INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 9th February 2023

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I woke up (I do that sometimes, you know) a little later than I intended to, but Sweet Morpheus allowed me to fall back asleep again earlier.
I got the Night Pouch off and collected the things I’d amassed last night in readiness (blimey, I sound so organised this morning… don’t I?)  and the wee-wee bucket to empty and sanitise and hobbled painfully (The sole of the right foot) to the wet room to do the  . Which were slow and painful, especially the stop to utilise the .

acci-whoopHowever, I had an FND moment when I got around to dressing…
I actually believed that a person was standing next to me!
I didn’t recognise her; she didn’t talk but just melted away into the ether as I got over the shock and turned to look at her.
It was so real, I looked around for her. The door was closed, and at that instant, I had an out-of-body experience that lasted only a few seconds… this is impossible, of course, but in some way, I felt I was watching myself and was not myself, but someone else.

Carer Richard arrived, but I didn’t tell him what had just happened. I felt such a fool and too embarrassed, too! And here I am now, telling the billions of tellurians and my vast amount of followers on WordPress about it! Still, my legions of followers are both decent lads. Hehehe!

Poor lad looked all in, shattered at the end of his long shift.
It’s a fact that when the chap takes off his glasses, releases long, noisy yawns, and falls asleep while I’m talking to him, he needs his bed! (Only joking!) A grand bloke & Carer.
Not that it stopped him from sorting out the medications for me.
Then he departed; after checking the taps (faucets) & stove.
I hope he’s not coming down with anything! And his
insulin level is okay. He’s such a nice lad.

I rushed to get the Thursday blog finished and posted it.
Then it was time to get ready for the visit to the Coppice Hospital.

All dressed in the outside gear. Today is the first time I’ve worn trousers for about a week or more. With problems, it’s rather painful being trousered. So, fingers crossed that today’s little trip out will not agitate the situation in the lower regions.

I got down in the lobby, with ten minutes to spare before the lift from the was due. We took the long way around this time.
Still got there in plenty of time, though. I was dropped of in the car park and made my way to the reception door. A lady came to let me in, and by the time I’d adjusted to a comfortable sitting position with , the nurse arrived and said follow me. Through the corridors, but I nearly lost her; she was fast! The sole of the foot and dangling tubes from the catheter slowed me down. The lady mentioned that I had not brought my carer with me, and why not? I explained that last time because it was my first session, hate carer helped me out by coming with me, and that’s why he was so sleepy. I couldn’t ask him again. Fair enough, she said.

No messing, sit down, and the Q&A session began. It took a similar format at first as the last session. I think I was doing as well as last time. Then the drawing, writing, telling time and mathematical tasks were done. I feel I did well on the words, naming animals, people etc. The maths buggered me, though, as is usual.

The next hour or so is just a haze.
I remember having to check the , as I thought it was getting fuller, pulling on the tube and poor Little Inchy.
The lady said; Finally, what can you remember about the first test you did when we started? I thought for a while. (Hoping something would trigger the brain), but no, I had no idea. This had obviously happened before. The lady tried to help, and an example: Was it Brian Douglas, Johnson or Smith? I had a guess. Then another tip; Was it Milton Close, Avenue or Road? I guessed. Was it number 72, 44 or 39? Aha! I got that one. It was the number of my flat! Was it Dorset, Falmouth or Dorchester? I guessed!
Obviously, the names here are made up cause I can’t remember them.

All done; no idea how I did, but felt okay, and as I walked back to the reception,  the pain from the sole of my foot was much easier.
There was a wait of about 50 minutes for the Easy-Link to collect me.
But I had not taken the crossword book and pen with me. So I sat quietly in a too-low chair… Oh, I’ve remembered I missed something that happened in the session: I told the lady I had made a list of unusual happenings and handed her the notepaper… She handed it back to me; I had taken the list I’d made for the visit to the doctor. I rifled through my pockets and found the one I wanted to give her, and gave it to her. She asked a couple of clarificationalistical questions, and it was not mentioned again.

So, there I was sat, sitting in the chair, and… Zzzz!

As I woke up with a jump, the lady from the reception was coming to me; she had seen the Easy-Link Minibus arriving. Walked out with me to have a word with the driver about something. We were soon back at the flats, quick route taken, gave the driver a choice of drinkies from the cans from within the three-wheeled walked bag, thanked him and got indoors and up to the flat.
Phoned Meridian Care; to let them know I was back home.

Started to cook some food, and the sunset caught my eye. I wasn’t throwing the eye, Haha!) Over the half an hour I was cooking, I took four photos with the Fuji camera (It’ll need six new batteries shortly; it is an old camera, but highly appreciated). It was given to me by Carer Richard when the Canon camera crapped out. Now the new Lumix has bit the dust, and Fuji continues to work but is too big to take out with me.

I thought did a fairish job.

Then one of the houses below.

Eerie one this?

Arrived, and we decided not to add the yet, as it was only 20:00hrs, and @I need to make my meal. Which is dodgy with a walking stick and carrying the tubed catheter pouch at the same time as prepping food.
I was working on this blog at the time and knew it would be hours before I got the meal. Although, I got it prepared and in one saucepan to make it easier to get served up. I’ll try to fit the bag myself later.

Hours later, it came to now. I’ll get the nosh sorted and then the flipping added on… I hope.

I’ll be back in the morning to finish this off. I hope!

I made a bigger meal than planned. Ate most of it.
Flavour Rating: 702/10.

Then, I to .
It was a painful experience. This simple task left me with , , , , and even the kicked-off, with a vengeance. And, apart from that, I had been doing so well with the lack of ailments today. Humph! I even pulled at the inserted into Little-Inchie’s tubing and started stinging and the .

I’ll try to remember not to add the night bag myself again. It’s not worth the pain and lack of sleep this caused.

I suppose, looking back, it was rather comical, really, all the same.
After fiddling with the tubing in Little Inchie, adjusting the Protection Pads down to avoid contact, and finally finding a position that was less hurtful…
Then of all things came into action!
Which moved the tubing, bringing back the twinging pains and started the Fungal Lesion leaking again! I went all the adjusting things rigmarole again.
Having nearly found a more comfortable arrangement...
I then needed to utilise the .

I gingerly rose, Catheter Night bag in one hand, walking stick in the other, and hobbled to the wet room. Git there in time, at least. The evacuation was another of the gushing, watery, messing, pongy jobs. You know? One of them uses up half a toilet roll to clean things up afterwards?

After stemming the bleeding, cleaning and medicating, I returned to the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, crumb-holder of a tatty recliner; and went through yet again, the process of finding a less painful position to settle into.

had calmed down, but unfortunately decided to have a go at me.
Early hours of the morning, I was almost at the point of drifting off at last…
There was a loud dull thud from the flat above.
I pondered and worried over this; Is the new tenant who moved in taken a fall? It was no good, I just had to go up and ring their bell, just to see if he or she was alright…
I struggled painfully out of the £300 second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner and caught my balance. Put the hearing aids in so I might hear if I got any reply when I rang their bell.  got the stick and was about to go to the hallway… fearing the worst, I just had to know if they were okay and get help if not.
Then I heard music on TV, the radio playing. So it seems whoever is up there is okay. Which was a good thing.
 Back into the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner, and once more went through the getting into a comfy position routine for Little Inchie and the .

Then moments later, I realised it was time to get up for the Iceland delivery anyway… And to think I looked forward to retiring and having a life of peace, rest, pleasure and comfort!



4 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 9th February 2023

  1. Do you remember Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb?

    “Hello? (Hello, hello, hello)
    Is there anybody in there?
    Is there anyone home?”

    Poor overworked Richard. Your chinwagging gives him a bit of nap time. Wonderful sunset shots. I love the eerie photo. Decent looking meal.

    • Thanks, Tim, mate.
      Don’t know that one Sir, but it fits in with Doreens Damned Dementia. Hehe!

      Myxtery time here again today, Tim.
      1: Another letter telolling me I’d missed an appointment at the doctors to have my blood taken? News to me, but could be right.
      2: Call drom the Doctor yesterday about mke having to take my GP four times a day, starting… Oh, that’s in the blog. Sorry.
      3: When at the window taking a photo, I got the feeling someone was behind me… turned around, no one there… back to the Fuji-ing, and Carer Richard gave me a shock when he asked rahter loudly and laughingly… “How yer going, mate! Bless him, he’s a tease!
      3: The surgery rang up about my having no blood tests done?
      4: The Carer who said yesterday that she is coming for a (paid) hour tomorrow to help you with the paperwork She didn’t come.

      ♫ Look on the bright side of life… ♫
      Or not…
      TTFNski, to all.

  2. Hello my friend! I loved the overshadowed foggy picture of the houses below your perch! You got outside! I’m so happy. You know how sleep deprived you are? Well, I too took one of those tests you had years back and it took me 4 hours! I fell asleep regularly throughout it and even asked Bill some answers! haha/ The doctor called back very concerned. He had never see anything like my test and could not use it to evaluate my issues So, he had me come in again but this time in the later part of the day after I slept. It took me 90 minutes and showed I had severe depression and but that is about it. So, I can imagine how crazy your test was with what little sleep you had and how much physical illness you were feeling. I’m confused – when I am in a nursing hone, I have to pay 300 dollars a day. That is MY part – imagine what insurance pays! So, I try to keep it quick and to the point so I get back home to my carers here! But when I am in bad shape, it is beyond their ability so I do that. Thank God it’s usually after a major surgery. I don’t have to pay in the hospital though so that is good! I wonder if your normal carers could check your answering machine for you and make a huge calendar that you can’t miss detailing your days? Also, at 20hundred hours, that idiot should have put your night catheter on danged it! You could get your push cart, hook the bucket to it, and kinda kneel a bit to cook. What??? Try it out before you hurt our little friend as much and wake up all the other named tormentors to assail you! BTW, try looking up comfortably numb online so you can enjoy it! Pink Floyd, what would life be like without it? I mean – or Queen or Led Zeppelin? Get thee to the school of Rock young man!
    You know I try very hard to connect to you when I am meditating and trying to transition my astral body to support you? It will make your doctors think we are both insane but don’t disregard it. You are loved and those who love you are all around you. I see clearly in my mind, but it would disconcert me to see physically so I generally ask to avoid that when I’m meditating or praying if you will. Your Petal.

    • Thanks a million for commenting, Lisa-Petal ♥

      You shook-up the medics on your test? Good for you, Petal! (I think depression may be involved in mine, too.)

      Carers, ah… I found out, I think ~I put this im a dairy…no a diary; Fiona from the Falls and Rehabilitation, told me I should be getting an hourt every week, with a carer to go through all on-line ordering, and help me sort out all the guide and afice letter, on Cataract, Brain Scan and write down only what I need to rememember for, me. She asked what say they come each week.
      I had to tell her that no one had ever come from Meridian to help. (Are they still getting paid for it?)
      Fiona rang Meridian, who admitted they have not been supplying this call, but guaranteed it will start on Friday, in time to get me sorted for the brain scan job…
      No one came!

      No one from Meridian got in touch about it, are they bothered or just too busy? I once mentioned their failings in the diary – and got a letter telling methey will de-list me from their ‘service’ if I do not remove the content from the blog. So, I deleted it. Oh, three weeks or so ago. No bosses have been in touch about it, or the latest failure. No good telling the bosses at HW they are a close-knit clan. And hte Council say ~I have to use them as they have a contract with them.
      not that I moan much anyway. But am nervous about going forthescan without taking things needed, but need help tp sort them out. Especially the cataract op. I recall needing to to take a change of clothes and shore, large towel and lost of the medications I’m on. But am sure there was much other stuff… but the writing is very small.
      Leaves one feeling nobody is interested. Which is probably right.

      I try to get the meal done before they arrive… but get carried away with the blog which takem ~Oh, so long to get done nowadays and forget to. I’m good at that, Petal. Hehehe!

      Carer Chloe, just arrived, and I was telling her agout the hearing aiids, and she said she would hlep me sort them out next week when she come. Nice! I told her of your kindness and she loved the Family in their cot, so do I! ♥♥♥ She liked Larry the Lamb bestest, but liked them all! ♥

      One the odd ‘Up’ hours, I do find myself singing to myself, (on the Porcelain Throne and when cooking mostly, Hehe) but earlier stuff than LZ and Queen. Billumski, would know these… Nat King Cole, Frank Ifield, Elvis, Billy Fury, Adam Faith, Rick Nelson, Fabian, Dean Martin and the Shadows music, see I can rememebr things from the 60’s easily enough. But have forgotten what happend at the test at the Coppice, two days ago???

      Hope Billum is betterer, a gem he is.

      Thanks again for communicating, HRH Lisa-Petal, my appreciation is boundless, sweetheart. XXX ♥

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