Inchie Today: Wednesday 7th December 2022

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Woke at 07:20ish hrs: After what must have been one of the worst nights ever, for the repetitive nodding-off and jarringly springing waking again, minutes later!
Pains from and the bladder side of the stomach. This had me a smidgeon worried!
announced the arrival of , who seemed up for it, until the yawning began. He’s struggling to get sleep the same as I am. poor lad.
Richard got the medications given and went to check the non-prescription drawer for out-of-date products. Which resulted in two, I say two 15l carrier bags of stuff to throw away! He’s a good lad to me!
I had to nip into the wet room for the third wee-wee of the morning. The precious ones were flowing decently; this one was back to having to force things out and getting only a sprinkling… but this time with a difference. The stink was the worst I’ve ever smelt in 76 years of weeing! It was repugnant!
Not that I understand much about it, but I got the idea that now the flowing was starting again, the old stored liquid in the bladder may have been being forced out?
I mentioned it to Richard, who smiled and said I know. I smelt it and heard you cursing about it, talking to yourself! It really annoyed you didn’t it? I’ve never heard you swear so much! He was spot-on the button with his comment. Hehe!
I really thought the urine infection was on its way back.
Richard departed with the two bags of out-of-date medications and two bags of general waste with him for me. Richard even made me a brew of tea! He may call on me for the late check visit but was not sure. I hope he does, he always does his best to cheer me up and have a smile or two, and that’s precious! However tired he is.

As I got back to get the spud in the slow cooker, Herbert, my noisy neighbour above, started his bang-banging. I wonder what he’s making today?
I got to drinking the mug of tea that Richard made for me and gave me a good shake. Thus I spilt the mug of tea… she’s been so kind lately as well, but she caught me out this time. I swore, cleaned up the mess and made another one.
I took these shots of the view from the kitchen window while waiting for the kettle to boil again.

The top one had the moon just disappearing from view on the horizon. Why it came out so dark. I know not.

The second one was a mystery to me? How that one came out so light is another mystery to me!.

The third one came put as it looked to the eyes. The bottom field with the housing at the back, no wonder the frost, according to the computer, was -2°c!

The last one was another disappointment. I tried to brighten it a bit, but I ended up with a white sky, and still, the houses were unclear? .
started off next. But this didn’t bother me too much because the pains from the bladder seemed to be lessening. What’s going on in there?
Herbert went into another bout of almost musical banging about. I think he dropped a sledgehammer at one time. Hope he’s not injured himself at all.

It took me a long time, but I got the Tuesday blog updated and sent off to WordPress. Then, during an hours-worth run of wee-wee taking, I got the Pinteresting of some photos done.
WordPress Template preparing next. That went well. Then made a start on this blog.
arrived but did not press the door chime. I pointed this out to him, and we had a laugh about it. Made my point that I could have been using the bucket and needed to know when someone was about to come in to give myself time to shout not to come in yet. Still, a nice lad. We had a little natter and a laugh.

Ah, well, back up to Stage Two Red Hypertension again. Can’t win ’em all, can you? Well, I can’t. Hehe! It’ll be lower tomorrow, just you see! EQ told me, that he is rarely wrong.

Was getting noisy again. This time I replied with a clout of two of my own on the top of the high bookcase, but only the same amount of bangs and thuds that he’s sent down to me over the next few minutes. Not that it stopped his banging about, of course. Thud, clunk…

announced the arrival of . She told me the fire alarm was going off, but I could not hear it in the flat.
She issued the medications, and I asked her to check the taps for me on leaving. But I wouldn’t let her go until she told me the fire alarm had finished.
we took this photo of an engine sown below outside. Others arrived later.
The alarm was still ringing ten minutes later. A live one, mayhap, this time?
Carolynne and I went out into the flats’ lobby. I could hear the alarm going out there. I opened the door a bit, and both of us could smell burning!
I told her to come back into the flat until the alarm stopped. Which she did.
As we were both coming in, she said the alarm had stopped. Off she went. I hope the lifts were working again for her; I imagine they would have been turned back on now the alarm had stopped.

The temperature now showing is minus 1°c. I wonder why it keeps changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit?  Hello, it’s just changed to a snow warning icon?

There’s scum, and there is Scum. The lousy inhuman SCUM that can do this without checking or getting help, should be hung! Then again, I truly think that Parole Board members who free convicted killers to kill again should be hung as well.
I wonder what the shitbag’s reasons were? In a stolen car? No insurance? No licence? Wanted on a warrant? Drink driving? Or maybe all of these things.
I bet the judge lets them off with a dangerous driving charge.
Some smart-arsed lawyer will earn his money defending them and conning the condemnable judges in which we are supposed to have faith and belief. Until your daughter is killed by them again, as the overpaid pathetic Parole Board sets them free early on licence… Grrr!

Better get something to eat, then. Oh, I’ll check to see if any new figures have come through for Covid for Nottingham first. Aha, got to these numbers through the Nottingham Evening Post’s links. Not sure of the period it covers, but is the latest one on it.

Hello, hello, hello!
 and . Is this not a Boll-Weevil I have on my finger?
Gawd Blimey, please say no; I don’t want an infestation of them again!
This one was on the draining board in the kitchen. I shall keep my eyes peeled while making the meal for any more of the little blighters! Oh, please, no!

Oh, heck, I missed these pictures I took during the day.

The top one looks like late afternoon.

The middle one this morning?

Well, I think it was. Maybe, perhaps, possibly, mayhaps, presumably. in all likelihood and possibility, taking all things into consideration, it’s likely that I may be right or wrong…

The evening and last one, I think I took whilst  (I’m almost sure) was here with the fire engine viewing.

Of course, it could have been anytime, really.

This time, I must get the food prepped. A simple fayre for a simpleton fella! Cottage pie, the slow-cooker cooked for wight-hours big potato, with liquid smoke added to the spud, and BBQ sauce to the cottage pie. I don’t ask a lot... I don’t get much, either. Hahaha! But I did enjoy this dishful and the following Vegan Soya lemon yoghourts.

I then launched into mission-impossible mode! Trying to get to sleep and stay asleep. It was a bridge too far, an extremely difficult, nay, impossible, unattainable, forlorn, unexcogitable, hopeless task! I got the pots washed, and checks were done.

Within minutes of getting settled in the £300, used, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly Kari-beige coloured, crumb containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner, I floated off into what I thought was going to be, a deep sleep.

acci-whoop A few minutes later, I woke up calmly. (No jerking a jumping at all!) That was the end of my kipping!
My body was telling me I needed sleep. But, it was not to be.
I even put the TV on in hopes of the averts helping me to drop off. It didn’t help!
I lay there hoping, praying and swearing to myself, for Gawd knows how many hours.
Then around 07:10hrs in the morning, rang out and almost reluctantly, I limped to the door to let in.


4 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Wednesday 7th December 2022

  1. Well-written words, mate. SOSTH is putting up quite a fight. Has it been diagnosed yet? Aarrrgh Aarrrgh Aarrrgh!!!
    You are quite the philosopher. Seriously. Pondering on the nature of paroleboarders decisions hit the bull’s eye. I appreciate your verve, mate.
    WordPress *still* will not allow me to Like your posts. Gits!
    We have drop-off sites for unused medications located at police stations. Are there such bins in the UK?
    The claptrappers in political offices over here who were appointed by Trump are still up to mischief. Fortunately, a commission established to investigate the attack on the Capitol Building on 6 January 2020 will be issuing their final report in about two weeks. Trump’s former supporters in the legislature are trying to distance themselves from Donald now, but their fig leaves are just too small. Much like those proverbial cockroaches who run for dear life when the light switches on. Smug-mode definitely adopted. Haha!!

    • Hi, Billum.
      SOSTH is again on the decrease orbitally, and itchiung again – which just be resisted.
      Can’t understand WP at all, problems insurmountable!
      Parole Boarder murderers… (SPIT!)
      We have to take the out-of-date meds to a Pharmacy, ans some of them will not take them if they didn’t issue them.
      Surely the outcome of the investigation, must be that RedWig cannot stand again? Loved the (but their fig leaves are just too small)
      Sister Jane called this morning, she & hubby Pete are calling on me in the morning, cause they are visiting someone nearby and can find the time to pop in to see you, but not for long. Hehehe! It’s been well over a year since they called… Now I have to clean the house today, to avoid being told off about it.
      Int life difficult nowadays?
      Cheers mate.

      • Invasion of the SOSTH, a sequel to INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS? Haha!! Hopefully, the itching represents healing. Might a hydrocortisone cream help? I had a 2.5% prescription-grade cream for some of the plaque psoriasis outbreaks. Petal is with Sweet Morpheus at the moment, but I see that she has used a couple creams/ointments that are also prescription-grade-only salves. (Mupirocin 2% and Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%)
        WP is a funny bugger, innit?
        Parole Board Murders reminds me a famous Red Wig remark about being able to shoot someone on Times Square and getting away with it. In cahoots perhaps.
        Thanks for liking (not the WP kind) my fig leaf metaphor. Ha!
        Another interesting synchronicity regarding family visits among my siblings. I will write about that parallel in an email.
        May the Sontars not be with you. Another hypothetical

        WordPress just placed a black box over my words, telling me to “Log in to use details from one of these accounts.” Thanks WP? Hahaha!!!!

      • Invasion of the SOSTH, a sequel to INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS? I love it, mate!

        Not sure about the cream, but I have some I use for the fingal lesion, it stings like hell on Little Inchie, SOSTH might be the same… but I’ll try it later, Sir.

        Words that cheer me “Petal is with Sweet Morpheus at the moment…” ♥

        I cannot believe that no one has taken up on the Parole Boarders incompetency and guilt in freeing convicted murderers early, and they kill again. They are as guilty as the killer is! Grrr!
        The Pensioner killed by a hit & run gang who has stolen the car, it turns out the driver, had no licence, no insurance, and had been FREED by the Patrol Board weeks earlier!

        Red Wig remark about being able to shoot someone on Times Square and getting away with it. Not heard that one, Billum.

        WordPress just placed a black box over my words, telling me to “Log in to use details from one of these accounts.” Thanks WP? Hahaha!!!!
        I get that when trying to comment reply sometimes, Bill! Click and threeemails come up for three accounts with WP??? Tried clicking on one once, it let me reply to that comment, but barred from commenting or liking any others???

        We seem to share so much lately, Billum.
        Today I anticipate learning more things that I am doing wrongly, shouldn’t be doing, and getting simple advice on ‘Just ringthe Doctoe-Dentist-Hospital and ask them. (My deafness Cataracts & Glaucoma, and Dementia seem be ignored, Hehe) But I do love our Jane, and seeing her after so long, might bring up tales of our youth. (Although that might not be a good idea)

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