Inchie: Monday 12th December 2022

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06:00hrs: Woke requiring a wee-wee; rather urgently. Rose carefully and caught my balance, and over to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket), and had to be patient as there was a lot of PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling); The were not getting messages through to the brain, which kept up the after-dribbling going for more than ten minutes at least. Eventually, it stopped.
Then straight away, after storing Little Inchie in the PPs, an even more urgent call came – To the .
yet again! Bum down, and the evacuation started of its own accord. But no complaints; although it was messy, it was all over in seconds.
But on cleaning up, the tissue was red with blood. Deep red, so I didn’t fret about it; it was almost certain to be just bleeding. Washed things, and I medicated the rear end with Germoloid Cream. 

Then olive-oiled the ear-holes.
Got the eye drops done; maybe 5% got in the eyes. The rest down the cheeks and somehow into my nose, down through the moustache, leaving it with brown streaks, and into the mouth.
Went to the kitchen to make a mug of Glengettie tea.

The fog was lingering outside, and I took this blue-hued morning shot of the view. I’ve now forgotten the word I was about to use to describe it. Humph!
Never mind, getting used to forgetting things comes with Vascular Dementia, Doreen’s attention.
But it’s hard to live with.
Then, after another wee-wee, I got the Health Checks done.

Oh, heck! Back up again today.

Into the Hypertension Two – Red zone.

Ah, well, it has been higher before. Maybe the tension from Friday’s cock-ups?

I was cleaning the kitchen floor near the cooker when arrived. Always nice to see him, even when he is yawning; Haha! But he wasn’t this morning.
got the medications sorted out, and Peptac was given to me. We had a chat for a while. Richard got a phone call on his mobile and apologised. No need for that, mate. He told me about his problems with his Diabetes – 2. Nice to listen to him; he did it to let me know others are suffering as well, I think. A tactical ploy? Hehe! We had a laugh about things… he has a skill for making me feel good!

Visit number three. Another good one, and no bleeding this time?

Got the computer back on… and…


I could not save the work I’d done on this blog. So dare not turn off the computer. So left it running and went onto CorelDraw to do a graphic for tomorrow’s blog.

Took another wee-wee, washed and sanitised the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket). Accompanied by Herberts
mechanical largo of noise.

Made another brew, Thompson’s Punjana, this time, and the internet came back on. Well done, Fries! Got the Sunday blog completed and posted off to WordPress.

The DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) nurse, Hristina, arrived.
She took the blood sample for the Warfarin INR testing.
Lovely gal, a treasure of patience with me, and listened when I talked.
Bless her Cotton Socks!

Half an hour later, the Carer Manager, Tina, arrived. We spoke for a while, mostly me telling her about the odd memory blanks I’d had last week. I thanked her for the extra care she had provided for me. Another lovely, patient-with-me gal.

When Tina left, I did it again, and I lost a couple of hours altogether. But am pretty sure I was working on CorelDraw… of course, when I say pretty sure… I restarted this update, but with little to add to it, really.

The doctors’ surgery rang with an updated Warfarin dosage. INR level is now 4.6, dangerously high. The man asked if I was taking the correct dosages, I told them the Carers take care of that nowadays, so it should be right.

I made a list of the new dosages and planned to put it in the Carers folder, but didn’t. (Dementia Doreen and a mind-blank?)

Later, I found I was being given the wrong dosage, but somehow noticed it? Got the new list onto the folder.

I thought I’d get the meal started; the pots were nearly ready in the slow cooker. And I’ll settle to watch a frost episode while I eat it… not the Frost episode, the meal.
An odd-looking meal this one was
I mashed a whole boiled potato mashed with Leicester cheese. I added a blob of vegan butter, sea salt and a dollop of BBQ sauce on top. A Vegan Shepard’s pie. Three tiny oven-cooked rolls and got chomping away at it until it had all gone. Taste: 8/10. Turned off the computer and promptly .

Woke me up. I’m afraid I was a smidge out of it with sleepiness lingering, and I may have been either gabbling on or non-responsive to the lad. Had the Peptac and tablets, and he was soon gone. (I think). The wrong dose of Warfarin was given to me. (Amazing that I noticed in my half-asleep mode). Gave him the new dosage list, and Ty stuck it onto the Carer’s folder cover. All okay now.


Woke me up. Peptac served up. Chatted about the ailments we share, and we managed a (precious) laugh or two. Took the waste bags with him after checking the taps and cooker.

. Slept with just two rises for a wee-wee and one messy Porcelain Throne.

9 thoughts on “Inchie: Monday 12th December 2022

  1. So nice to see your lovely Vampire. She’s always good for taking a few points off you depression. Often odes are inspired by depression. Seeing the number of violence and sexual offenses reminds me that one of our school district clients told me that a young woman was sexually assaulted by a teen after school. The young woman’s gang bros, well armed, jumped the school fence and walked to the classroom the alleged offender was to execute him. Apparently a couple of brave, unarmed teachers, drove the gang members away before they could kill woman’s attacker. Going so boldly into the school to do a public execution was certainly planned to make a point. I’m sure they will get the guy at another time. Decent looking meal.

    • Hristina certainly does that, Tim, thanks.
      Bad news, Carer Richard is very poorly and had to knock-off of work. No one else checks the medications and I’m getting low, inct out of some meds. Wish I could send him a message to wish him well, but no idea where to. Bethca I’m gonna to get wrong dosages while he’s off.
      Young Ty arrived, and he makes me nervous, he’s got the Warfarin doses wrong twice already, full of himself for a young lad. Chunky Carolynne came last night.
      The gang v gang retribution knifings & killings continue here, too. But nothing as bold as brass as going armed into a school for the victim. Blimey!
      DVT are now arranging for me to go to the hospital for the vein drain… ket’s see, I’ve waited 2 years for the catract operation (no date yet). Nine months for the Dementia Assesment just had it not long ago, awaiting brain scans on that before they can do anything to slow it sown they have to know which type of Dementia it is, appartently they all need to be treated differently? Odds on its Vascular Dementia, but with having PN, it could be Neurological Dementia. With the Diabetes another possibilility… I’m waffling again, Sorry.

      • I hope you can get a good Richard replacement. Was if Vallarie who was helping you out. Can you get her to drop by and help you sort things out?

      • Two, no, three missed visits this week already. I lost Valerie, Tim. She got a job in a nursing home.
        I’ve asked every care if they know how Richard is going on, includingthe boss Tina – no one knows.

  2. I’d combine Mona Lot with a mural of putin, et al on the porcelain bowl then you could really take the piss out/on, lol. Now I think about it, it’s a business opportunity. I sympathise, ageing is miserable.

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