Inchie: Sunday 11th December 2022

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04:00hrs: I woke up with a jump and start and immediately knew I was in need of an urgent wee-wee. By the time I’d risen and caught my balance, was joined by an even more pressing need for the .
Grabbed Metal Micky and tumbled my way to the wet room. Dropped the stick, tore open the fessing gown, whipped down the jammie bottoms and tore the PP (Protection Pants) in the process of getting in position before the overly-eager evacuation started of its own accord.
acci-whoop I thought that Little Inchie was giving some CMD (Cessational Micturitional) after dribbling. But on inspection, I found the .
The tube of Hydrocortisone cream in the wet room was virtually empty. So I nipped to the medicine drawer in the kitchen and got another tube.
I got back to the WC and went through the usual painful, teeth-gritting routine of applying the aforesaid ointment.
As I put the resealed tube back in the box, I noticed what I thought to be a use-by date on it. So, fetched the spyglass to read it…

Oh, Heckithump! The date was November 2021 on it! I must have used them in the wrong order
. What an absolutely unquestionable than I already knew I was!
Now I have to explain things to , and hope he can get me another prescription from the Doctor for me.

I had, while sitting on the , got the idea that I was going to get some cleaning up done in the kitchen. But my morale and willpower had sunken, and I got on the computer to get the Saturday blog updated and sent off.
I forgot all about having a shave and shower; Doreen Dementia had toyed with me again. Never gave washing and shaving a thought. Now I’m involved in an addiction to my blogging again. I can’t see myself stopping to get a shower and shave now. More chance of Putin apologising to the world and stopping the war!

Took some photographicalisations of the beautiful, if cold morning views from the kitchenette window.

Despite the freezing cold weather, I later bravely took a picture of the bottom field across from the car park. The now ease melting now.

A brave dog walker or two appeared later.
The dogs were lapping up the weather. I think the clear air of the frost makes it easier for them to trail the scents of other dogs they pick up? The two, who were having a sniffing party didn’t stop wagging their tails. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Got the blog updated and sent it off to WordPress.

Then back to the . Ah, that was easier! No bleeding from the , I’m glad to report.

I got the growths coming from the new potatoes removed and got them in the crock-pot.
Flavoured with balsamic vinegar, Ben’s Hickory Liquid Smoke, and sea salt.
Which gives the water in this photograph a red hue.
Then, I de-eyed two baking potatoes ready to use later.
They can go in the oven to be baked… providing I remember, of course. (I didn’t)
This depends on Dementia Doreen’s frame of mind, my not falling asleep on the computer chair, and if I get any mind-Blanks. Or, of course, if Putin decides to attack with his missiles.
Arrived, by which time my mind was all over the place. Got the medications done, had a natter, and he took the waste bags with him to the chute for me.

Not the foggiest idea what happened over the next few hours.
But I had done some work on this blog as the brain re-engaged.

I’d also opened the Christmas present from Jane & Pete that they left me yesterday.
A lovely woolly hat, a nice shade of maroon, I think.
Still not feeling so good now; distant might be the word.

Arrived. We had a chat and laughed. She took the biscuits from the giant shortcake box and found some tubs to put half of them in, leaving the other bag unopened.
Remembered to give her a choice of Christmas pressie.
Must get some more bottles in
Made up the ode of the day and patched together a graphic on CorelDraw.

Again, I’m not certain what happened for several hours.
Woke up in the recliner feeling unsettled and bemused. I stayed there, even after noticing that I had still not had a wash and shave… That’s not me usually.

Many hours later, after having a few minutes of sleep, then waking and worrying about anything I could think of or dream up, I rose from £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, itch-producing, none-working recliner.

Finding that while I was supposedly having old man naps, Carers had called? I even wrote this on the memory notepad. (Can’t remember them calling or making the notes?).
, and had been.
These Blanks are worrying. I believe they are getting to me more and more. What if something important was said or arranged during the sessions? How do I know
? I must put these on the list of things to tell the MH nurse.

Yet, I felt pretty fair when I last woke up. And got myself a meal made, although scarily, I do not remember actually cooking it. The photo of the meal triggered memories of enjoying it – feet up on a chair, tray on my knees… Oh, dear! I even found a score for the flavour rating in the pad. 802/10!

I washed the pots, took a painful reluctant wee-wee, had a wash, got into the jammies, and sat down to watch the TV. A Star Trek film… to which I promptly fell asleep when the first set of adverts came on.

Arrived. It was nice to see him again. Sorted the medications, and we had a natter. Richard checked the taps and stove. The lad looked tired. He took the waste bag on the way out for me.

Had a wee-wee (Still reluctant), and I got my head down in a serious search for proper sleep. And I got it at long last. I think I must have had an unninterupted good six hours! Dream-filled mind you, wish I could remember what they were about.

Morning all!

6 thoughts on “Inchie: Sunday 11th December 2022

  1. A grand cartoon of the advancing retreat artist, Vladimir. He is a grand master and architect of his own demise. Reminds me of Mr. Trump somehow. Reminds me of that fatal attraction between Putin and Trump at the same time.
    Always good to have a spare tube of hydrocortisone, innit. Remember not to place the tube anywhere near the toothpaste.
    Cleaning up the kitchen…something I just now accomplished, mind you. A whirlwind of appointments for both myself and the damsel of the Manor, mate. And it’s still only Monday. Wowser the Cowser, saith Billum as he writeth. Hence the absence of writeage in the last several days, dontcha know. Writeth Billum as he observes a calendar filled up with doctor appointments for meself and petal. Wednesday…no, a trek to two (make that three) visits to three physicians. So, to relax, we’re watching Random Harvest, starring Ronald Coleman. A major film among major films. Making our woes appear very minor indeed. The “Great” War. No picnic.

    “Now I’m involved in an addiction to my blogging again. I can’t see myself stopping to get a shower and shave now. More chance of Putin apologising to the world and stopping the war!”

    ganz genau. bestimmt.

    Good words to you, kind Sir!

    • Hi, Billum, thanks for the commentski and much needed wit within.

      Redwig and Pucking, definite similaries there – Oh, what happened to the wall, by the way? At least Redwig didn’t attack Mexico. That’s all I can think of him that was partially good… well, not so bad. Hehehe!

      Dang-it! I forgot to ask Richard to order some hydrocortisone, I am incapable!
      Not to place the tube anywhere near the toothpaste. You remembered when used it in mistake, fantastic. They are now placed on different sides of the wet room.

      “A whirlwind of appointments for both myself and the damsel of the Manor” – Boy I’m with you on that one mate. My sympathy flows.
      The Warden has told me I have to arrange lifts and appointment on my own in future, it’s not her job! That hurts!

      The “Great” War. Certainly was No picnic. ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, brings forth the proletariats viewpoint on both sides. methinks.
      The horrible saying in my youth from the locals was Over here, overpaid and overlate!” Bloody good job in both wars the Americans came to our rescue… but did they appreciate it? No! All those families with lost sons, husbands etc… breaks my heart.

      Ich hasse den Gedanken an Vorurteile und Gewalt!

      All the bestest with your and HRH’s apointments galore, and love and thanks. ♥

  2. Nice photos. It looks cold. Those short breads Jodie helped you with look good. Looks like you made a super A+ meal.

    • Do you have Walmart stores in town? They keep delivery chips and fries that have melted by the time they arrive, when I came to cook some last night they were a solid lump in the bag! Hehehe!
      Got some more thius week – same thing!
      Hey-Ho! I’m missing Richard already, no one else listens to my moaning. Hahaha!

      • Chronically bad, I’ve had to throw away the chips that had defrosted duing delivery. Butthey sent me email telling me I could win £250 in a free compertition if I spend over £60 next week – Ha!

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