INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 8th March 2023

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Not much gen today. It’s been another in-and-out-of-it day, up and down, and I fell asleep on the computer chair. Carer Carolynne, or Sam, or… came in and woke me, saying I? was slowly slipping floorwards… Hehe!

A smidge of bloody urine in the well-filled bag this morning.

Emptied the bag and bucket, washed and disinfected. Got the waste bags sorted. And called to the Porcelain Throne. Messy! Got the ablutions done, many cuts shaving, but nothing serious. Then… back on the Throne for the second session. Cleaned the floor.

Checked on the lack of food in the fridge. Hope the new bank card arrives soon… then I’ve got to get the details changed on all the sites… Oh, dear.
Off to get the ablutions done. No showering; it is too early to disturb folks with the noise of the drain and pump. Had a stand-up job. But it still took me over two hours to finish everything, including Throne visits three and four. (Yes!) Snf that was without doing the teeth (I forgot, Humph!) And didn’t medicate Little Inchies Fungal Lesion, Harold’s Haemorrhoids or even put the eye drops in! I did the olive oil in both ear holes.

Had a mock clean-up in the kitchen.
Then, much to my surprise, the Ocado delivery arrived. This was because Ocado takes your money as you ordered (before the card was cancelled) and then compensates you for any shortages within the next five working days, as I understand it.

The good news was that they had sent some Apache potatoes, and bread, lots of bread. I had a job to get it all in the freezer.
I pondered on having a can of the minted pea soup with some potatoes this evening. Then realised it was afternoon already.
Had I had another Mind-Blank?

Late afternoon, the first snow of the year descended. I tried to get some shots in, despite it being so dark already, with the hopes of catching some snow in them.

Got a few flakes in this one…
And this one…
And again…
Not sure about this wider snap… The snow had stopped by the time I took this one.
Carer Kara was here, and as she left, she handed me two letters that had been posted. One was the… The British Gas electricity bill… for

Got some tomatoes seasoned to have some sausages with later.
The peas & potatoes had lost favour!

No more snow, but looking glum.

Computer blogging and mistake making.

Oh, not so clear again.

Nosh-Time! (00:45hrs)

Vegan Sausages…
And they were Grrreat!
Added the links to the tomatoes. Which were
seasoned with sea salt, vinegar, basil, and
some imitation soy bacon bits too!
Sourdough bread to dunk in the tomatoes
and dribbled all down the dressing gown.
acci-whoopFinding its way between my legs vis the chest
and mould of the stomach and onto poor
Little Inchies Fungal Lesion. Not only that,
but it got onto the tubing and other bits of
So sleep was further delayed due to the need to clean up
myself, the chair and change clothes.

During this, I managed to misplace my hearing aids.
With , and all getting worse, there is no chance of reading the subtitles!
So, no watching football on the telly.
It took me until about 03:30 hours, but I eventually found
the hearing aids. They had fallen and ended up underneath
the 1963 Hopewells E-plan cabinet with the doors falling off.

I got the picker-upperer but had to get down on my knees. Why?
Because right at the back against the wall, I spotted my missing wind-up torch… three various tablets… the missing ultra-black-ink pen, a letter
from British Gas telling me I must update my cash card details,

Getting back up… Hah!

I got settled, took some painkillers, swore a bit and off in
a search of around 04:40hrs!

6 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 8th March 2023

  1. Excellent ode. Nice snow flaky photos. I though you were bloody bleeding again in the tomato sauce photo. Nice to read the vegan links were tasty.

    • That photo reminded reminded me of the csatheter pouch colour last week. Hehe!
      The vegan imitation butter (half-price introductory offer) was good too! A bugger to spread though.
      Thicker covering of snow this morning, the injection needle was bent? The Porcelain Throne evacuation took almost 30 minutes of agony, and I stubbed my toes… all in the first hour & a-half of getting up. Hehehe!
      Oh, and an alarm is going off, on the roof it sounds like?
      Still, the links and butter tasted good…
      Cheers, mate.

  2. Damn the details of life! I don’t recall them being so densely packed as they are the older one gets! No wonder we occasionally forget where we are, eh?! Buried in details!

    • I’ll have to get another radio, or some headphones, Billum, cause I have to have ot so loud to stand a chance of hearing it, wot we need is for MAnor Laboratories Inc, to invent subtitles for the radio? Maybe a trio into the future to see if the world lasted long enough for someone to come up with them? Alan could copy the details while you drive back to now? Hehehe!
      This computer has still not been mended, so videos are a no go for me.
      Sad, innit?
      Having my bank account hacked is the prime ‘newbie’ worry.
      Our turn for some decent snow now. I hope you din’t get anymore, mate. Getting around to all the medicationalisationalistical appointments will need care and cancellations mayhap?
      Love to all ♥

  3. Buried in Details… nicely put Doug.
    Confusionableitis… And here was me and Sister JAne thinking of having a lovely peaceful time in retirement. Hahaha!

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