Inchie: Tuesday 20th June 2023 – Part One

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A testing morning. I stirred around 06:30hrs, and for some reason, I was in an immediate grumpy-with-myself mode. 
The legs had gone down, but the thinner right leg was even skinnier. The ulcer on the right leg was leaking fluid and occasionally a little drop of blood.
I got the night pouch freed from the day bag.

Grabbed my and proceeded to hobble in the direction of the kitchen, to empty, clean and pack the pouch away – a temporary diversion; I gave myself a good on the Ottoman en route.
I laughed it off heartily, of course.
Got the pouch sorted, and made up a waste bag.
Apparently, accidentally taking this photo? from the door. It was the Asda delivery arriving. Who took the food through to the kitchen for me; I thanked him profusely.
Got the crackers and sour cream delivered, to have a try at the ‘Caviar’ later. Well, imitation caviar!) Plenty of soda water to satisfy the needs of and the irritating . Anti-Diarrhoea tablets, etc., but the swine of a company had not got any pod peas. Grrr!

The new tear & share bread sticks were found to be in need of cooking in the oven. Huh!

Cara Kara called. Got eye drops in/, issued the medications, and five minutes later, the drops.
The Gaviscon, which replaced the Peptac, has the worse of flavourings that I grossly dislike. Aniseed! Bad as my taste buds are at the moment, it still tasted horrible. Hehe!

I pressed on with updating the Sunday blog; not a lot to add, so I got it done quickly. And sent it off to WordPress.
I knew something was wrong: Liberty-Global Virgin Media has not gone down yet? Give it time, though!

I limped to the kitchenette, almost bouncingly as my feet were filling up and swelling again.
The Zoflora left the surfaces smelling sweet.

Took this grim-looking picture.

Carer Sam called. I told her about my problems and struggles with getting dressed, socks, shoes, pants, and trousers. Ablutionalisationings too.
I am feeling a bit sorry for myself again – must shake it off!

Hours later, a mug of tea. Even that had a distorted taste. Then I went to wash the mug and heard a sort of howling noise. It seemed to be coming from outside.

I went onto the balcony for a nosey round, and I adopted my Sherlock Holmes Mode! to no avail, though. Nothing looked or appeared to be out of order down there. A closer look…

The rain had stopped, but signs that it must have been heavy while it lasted were obvious.

The mudslide from Woodthorpe Grange Park seemed bigger than yesterday’s was. I wondered if someone got out of their vehicle and into the mud puddle, and that made them howl with frustration? Hehehe!
Ah, well, time to try and eat something now. TTFN

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    • Thanks,
      Got to make a laugh, glad you liked it Sir Tim. I had to look it up on google: ‘Twatt is a settlement with a population of around 104 people on mainland Orkney. The name comes from the old Norse word for “small parcel of land”’.
      Keep safe, all!

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