INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 19th January 2023

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A hectic day. Medicationalistically, that is!
I shall reveal only the important & humorous stuff, as time is already running out. (Well, that’s the plan anyway) but I have been known to waffle on. Hehe!
I’ve dealt with the pretty, kind Fall Team’s Lisa.
The Doctor’s Surgery… twice…
The Urology Hospital.
Made two more medical appointments given me.
And failed to arrange lifts… yet!

Here we go…

After another night of sleep-wake, sleep-wake, and sleep-wake… I decided to get up around 05:00hrs – fell back asleep, and was woken by Chiming from the doorbell, and in walked my mate and Carer Richard.
The moment I woke and stretched the one leg on the chair (The other had the catheter on it and needed to be kept off of the chair so as not to trap the tubing), the kicked-
off big-time.
Richard, set about getting detaching, then he , and adjusted the straps on the . Gave me the medications and set up the air-fryer for me
. We had a little chat while he did it.

The was utilised, and then I stripped off (A horrible thought for you, I know), and I got the done. Medicationalisationings next. Then the painful bit of doing the hemerine . Finally, nearly two hours after entering the wet room, I started the task of getting dressed.   This provided the first and of the day.
I was at the complicated stage of using the picker-upperer to get the trousers up over the and the attached accoutrements, and, with its usual crap-timing, a burst out.
I fell against the racking and, almost in slow motion, slid down, hitting my chin on the metal. However, I managed to land on a knee, and it was my left knee; this helped me, along with the walking stick, to get back up onto my feet. Even if it did take GC broken toothme an age to manage it. Also, no damage to the catheter, tubing, bag or straps, either. So it could have been a lot worse. As I was at my smuggest, the teeth started bleeding. It must have been from when I hit my chin on the trolley? A flaming good start to the day! It must have taken me over two hours to complete the , and !!!

Made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana and got the computer going.
An Email from the lovely Lisa from the Falls team had to be answered.
At last, very late in the morning, I made a start on finishing off yesterday’s blog.
Herbert above’s short concert of mechanical clanging was short-lived.
Then the lift men began working again. But they were such a lot less noise than last week. Maybe they were getting to the end of the job or more floors down? Got to be done, though.

I made an Iceland order for next week.
The Pharmacy man rang about next week’s appointment.
Then the doctor’s surgery rang; The Doctor needed me to come and see her. That sounded a little worrying! She told me the appointment is for next Monday at 10:30hrs.
Around 16:00hrs, I rang Easy-Link to try and book a lift there and back, but the lady said I must call back in the morning twixt ten & noon. But will I remember to? If I forget, or can’t get through, they are not open Sat and Sundays… Oh, dearie me!

I spent hours on blogging duties. It’s amazing how many mistakes, errors, memory losses and losing track that a man can make! All without any effort at all.

Here are the photographs from the day:

Pareidolia moment with the clouds.

All is well with the Catheter!

Air Fryer was all set up for me!

Blooming nippy out there!

All parked up

Sunsetting shot

Sunsetting shot twenty minutes later.
Got the balcony doors open for me.

Got the TV on to watch Heartbeat as I worked on the blog

Logging off now to get summat to eat.

Morning Catch Up

Baked beans with BBQ sauce, bread rolls.
Soya yoghourt & Star dessert.

Eating it, and arrived. Checkedte catheter.
All was well in that department.
Medications and a little chinwag & laugh.

Dished the cold meal after she’d gone. Enjoyed what
I did eat, though. Flavour 7.5/10.


Googled it…

4 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 19th January 2023

  1. That’s coof the Cathy catheter is doing well. It’s good when she’s draining you. Vitals were up a bit. Great looking nosh and photos.

    • Smug-Mode Engaged on the vitals, Tim.
      Internet banking mess, Cara KAra helped me in her own time with it. Still woulfn’t let me in, so she rang them (dread to think what it must have cost me), and I convinced hte woman to let Cara Kara be my spokeman. She rightly needed me to back up any dtailts given. Bless her, she going to try again later to get on, but had to go to work. OR home, I’m not sure which. A long job, so here I am about to make a start proper on the Friday blog… 20:20hrs!
      I sent it off by mistake before it was finished, so will start again, binned it.
      The straps on the catheter have come loose, and the tube has made Little Inchy bleed.
      Worra state!
      Cheers, Tim, thanks.

  2. A spectacular edition of IT, kind Sir! That take on Putin is spot on, what a super creep of a slithering snake. He must know that his days are numbered, so he’s getting more ruthless. I think he needs an emergency visit from Donald Trump to lighten his day. Donald just keeps coming up with more creative ways to self-destruct and implode. In other words, good news.
    I have also been following the intrigue and dirty-dealings among those Royals. Another case of implosion? Makes interesting reading though. It’s getting mention over on this side of the pond, as well.
    Petal is gaining more strength, and has more appointments scheduled into next week. Alan and the furries are also doing well here at Crowell Manor. I’ve taken to calling it Crowell Manor here as well. A 24/7 operation indeed.
    Your BP numbers continue to trend well.
    Just got news the other day that my nephew Wes and his wife Sara, who live in Berlin, are going through some rough days with Covid, contracted recently. Relentless stuff it is.
    Cheers from Petal and I.

    • Thanks a million. Lovely to harken from thee, my goodlimost Squire of the Crowell-Manor, Santar-Harer, Fellow-Sufferer, and Cyber-Mate!

      Time is the one thing all three of us do not have – due to ourever increasing medicalisationings needed. You making the effort is most appreciated, Sir Billum.

      Putin may contact Red-Wig. to share frustrations and talk over what they are doing wrong? Your choice of descriptive wording for Putin, I like!

      The Royal Family may well be self-destructing – and it’s not Mission Impossible. Hehe!

      HRH Petal-Lisa will always be Royalty to us. Which of course makes you King Billum… or, in the UK King Willum. Hehehe!

      So cheered that HRH is coping with all the procedures, with more to come as well. ♥ Bestest wishes for you both, boy we are going through it.

      The precious Alan and the lovely furries doing well is good news.

      Hope the Covid, for hubby and Sarah improves for the good.

      I feel I know HRH, Professor Billum, Always at Hand Alan, and all the furries, I certainly love them.

      Ans, of course, Santar-Ha!

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