Inchie: Wednesday 21th June 2023: The Tumbles Again Today

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I had got to keep until 03:30hrs and was deep in the land-of-Nod when chimed from the front door ringer. Rudely bringing me back to ersatz life again… I wasn’t keen on it, though, with the pains and aches from yesterday’s tumble making themselves felt before I’d opened my eyelids.
As the lids opened, with a blurriness the same as yesterday’s, thanks to the ailments contained within both eyes. , no medications for her, then there was and .
I spotted that the, erm… whatever it was that had erupted twixt my Man-Breasts and titanically flabby urine-filled stomach; was getting paler… dying off, methinks?
As a perky Carer Chris was on his phone, I spotted that the leg ulcer, ..
. on the right leg was leaking just a smidge of fluid close to the foot.
on the left, also spurting a drop or two out, and the cover was wet from earlier escapages of lymphatic fluids as well. .
Carer Chris approach me with the bottle of eye spray and got them like a professional! Sorted the medications, then counted of the five minutes required before dealing out the slightly more uncomfortable vial, and in they went too. He checked the time on his mobile to count down the three minutes that I had to stick my index finger in the noses corner of the affected eye.
I have to say, my vision is getting bad now. No doubt cause will be the new drops treatment. Got to be done, though.
Carer Chris departed, and of course, after he’d gone, I realised I had not asked him to apply some Phorpain to help relieve , and the now kicking off with steadfast determination. Humph!

Still no need for the , and there were none yesterday either. A smidge worrying, that!

I got the computer on. I hardly need to tell you this, do I?

At least this time, it returned without me having to faffle about resetting the box this time.

I missed putting on this photograph I took when taking it off day pouch. Good colour!
Five minutes later, the internet came back on, and I started to finish Tuesday’s Part Two blog… You know what’s coming, don’t you? Yes!
I don’t know about ride… More chance of them sinking, I think. But I believe they are doing this on purpose, part of a financial master plan to boost the share of the oligarch’s top list? Part of their financial ambidextrousness & number manipulating profit schemes?

What a magnificent view this morning from the kitchenette window.
Absolutely Gorgeous morning colours!
Being something of an amateur weather forecaster… Well, my Dad used to say, ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning. Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight!’ And, ‘I could be right, I could be wrong, but black clouds in white, there’ll be rain tonight!
He also used to call me; A useless article. As much use as a fart in a cullender. God’s gift to stupidity. And “Are you sure your mine? I’m not!”
All mild compared to Mother’s message to the midwife three minutes after I was born… “I don’t want it; throw it in the Trent!” But, years later, when the midwife told me this tale, and I went to inquire with Mother in case this was true, I couldn’t find her. She’s just been arrested for running illegal bookies in the front room.
But it weighed on my mind, and after she got bailed and back home, I asked her. The reply? “Yes, I did, but I took to you a bit later!” How comforting life was as an ankle-snapper for me.

Oberstgrüppenfuhreress Warden and Primo Ballerina Deana came in, I’ve not seen her for months.
The Nottingham City Homes Monitoring the Alert Alarms that I used last night, had asked her to check on me, to see if I was okay. Which she did!
I told her of the tumble.
And about my waiting for three months to get the water tap in the sink, and the Water tank going
. Expressing the pain my back was in before the fall. was even worse now, with buckets of water to be carried from kitchen to W.C. every Throne visit for three months.

Then had another tumble while she was here. Tsk!
Deana said she’ll ring them to see if they can get
any earlier.
I’ve not heard anything from her. So I assume they cannot. No text messages.

Carer Kara arrived as Deana was leaving.
She was in a rush but showed compassion. Did the eyes and checked the catheter for me after the fall.

I made a new, one of the two permitted-a-day mugs of tea.
I brought the mug to the balcony and took this snap before having a go at and finishing Tuesday’s blog two. The data analytics manipulators, the specious, untrustworthy, money-juggling,  dubious, substandard internet suppliers, and legal financial fiddling experts who have a share in or own 40% of all the UK’s companies, and pat their top dog, Mr Fries, over $26 million salary, with a guaranteed bonus and an open expense account, went down again.
Tea & bikkies again, while the Liberty-Global Virgin Media excuse for an internet service was down. The capricious, profit-seeking, cruel, fallible, undependable,   company who have just put up their charges again. Fancy that!
Carer Chris called again, eyes, medication, and the second eye drops.

Several unbroken hours of blogging were enjoyed.

On Chris’s next call, he picked up some letters that had been posted. One, with increased doses of the Warfarin tablets.
The second was from the Queens Medical  Centre, the EENT department, with an appointment for me, regarding the cataract situation.
Chris checked that I’d done the calendar entry rightly. I begged him to remind me the Thursday the week before, to phone the lift people to try and book a lift there and back. It’s on 21st July at 12:10 hours.
It is for a Booked Refraction, whatever that is. I looked it up:
Refractive cataract surgery starts in the same manner as standard cataract surgery. Your natural eye lens is removed. However, it is replaced with an advanced multi-focal lens that corrects your vision. Refractive cataract surgery can correct near and farsightedness as well as astigmatism. Of course, I knew that! .

Pareidolian’s Delight.

I think I found many figures and faces in every one of these four photographicalisations.
They all amazed me.
A camera, various faces, claws, jigsaw pieces, and a shield.

I did detect a few slightly darker patches of cloud in amongst the others; rain is on the way, mayhap?
This one on the left, was almost like countries, islands on the sea? But, with the state of my eyes. May not actually be in there at all. Hehe! This wider shot is so interesting to any Pareidolian with half-decent eyesight. A poodle, amongst others.

An hour or later rain cameth.
Short and sharp. I went on the balcony to take this shot through the window of the car park below. The roadway barely looked wet to me?
From the end opened window, it was a different story.
The mudslide puddle that came from Woodthorpe Grange Park, seemed much bigger than yesterday to me.

I made a start on this blog. I was getting tired now, and as usual, my eyesight and hearing both faded.

Going to make something to eat and get my head down… that’s the plan. The simplest of meals tonight. Baked beans & beetroot cubes, with a dollop of concentrated Borscht, some of the tasteless sliced bread rolls to dip in the Borscht. I enjoyed it, but not the cleaning up afterwards.
After washing the well beetroot-stained bowl and spoon, the tray needed doing. Then by overly-large flabby stomach and legs, had to be de-beetrooted. Hehehe!

The Careress arrived, Carolynne, I think it was, not seen her for a while. Meds and eye drops were sorted. And I remembered for once to ask her to attach the catheter night pouch. All done without any problems.

I settled in search of sleep… and found it. Grrreat

Evening All!

2 thoughts on “Inchie: Wednesday 21th June 2023: The Tumbles Again Today

  1. Maybe that’s good you demonstrated your tumbling technique to Deana. Excellent ode, great cloud shots, decent looking meal. Tea and cookies, what fun.

    • Thanks, Tim,
      Haha, tea & cookies really are precious, to me. The nurse has settled on me being allowed two mugs of tea a day. (She said one firstly) So am in withdrawal mode. Haha! I can have as many mugs of decaffeinated tea… but it’s foul tasting!
      A fall a day everyday this week… (Not today… yet) I may apply for some sort of award? Har-har!
      All best wishes to the family, furries, and other species.

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