long shot, but I thought it was an awe-inspiring bit of nature.

Fifteen minutes later, the glow of the sun’s setting permeated the room, and I hobbled into the kitchenette. To take this picture. Another masterpiece of nature. I’m so glad I didn’t fall asleep now. But soo regretted thinking this.

The sixth night on the trot of being unable to get to sleep. Couldn’t read a book, thanks to cataracts, glaucoma and saccades. Put the TV on but could not hear it or read the subtitles easily. But kept springing awake again, seemingly every five minutes or so. After perhaps twenty jump-awakes on the 21st, I gave up and rose onto my feet for a wee-wee. It was hard work and well gone midnight before I drifted off…

Morning all!

13 thoughts on “Inchcocks Tuesday 31st May 2022 – With Ode

  1. Sweet memories of the price of sweets. An teeny weeny banana, How cute. I remember Spain, or maybe the EU, had strict regulations on the size and shape of bananas which was an embargo against USA bananas. Beautiful sunset photos. Decent looking meal.

  2. Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas
    Everybody’s lookin’ for something…

    Memories at all points of the spectrum slip into awareness, most of the reruns from previous reruns, but they come right on in, nothing quite like falling out of a tree while you are posing as a bird watcher. Jobs come with risks, do they not?
    Glad that you are able to be a carer for Richard the Caring-Hearted. I would enjoy a chin wag or three with Richard, an interesting lad.
    Much going on at Woodthorpe, spring house cleaning kinds of activities it do appear. And many good photomographicals of the actual activities in real time and space. Perhaps I need to have a team working on a time/space machine. One that uses the same piece of equipment to travel great distances in both space and time. Handy for checking out the pyramids as they get assembled. Seems a good idea to me.
    Esther does appear to be perfectly happy to carry on a one-way conversation, a nod every so often is all she needs, innit?
    All good wishes for you on a Thursday while we are holding out for a couple remaining hours of Wednesday!

    • Well, that entertained me, Billum. I Fanketh You!
      Oh, boy, if we could see the pyramids being build in real time, using your BK900-(Two-Way) 01A model machine most likely?
      Freitag was a nothing sort of day… but the many Whoopsiedangleplops and a few Accifauxpas intervened to cost me even more time. Argh!
      TTFNsk, best to all and sundry at the Manor! ♥

      • So I hit the bull’s eye — not ever to be confused with the potato eye. My mission statement: To larf or not to larf, that be the question. Time *and* Space takes it all in, or do it not? Our BK900 01A lets you choose the Where and the When, making it super easy and super peasy. In real time and in real space. Cushy seats too. It also allows the time and space traveler to select The Invisible Man feature, such that Pharaoh and his soldiers cannot see you (or kill you).
        Freitag was more action packed here. A betterer Xray has shown that Lisa’s right foot was not only broken, but broken in at least several places. Surgery might be required. At least we know something definitive, Still an Aarrgharama though. In the meanwhile, getting around is not easy but there is far less danger from an Accifauxpas.
        Resting at the Manor and wishing you a more than satisfactory Saturday, kind Sir!

      • Hahaha! BK900 01a, clever stuff. I usually try to avoid clever stuff, for fear of making a fool of myself. (But I do it well, and often, all the same).
        Smashing idea the The Invisible Man feature!So glad you’ve gleaned some details from the medicos. But poor Lisa, more hassle and discomfort for my Cyber Angel.
        Please that things get done sooner rather than later, to ease thing. ♥

      • I am highly pleased that you find the Invisible Man feature a worthy addition. By coincidence, a certain H.G. Wells also had some thoughts regarding these topics, but we are the first to integrate both time travel and invisibility into the same product. Morlocks, Dinosaurs, and Pharaohic soldiers, represent threats to our potential customers.
        Safety First!
        Why do medical emergencies occur just as the medicos close for the weekend? Weekends are dangerous things methinks. Where do Cyber Angels go when they required medical attention? I think there are some Cyber Angels working in some of the labs, certainly in Lab 72.
        A light bulb has just alit over my head. A time machine would be a helpful aid in the event of a weekend. Customers could jump right over Samstag und Sonntag and find medical facilities open. Or they could jump back to the hours before an accident, taking care to avoid accidents?
        Sooner is better than “sooner or later.”

      • Had me larfing out load at the start this time, mate. Cheers for that!
        It must be a battle getting your head around intricacies, ramifications and side-affects of transtemporal travel, Billum? And with you working on, and tweaking several models and designs, I think its amazing how you do it.

      • Larfing is good for the heart’s spirit, so ’tis grand to hear that the larf was of the out loud variety. Cheers to both of us then!
        It’s hard to know whether I am coming or going when visiting trans-temporal and trans-spatial states of appearance. A good thing that our Labsters were able to integrate invisibility into the Time/Space machine. Our test team can literally “take their time” with their tests. If a deadline approaches, they can simply dip back into the past and not worry about pesky deadlines. Gives us time to tweak to our heart’s content when working on several models and design simultaneously. We are on the way to becoming TimeLords such as are found on Dr. Who. We wonder if the Beeb is interested in funding us.

      • Indeed Sir, A laughaholic dewlls in both the Labs and three roomed Nottinghamian flat. And we love it!
        Now there is a good idea, Sir… I shall formulate a email to the BBC, forthwith! Hehe!

    • Hehehe! Does yer know, I can still taste my first farthing chocolate log… well, I think I can. I know it tasted great at the time. Cor blimey, I wonder what year that was? ♫ Old man Inchy, he just keeps rolling along…♫ Haha!

      • The best way to live, roll baby roll. Some memories really stick. I can remember the taste burst of Fruit Spangles.

      • Great balls of fire… I remebered mine as soon as I read this, Honestly! It was Grrreat! Bet you thought that too? Haha!

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