Inchcock: Tuesday 6th December 2022

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06:30hrs: After a much better night, only jumping a maximum of five times, I stirred and took a wee-wee.
Went to get the kettle on and took this photograph of the morning view. Not very good, is it?
Then the Porcelain Throne visits began. Over the first hour, I had four trips to the , all little, watery, messy and stinky. And another three visits to the wee-wee bucket. What an hour that was! Almost tired myself out and thought of getting my head down again!

But, me being the heroic, dedicated, conscientious young man that I am, I pressed on with jobs that needed doing.
I made up some waste bags. Made a brew of Glengettie tea, and I put the computer on, which told me it was -2°c in Nottingham.

came in, and I was glad to see him. Told home of wee-weeing and Throne visits taken. The lad was yawning energetically. (Well, it was the end of his shift, bless him)
We had a natter about this, that and the other. He put the three letters I’d got yesterday in the Carers folder. He’ll try to sport put someone to try and get the lift arranged for the Doctors visit for me. A good lad is Richard.

acci-whoop After he’d gone, I had the growing of its own accord, and the bladder pains burst out again, but only when I stretched or bent and got up after sitting down. Then, after all, we’d spoken about, I got the . At the same time, the was needed, and I didn’t get there in time!
Another mess to clean up and bag things. I had gone from an appreciative of getting some sleep when I woke up – to a… what can I say?
continued. How am I going to get out to get some money from the hole-in-the-wall thingy?

Going to have to fo into shorthand here; it’s already 17:00hrs. A lot to get done yet.
I’ll have to skip through. Take it that the wee-wees and Throne visits just kept coming.
arrived, she tried to call the 111 lines to ask for advice about bladder problems but could not get anyone. Bless her for trying.

Liberty-Global Virgin Media’s internet went down for a while. Hard to believe, I know… Huh!

Well, another good one for the record.

Arrived. We had a little natter… Well, I did. Hehe! Gave me the evening medications.

Visit number eight was taken.
This time, I managed to avoid any naughty, messy, annoying, angst-making, and costly time-consuming .

Around 1740hrs, I went to make a brew of Thompson’s Punjana tea. The view of the evening sky forced me to fetch the Lumix camera, and I concentrated as best I could on taking some shots of the amazing sky on offer. Here they are… The first two were taken five minutes before the last three. Bootiful!

Time to get some food sorted out before ‘Heartbeat’ comes on the TV, so I can watch it while I dine.
When I got o n the kitchen, I found I’d left the mug of Thompson’s Punjana on the counter, and it had gone cold. !
I think I was a smidge contented with the pictures coming out so well, for once, and forgot all about the brew.

I got a vegan pastie and a ‘beef slice’ in the oven, I’ll have some BBQ sauce with them, mayhaps. And two pots of the Soya lemon yoghourt. With me having made the cock up with the Asda order and getting two loads in two days, I have a lot to get through. I’d laugh if I didn’t feel

I tucked into the belated meal.
The potato Rostis was the highlight of the feast. Crispy on the outside and soft within. Gorgeous tasting!
Especially with being dipped into the BBQ sauce with each bite of them. Two bites a Rosti!
The Vegan mince and gravy slice was very nice too. The veg pastie was not so good. So a taste rating of 7/10 was given.

I had to fight not to fall asleep when washing all the things up.
Got down in the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, squashing, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner.

But not for long. chimed out, and in came my Saviour . I fear I was not in a fully receptive state (Half-asleep) but do recall that the first thing Richard did was to hand me a loaf of sliced wholemeal bread!
How kind a gesture from the lad.

Handed me the Peptac medicine and asked if I felt I needed a Paracetamol, which I think I declined. He checked the taps and stove and was on his way; bless him.

I felt sure I’d get a decent kip in. I should have known better!
Back to the nod-off – waking up with a jerk, nod-off – waking up with a jerk, nod-off – waking up with a jerk, nod-off – waking up with a jerk, nod-off – waking up with a jerk… Grrr!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock: Tuesday 6th December 2022

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Carer Carolynne, just visited me, telling me there was a fire alarm going off. I couldn’t hear it at all. I suggested she ait in the flat with the fite doors, until it stops. Which it did fifteeen mnutes or so later. Of she went then. Nice buxum lass. Cor… yes!

  1. Amphigoric. Worra a great word for expressing the balance between the nonsensical and the absurd (a new descriptor that I find marvelously apt for the likes of our lives)… or something. Amphigoric amphibians on a romp through the Manor. Explains the very rainy weather we are experiencing this entire week so far. Dingo the Furry would like it — if he ever felt like walking into the rain. Haha!!
    Your ode read very well, mate. Rhyme and meter quite smoothly tracking.
    The BP numbers are tracking well as well. Betterer.
    I picture the 1968 recliner scene: here a jerk, there awake, nodding off…and repeat.
    Soothing astral travels wisheth we to you, Sir Incher!

    • Thanks for the interest, Sir Billum.
      I thought along similar lines about amphigric, Billum. A most apt word to describe the sufferings of the unlucky Virgoleans on the planet. Hehehe!
      I bet St Peter has a problem when he is told to return a late Virgoean back to earth. Har-har!
      A fire alarm trapped the Carer in the flat last night with me. We both smelt smoke, so we think it was a live one. I wickedly thought od it being Herbert’s flat… cheered me up a tad. But the noise continued, so it wasn’t his. Tsk!
      I have to report a different none-sleeping patern last night, Sir Billum. Nodded of, woke up gently for once, and couldn’t get back to sleep at all! After Richard left, I tried to get some sleep again… I even put the TV on… But not a chance. Tried fro hour, well gone midday before the third Carer arrived, just as I was freshly shaved and getting into the shower! Lisa thought it comical anyway. She laughed so much, and even put my socks on for me to avoid me risking Sock-Glide-Glanda, Bless her!
      Not going to be much of a blog today, time is running out to get it done, and I’ve not even started on finishing yesterdays yet. 13:10hrs.
      So you are getting wet rain again?
      Snow forecast for today. They may be right, because the temperture has gone up to 2°c accoding to the computer.

      After Lisa left, I set up the clothes airer in the main room, to help dry the shower-towel, and used the stand-up one in the hall to attampt to dry the thicj woolly bobble cap I’d washed… I mention this, because as I was typing about the low temp – the airer just collapsed! Didn’t half make me jump. Hehehe!
      I’d better get it made up again.
      Cheers, mate, in fact… Santar-Ha! Ta!

      • Virgoleans get much guff from non-Virgoleans. I’m not someone who is given to astrology, but there’s something about the uncanny similarities shared by our fellow Virgoleans — particularly left-handed ones?
        There is indeed something about schadenfreude and Herbert there. Haha!!
        Enjoyed that shower scene, mate. Amphigorea at play?
        Still raining steadily out there, Gerr. The Ohio River (7 miles to the north) will start flooding. Reminding me of a famous flood of that river in 1937, just before WWII. Here is great article I’ve just found on the internet regarding this event:

      • I must say that I am and have never been led by Divination about human affairs or natural phenomena from the relative positions of celestial bodies, clairvoyance nor horoscopes either.
        Although prestidigitation and alchemy of old interests me, Billum.
        Nice twist in your opening paragraphs there, I like it!
        Ah, the oink Herbert, and joy in a dream.
        Amphigories with a red face, mate. Hehe!
        Well, that looked deep enough to put the wind up me, Billum. Flooding heck!

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