Photograph Requiring further descriptive observation and information. Shirley and Mike

I was working at the Old Russian Ministry of Education and Science, 6-7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QP last month a part of my Community Work sentence, when I met their Minister for the Praise and Demarkationalissation of Russian vegetables, Dmitry Livanov.

Speaking excellent Russian (with a slight Ukranian accent), I had a chat with him. It turned out he knew Mike Steedenski and Shirley Blamey from the revolution and celebrations and potato praising party years ago.

He sent them his best wishes and handed me this photograph to pass on to them, along with his best wishes and he hopes they enjoyed the barrel of Nizhnevartovsk Beetroot Claret he gave them on their visit to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for the Praise Our Potatoes celebrations.

Would anyone have further details, scandal, information or humorous lies about this event and Shirl and Mike’s involvement, please?


No potatoes were harmed, or Claret spilt in the creation of this graphic

3 thoughts on “Photograph Requiring further descriptive observation and information. Shirley and Mike

  1. Oh to the backdrop of Lara’s theme and vodka (fashioned from the peelings of the very best Maris Pipers only); the breastfeeding peasants chewing lino (tobac was in short supply back then); the revolution of revolutions and my first posting as a special KGB agent in Hammersmith where Shirley played the gypsy violin on the Broadway…what days they were.

  2. A most interesting period for you both by the sound of it Mike.
    I’m surprised we didn’t meet really.
    I once gave lectures on how to prepare Maris Pipers without using capitalist salt at the Hammersmith unemployed support services hut. (Undercover of course).
    Cheers Comrade.

  3. Well, yes, it’s a well known fact that those two are notorious party crashers the earliest one of note being the Boston Tea Party. I believe the whole potato craze started when the two became convinced that fermented potatoes could make a very potent sort of alcohol. The two were quickly banned from that society set for running around extremely intoxicated with bags full of moldy potatoes.

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