INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 7th March 2023

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Starting with a bit of a laugh from Inchie

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I think I spent more time today out of it – than in?
Problems with the bank (unsorted), WordPress (ongoing),
CorelDraw (a night & daymare), Catheter Kathleen’s
Accoutrements (Sorted by Carer Carole-Anne), the start
of Trotsky Terence and the lurgy; a combined, concerted
attack that was still in full flow this morning. (Wednesday). 
Multitudinous Memory Blanks and many periods for which
I have not yet made a name to use for it. It’s hard to
explain as well. But I’ll try;

 ❶: Over perhaps a four-hour period, during which two carers called, and several times I forgot what they had just said and what I was saying and going to say in reply.
❷: My mood went from euphoria to depression within seconds and kept alternating for a few minutes? (This has happened a couple of times over this last week, and this is the second session of it this week?
❸: The mind blanks and freezes can last for seconds or hours?.
❹: Sometimes I am so positive about something – certain, sure…
Until five minutes, or hours, days later, and the doubts, dithering and then the oscillating begins.
❺: Questioning my own decisions. Loathing my actions sometimes…
Momentarily engulfing bigger problems I have…
❻: Then, any stage or condition of mind may take over (worryingly)
This can vary from a ‘Sod-Em-all’, ‘Why bother?’, ‘No one is bothered’, to a newish standard for me. ‘What can I say?’ ‘What can I do?…
❼: Which always turns into a self-loathing mode, frustration, or a hated, pathetic, dreaded Dracula-Depression.

If the end is really, nigh…
Why should I wonder why?
My depression I’d like to transmogrify…
My brain & logic, to reunify,
Or would it be best to just die?
My moustache, with indigo dye?
Either way, would there be an outcry?
Or, take some CBD or eat some nautili?
I asked for help, do I get a reply?
I’m losing it quicker as time goes by…
No good luck, fortune or stimuli!
Sleep: I’m not getting much shuteye,
Failures, bad luck; no shortage have I!
Should I eat Spinach, like Popeye?
But no, in vitamin K it’s too high!
Banned for me, like sprouts & broccoli…
Cabbage, grapefruit, at least I know why,
What can I do: Whatever I try…
But I’ll not let myself sink, mope or cry…
What to have to eat? (I give a sigh!)
Worrying, my weight’s getting so high!
Apache potatoes, & a lemon cream pie?
My gluttony, I cannot rectify,
The Catheter hangs down painfully from my thigh,
Although, what the heck does that signify?
We’ll never know… bye-bye.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Photos of the day with the odd bit of comment.

Crisp-coloured day pouch.

Not the foggiest idea now; why I took this one?

Nor this one, but there may have been a witty idea drifting about that I could use... but it escaped!

Aha! The Ocado order arrived.
Fullish cupboard?
Been after trying this for ages.
Spring Water stockpile?
Apache potatoes.
Good looking and tasting, too!

A smidge bloodier?

Afternoon clouds.
Very nice…
Absolutely gorgeous close-up!
Do you see a duck’s or snake’s head?

Could be from another planet.
These three had another sun showing up on the photo?
Or did they?

Sunset starting…

Reflection… or whatever you call it…

Dang it, I had to visit the Porcelain Throne
Thus the flow started…
nine more visits before midnight!.

The last views of the Sundown…

Fare Thee Well!

I think Carers Choe, Anne=Mrie, Sam and erm... er… Charly did for me today. So many blanks in the memory.

State of the pouches colourisationings today…

A one on the scale – Perfect!

1.5 Grrreat!

Whoops! Bottom Grade is not good; 7

acci-whoopWell, fancy that!


8 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 7th March 2023

  1. Those Apache potatoes look pretty wild. Hahaha! That’s a great Self-Analysizing-Ode. Although, “Retard” is a banned word these days. You are “differently enabled” but that is probably out of as well. You can use the pronoun “We” or maybe “Wee” being you think you look like a boring pregnant boar turned herbivore. Great sunset series. You need to remove all sharp objects from your reach.

      • Oh, blimey, always someone with their personal version of what’s PC. Hehehe!
        Believe it or not, but I used to had meals of usually stake bread and lard – but had to go asking neighbours for some salt. It’s true, but at the time I thought everyone was skint like us Hehe!.

      • You can’t win. The Pee Ceers continually change the goalposts and pee on our parades or should I say charades.

      • Haha! Too true, mate.
        With some of things we said and heard as kids, being ‘outlawed’, will the new kids remember how to talk?
        Microsodt will come up with some mobi;le phone app that lets you use thought transference? Haha!

  2. I just discovered a reply I did not send in at least 3 yonks:

    I have been following the fodder situation in the UK, so I can avow that your information is quite accurate. And I gladly subscribe to the Times of London, not only to receive accurate and complete coverage on all things Brit. They also provide me much information that the mass media over here do not provide over here, of course. The politics of propaganda always seem to rule the day (rue the day? Haha!!)
    Wowsers, I forgot to hit the send button. Where does the time go, kindest Sir!
    Petal and I have been busily being co-carers, as it were. She is presently with SM; Nibbles is presently on my lap…so I can’t even move. Gad…what’s a father to do. Haha!!

    Will catch up one of these yonks, Sir!

    Billum (lost in time within the curious time machine borrowed from H.G. Wells, the fellow who holds the patent)

    Now, where is the reverse lever on the time machine???

    Stuck in the Jurassic methinks..

    • Great to here from you mate.
      Rule and rue… spot on!
      We;ve so little free time… well, none really.
      Cheered me that HRH is head downing, nad hope you can manage some later, my friend.
      As I recall, Billum, it was a twist-turn to the left of the main control panel in the TM. Hehe! If they show that again, I’ll still do my best togtet time to watch it and stay awake. Haha!
      Ah, in Jurassic, that makes sense, they roboably had to use it against some vicious creature? Talking of Putin, we do not hear much nowaday.
      I assume that RedWig is barred from running this time?
      The NHS is crumbling. Got a letter about the cataract procedure, telling me it will be at least another two years scheduled for the operation. If so, that’ll be four years wait in total. I had to get a carer to read the letter, the print was too small for me to.
      Bet Nibbles uis purring? Haha!
      Keep safe, Sir. XXX ♥ to all.

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